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>went to the wrong neighborhood

>Character Planner

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>countdown to anti-Discord fag making a new thread and then posting porn and reporting this thread

that wouldn't happen if the OP wasn't an idiot and made this 10 posts too early

fuck OFF

>tfw you're a steam group shill but no one ever complains about you

10 posts early is generally fine, even for slow generals. It's only when you start hitting 30 or 40 posts early that it gets retarded.

Hell, as I recall it used to be fairly common to make the threads slightly early because nobody wanted Lucifer to make them with his shitty waifu as the OP pic.

>Picked the souls games during the steam sale
>Hated DaS 1 at first but it ended up becoming one of my favorite games of all time.
>Start DaS 2
>Start to hate the game even harder than the first one thanks to the adaptability system, completely non-sensical world, over abundance of bonfires, warping and lifegems.
>16 hours late and I'm now having fuckloads of fun.

I can now safely say why people hate DaS 2 but I also can see why people claim that it's their favorite game. I'm not liking it as much as DaS 1 but it is still a pretty good and more importantly, fun game. Last Bastile, Forest of the Giants, No Man's Wharf and the Gutter are a whole lot of fun. I'm also enjoying the fact that is more free form in the sense of the game allowing you to explore a whole lot of areas at the same time.

Some bosses are pretty cool though, but I'm probably in the minority when I say that my favorites has been royal rat vanguard, executioner's chariot and the skelly lords.

Speaking of where is Lucifer? Last I hear he was bothering Tekken General. I almost miss him since all the retardation that's left here is boringly rote lately and the thread is completely dead otherwise.

Why aren't there more loli's in soulsgames?

Demon Souls is a Team Ico / Studio Japan Game
Dark Souls 1 is a Hidetaka Miyazaki Game
Dark Souls 2 is a From Software Game
Bloodborne is a Sony Game
Dark Souls 3 is a Bandai Namco Game

Because From is all about those frosty older ladies in positions of power who don't wear shoes

I actually want to play Demon's Souls after DaS 2 rather than jumping into DaS 3. Everything I've heard about it makes me think that I'll love it, especially when a friend has told me that the level design leans more towards the style of the painted world which has been my favorite area so far.

>being this desperate to make the OP
How did you sink so low in life mate?

Executioner's is a pretty unique boss. I just wish that it was better executed.

>the executioner whips at you and fires crossbow bolts as he passes, so even inside the cubbies you're not completely safe
>if you close the gate on him, he salvages a wheel spike from the chariot, mounts the horse and starts jousting at you in a wide-open arena
>if you cheese the horse, he leaps off of it before it falls into the pit, and fights you man-to-man with the whip and crossbow

He appears to be completely gone. I hope he died painfully in a car accident.

I don't understand

Demon Souls is DS1 gameplay with DS2's world design and bosses, with better level design than both.

DS3 is closer to BB than it is to any other souls game.

Frozen Outskirts is how the entire game should have been

>completely unrestricted exploration
>constant sense of threat
>vast empty areas where even the weather hates you

What did Miyazaki mean by this?


>I just wish that it was better executed.
Jesus, I swear to God that wasn't an intentional pun.

Yeah, I really enjoy these unique boss fights that go out of the norm. That said, I'd have liked if the executioner had 3 possible final forms depending on what you did to close the gate and when you did it. So it can go for horse only, horse+rider or rider only.

I also really enjoyed the rat vanguard, having to pay close attention to the rats and see which one is the actual boss was a lot of fun to me.

Haven't played Bloodborne, but I'll definitely play Demon's Souls now.

BRB making a Mail Breaker build

You don't know how you sank so low in life mate? Well have a good think about it.

I won't, hope you're having a good day though.

>Yeah, I really enjoy these unique boss fights that go out of the norm.

You're going to love DeS. Most of the bosses there are gimmick-style bosses like Executioner's chariot where they have a distinct weakness and environmental exploit.

Yo what

Whatever happened to Humanities in Das3?


Just so we can get it out of the way early on:

Yeah pretty good thanks, not as good as sitting all day waiting for a thread on a gook forum to hit 740 posts, but pretty good yeah.

I hope the rest of your day is just as good.

The Humanity got sucked out of the series a long time ago, user

Human Dregs




That fight took about 15 seconds longer than the average Pinwheel.

But why do we have embers and not humanities?

Is there ANY encounter in the series more unfair than the Large divine ember room?

>"banter" via hilarious anime memes
Yeah you got me good pal. Will I ever recover?

That's still too slow compared to Chaos Uchi rush
Just use PYromancy and it's ez

More importantly why do we have those gay ass scorch marks all over our MC when embered? It fucks with my fashion

I decided recently to do Catacombs first for the rite of kindling, and it actually is a pretty tense fight at a low SL with just ASS. It almost seems like you are meant to go there first, except that no first-time player is going to get that far unless he's particularly stubborn or has played a Souls game before.

it's the main character's version of the mid-boss power up. All the lords of cinder get that effect in their second phase.

Demon Prince
Pass dsg

Pls respond

I dun like it

> It almost seems like you are meant to go there first
Definitely not, but it is relatively fair. It's hard-mode.

Any stronkth bros in? Which of the Greatsword or Cathedral Greatsword do you guys prefer as a heavy weapon?

Greatsword is better, has more damage and is longer.

Sorry pal.

Cathedral for fashion tho

Cathedral, mostly for the looks. Strike damage is pretty good too. I also like the moveset more because the vertical slashes of the Greatsword kinda suck and I'm a huge slut for big 1H thrusts.


Cathedral is lighter, does strike damage, and has a poke attack though. Also it's sexy as fuck

And he just keeps on responding

Cathedral has vertical R1's too, And yeah the thrust + Leo is prolly 4.876X more useful than the Greatsword R2

>must have final word in internet "argument"

The irony is rich

You just can't help yourself can you.
I look forward to your seething reply, which I will not read.

The WA on both sucks, the Greatsword is slightly longer and has 60 more AR, but Cathedral GS is strike damage. Cathedral GS has the godpoke R2 which is fucking amazing, while the Greatsword has an upsized Bastard Sword R2 which is mediocre at best. Cathedral GS looks better, in my opinion.

Consider also the Black Knight Greatsword, for if you just want to launch motherfuckers into space.

The fuck happened there?

Did he just not fucking notice the giant beam?

can't read an anime reaction image

Not even him user
Not even that guy

He's 100% correct though.

Dueling in DS3 is shit. Invasions might not be perfectly balanced but at least they're fun.

I mean honestly it's pretty obvious who is having more fun in this game just by listening to the salty rhetoric of the tryhard community.

Keep going, it's hilarious. I bet you've take the W on countless internet battles with rival neckbeards.

>Dueling in DS3 is shit. Invasions might not be perfectly balanced but at least they're fun.

You're acting like your own opinion is the opinion of everyone here. And the invading community was just as salty if not more then the dueling community ever since 3s launch.

I agree, man, I'm just saying that we have that argument every other thread at this point.

I personally like CKGS because (1) it doesn't weigh a fuckton, (2) it has a better moveset and (3) it's fashionable as fuck.

I doubt it. Duelfags are the tryhards with big egos in this community.

Who honestly gets mad about losing an invasion?

I do.

Plenty of people, even in /dsg/ if you read the average thread. Trying to act this superior towards people who just enjoy another portion of the game and acting like it's a big deal is trying too hard if anything.

Still need help?

>Making my way through Iron passage in NG+
>Get to the last room
>Invader keeps shooting lightning spears on top of the archer and astrologists while I try to fight my way through
Hahaha real fun. Just wasting my time having to run through it all over again.

I just got ganked three times in a row and I'm literally shaking.


Why would you be mad about losing an invasion? The odds are stacked against you anyway. I'd be more mad losing to an invader who has 30% less health.

>people who just enjoy another portion of the game
They don't enjoy it though. That's the point. They're always bitching about meta this and cancer that.

>No Fume or Sir Alonne

Wow who made this roster, Capcom?

Just pick Biorr and you win

Losing a single invasion, probably not. Invading into constant gank squads by design, probably yes.

The whole problem with invasions, as everyone constantly complained about since day 1, is that the host has a tremendous advantage that can be frustrating to overcome due to the way the game is balanced. It's not only that there's swarms of passworded buttbuddies and blueberries to plow through just to get close to the host, but it's also things like being able to painlessly re-summon phantoms that the invader killed, having a double Estus advantage that's compounded by how stupidly unpunishable sips are, and having a 30% health advantage over the invader.

Not every invasion should be an automatic victory, but not every invasion should also require so much work from the invader to reach parity with the host.


Nah I was just kidding. I'm more likely to jump off a ledge than let gank shitters get their *points down*

Some people get mad when they lose things, that is part of life, it's pretty simple.

>They don't enjoy it though. That's the point. They're always bitching about meta this and cancer that.

Who do you talk to? I can bitch about how retarded rolls are and other generally accepted things while still enjoying the game because I'm not autistic I like to think. And I like to think every part of the community collectively bitches about things that are considered to be dumb or broken while dealing with it because people like to bitch.

Post you are grid thingies, or create you're own.


If you keep invading into a gank squad then just BC out and invade somewhere else. Problem solved.

Fighting multiple players at once is the most fun and challenging thing you can do in this game. There's no better feeling that winning a 3v1 or 4v1.

is level 100 a good stopping point for pvp?

Pretty much 120.

i agree

100 is a terrible choice
>too overleveled to get activity in the main game except for a few SL80 shitters
>too underleveled to compete with the SL120 meta

Is that your last word?
Or is there more in the reactions folder?

I only really get angry at myself.

For example, I just now died to two dudes who were doing nothing but walking in circles with their shields up and spamming their 1h greatsword R1 at my flanks whenever I hit their shields. If I'd taken the time to consider the situation I'd have won pretty handily. I could have switched to the knight slayer ring. I could have unlocked my camera. I could have used my fucking guardbreak WA. I did none of these things, I swung three times, broke the host's guard, then got backstabbed by the phantom. I thought I'd do a wakeup swing, got caught in an R1 festival and died.

I was salty as FUCK, but it was all my fault.

If your intent is to invade into the DLC zones, yes. Otherwise, not really.

how the fuck do you beat the second phase abyss watcher with an ultra gs?

My reaction image folder is far larger than my self esteem OR the value i place on my time

jokes on you

I bet.

Hit it until it dies

You lost a 2v1. Nothing to get salty about.

As SaintRiot put it: "this is Dark Souls and something is going to kill you".

Dark Souls isn't the type of game you want to play if you're gonna get mad every time you die.

Literally crush it's skull.

i fold

Backstab the living shit out of it.