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September 24th 18:00 JST
- 1 free 4* of your choice
- 30 Quartz
1st: HP Fou x10
2nd: 4* EXP x10
3rd: 3* ATK Fou x10
4th: Mana Prism x100
5th: 10M QP
6th: Golden Fruit x10
7th: Tickets x10
>Rate-up schedule
9/20-27, 10/1-4: Merlin
9/28,30,2,4:Artoria (Saber)
9/29,30,3,4: Artoria (Lancer)

>[Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017]
- 5* Okita: September 20-21, 24-25, 27
- 5* Hijkata: September 22-24, 26
- 4* Tamamo Cat & 4* Suzuka Gozen always on rate-up
- 5* GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CE (Taunt & ATK Up +10% for 3 turns)
- 4* Launch Order! CE (Quick +10%, Buster +10%)
- 3* Fate GUDAGUDA Order CE (Quick, Arts, Buster, Star Generation, Star Weight, NP Gain, NP Damage, Debuff Rate, Debuff Resist +1%)

>English FGO has its own general for now, search /fgoalter/ in the catalog
>Monthly items: Dragon Fang, Unlucky Bone, Magical Spinal Fluid
>Epic of Remnant 3 ~Stage of Corpses and Streaming Blood~ to be released mid-Oct


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: June 29)
Add yourself docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCq3eZgh3zlUtZ3G6Y-zzv1kaXt4GHuWVBRlV__V3Q3rC2Pg/viewform
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Alternate Servant/CE DB

Lancelot is shit

@posting should never be allowed

Fluffy servant

Who else here still needs like 300 spinal fluid and 250 fools chains?

Accurate representation of /fgog/

Ikuwayo thread

>wake up
>no event

>realized that there are only 4 CEs in the entire game that have more than 2000 max ATK
>500 Years of Obsession
>Another Ending
>Victor from the Moon
>The Black Grail
And I just got the Victor from the Moon. Oh shit.

Halloween rerun on Wednesday.
Finally I can try my Merlin.

You've got to limit break it before you can get the attack past 2000.

Choose Pent, whale Lancer Alter in the Merlin gacha.

Screenshot thread?

Our sick twisted family

Halloween have party restrict quest


>need one more to max another ending and black grail

I meant to say I did exactly that. Now it can replace my Joint Recital.

Tell me about Morgan /fgog/

What the fuck chacha

Now that I have a Merlin, what else to do?

Anyone have screenshot of Chacha doing an extremely awkward pose whenever you won a battle?


Is Arjuna good at all or should I burn him for joint recital?

Saberlot needs more love
He knows he made a mistake
He regret what he did, and trying to be a better person
I relate so much with him



Which Extella spoiler pastebin were people complaining about being removed? Time Temple, Extella or CM?

10/10/10 Lv 100

Wait for him to be buffed.


Final Destination


I'd put her endurance to a good use.

Keep him.


W-We getting free quartz again, r-right?

Jannu boss fight when?

Used 63 Quartz and 5 tickets
Saber Alter

Post yours, /fgog/!

Do you have another 4 copies of joint recital? Because it's 5 RP for 1 copy
Machi Asobi soon and there's that live event so probably


Me 3rd from the left

40 quartz 8 tickets
Lancer Alter
a couple of unnote worthy dupe golden CE.

>rolling the b8 gacha

E-luckfag, please

Me on the far left

Sita when?

>no crystallized knowledge
Why can't I hold all these level 9 skills?

5 tickets, 8 quartz.
Saber Alter.
Lancer Alter.

Not in one sitting. Used FP trick.


I'm the fat bitch, second from the right.

Its not bait if you want everyhing

2 tickets
Lancer Alter

Ar you a cuck?

Welcome to my world

>spent 210 free quartz and 10 STs and got jack shit
>cave and buy the 80 quartz bundle
>literally the first roll is this

fucking jewlight works. I'm not complaining but now I have so much leftover quartz and feel bad for spending so much.

90 quartz, 7 tickets
Prisma Cosmos

Sita's not my waifu, so no.

What's the FP trick?

Prove it

>the state of fgoalter

Took a trip to alter for the day out of curiousity. It's as bad as those anons say, they're a bunch of unironic redditors, gameplayfags and "MOMMY! TITS! xD" manchildren that at the same time yell pedo at anything loli. Really puts into perspective the state of these threads for the past 2 months or so.
Aside from that, it's pretty funny how they blame all their doomposting and are eternally afraid of asking about the story because of us.


What fp trick?

Me on the right


>Merlin strengthening never

Me in the middle trying to avoid water in a pool


Just went there,no such thing aside from lizcuck getting banned for good by the mod

30 Quartz and 2 tickets
Rin Attack/Defense CE
2 Merlin

Mostly just 3* servants and CEs until Merlin showed up

What's the trick to guarantee gold chest drop?

Do the FP trick, then roll a gold servant from the quartz summons, then start a quest within a minute after.

I chant the UBW aria except I say what I want to drop instead of swords.

Me shapeshifted into water using my wizardly magic.


270 quartz, 10 tickets
np2 saber alter
lancer alter
kaleido, imaginary, black grail

no merlin, tempted to buy for another 2 rolls

Me on the left spraying "water" on user's cute butt.

haha they can't handle powerlevel shitposting

Is arthur a manlet?

t. alterfag trying to save face

Sasuga traitor knight.

>2nd Merlin
NP2 or 5 rare prisms?

what kind of jeanne(s), archetype:earth, void shiki, oosawa maria, and the girl of the moon's hair?

wtf bros alter sound better already

>they actually think it's several people
ah to be young again

Does he get avalon'd like Artoria?


>getting banned

do you need anything from the RP shop?

Chaldea lunchtime and Mona Lisa?

Lunchtime is at the RP shop?

tried this for the lul, got CE instead
i hate you need 1 more copy to LB it

Is it not? Damn!


Lunchtime isn't even on the RP shop yet, and if you're gonna burn something for Mona Lisa burn Astolfo or something, not a 5*.


>free 30 quartz
>got shinji ce and 2030

H-how to get merlin?

Remember. Chaldea Lunchtime CE was added on October 1 2016

By hitting the absolute bottom barrel of despair