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My wife is...

>Wings of Mercy on Armor units
Who the fuck invented this meme?
I get it on dancers but put it on your armors It's fucking useless

True love

You must be the dumbest nigga alive.

Faye is a very healthy girl

Hone dragons when ;_;

I noticed post speed is very slow at the moment. No freizas or weskers.

I take it nothing's happening tonight?

>oh boy I got me a psp and I installed cfw on the thing, let's play some descent of jihad
>keeps crashing psp

>I take it nothing's happening tonight?

no dis is

It's really only meant to fuck up your arena score, and only if you're careless.

Is this 2007?

>armor has 1 move
>WoM to a bulky hurt unit
>anally destroy a unit that wasn't prepared for flying Hector
I'd say it's an okay skill.

These TT maps are fucking terrible

What is the appeal of this character. Seriously.

The whole OMG ALM ITS A THOT meme actually works 100% on her because she literally has no personality but MUH ALM. None.

Nothing's happening until
9/27 Clarisse GHB Rerun
9/28 Maintenance, New Heroes




everybody is too busy going full autismo on TT

>it's a Faye on the final map of Lunatic 7 TT episode
No one can fucking one round her.


Let's stir up some autism
What would an FEH parody of "Make a Man Out of You" title be?
Also how the lyrics go?


good job lads
the actual Frieza fucks up

>He doesn't have ike

He damn near solos lunatic5

Make a chad out of you

Something something horse buffs, something something dire thunder

This. Hell, even autobattle lunatic 5


this is stupid and you should feel stupid

post THAT fire emblem image instead. You know, /feg/, that image.

>post THAT fire emblem image instead. You know, /feg/, that image.
fuck off

this should honestly be reportable

>doing anything but lunatic 7
>wasting pots

This thread moves at such a speed. Nobody will ever know that I haven't played a FE game in half a year

Frieza here, I always overshoot on purpose to avoid fucking up completely. I will get :01 every time.

4:55:01 is a hell of a lot better than 4:54:59.


>one (1) orb
lmao dead game i'm leaving you for fgo


>Lunatic 5
Don't bother commenting if you're playing on easy. Lunatic 7 on this TT is by far the hardest of any TT before because the maps are more cancerous than ever.

>>wasting pots
I haven't even used a pot yet user

finally, a fellow member of the intellectual elite
thought I was alone

>also wasting 3x multipliers

>1 orb
this game is dead.

I mean I have 132 pots at the moment and already got my +1, feels like my pace is pretty solid

Did it all while shitposting, your loss missing out on autobattlin

dead game where's the content

L7 BK is also a massive bitch to fight with a Luna procced rein or a fucking wall blue. Guy will straight up rape you.

>Make a Chad Out of You
>doesn't post the original Chad

He's been a fucking beast in my FE6 draft run. I'm just so sad that he can't promote.

Also, somebody give me the low-down on Hugh. Why is he supposedly so bad?

>Do lunatic 7 with bonus points manually
>autobattle 5 afterwards

I thought everyone did this?


What should I SI onto my cute little Delthea?

>rank 910 in Arena Assault
I expect all of you to be happy with your current AA ranks and cease playing so I won't have to try and improve my score
Thank you for your cooperation

Rolled him. Does he have good stats? How do I build him?

This is one of my biggest problems when playing with lower teams for HM. I basically need a buffed to hell cav mage to ORKO him. He's too fucking fast so Linde/Doot can't double him withotu swordbreaker, and they can actually die to his counter, even withotu a BLACKED luna proc. Physical blues can't hurt him either, and they end up being nuked by his special after 2 rounds of combat.

whats your score

Pretty good senpai, whats your barracks look like?

Do you happen to have a hole in your back for expelling water?

Yeah it sure would be nice if we could get new content every single day. Sure would fucking suck if we didnt get any content for a certain extended length of time, like i dont know 30 days or something.

You lucky fuck

So this is the strength of the radiant hero of legend...?

-atk +hp

does the black knight GHB start immediately after this ninian BHB ends (tomorrow?) or is there something in between?

My +2 -spd +res ike dies a bit inside every time I see someone roll a good one.

>black knight ghb

>swords beat axes
wow, how surprising


>tfw literally only do easy AA battles because I fucking hate doing them

She's cute and lusts for your cock

An axe user doesn't do well against a ruby sword user. No fucking way!

>Defense tile
What else? Is she +10 against unmerged?

>black knight GHB

The only thing left for this month is Clarisse GHB rerun

uhhh bike is good


What's dumb is NOT having the Black Knight as a GHB

>62 HP
>No panic ploy

Should I promote Sharena or Camus?

Literally SEETHING

sharena, camus is irrelevant DC is shit when nobody runs red mages and he dies if he can't 1 shot them anyway

better arena unit for bonus give her moonbow swordbreaker to fuck over any red sword nigger you see

Is +DEF the best boon for Bike? I thought it's +ATK.

>pointing out how stupid your entire post was

>implying BK is better than Olivia

>implying anyone is better than olivia

He is the current TT reward, user.

+DEF -HP is probably best imo

People like to meme -spd though but that's only best in gimmick shield pulse builds and +SPD ike can avoid doubles which is good for Aether build because you don't need to get doubled to use Aether in first round of combat

>A fucking dancer is a better fighter than BK


Had a weird dream /feg/
>Zelgius living in a house next to me , pass by say hi
>Go and grab groceries
>Come back
>Fully suits up in BK armor
>opens his door as i pass

+spd while being S'd with BLucina so that his speed is buffed to all hell

That's not very plausible, he doesn't need to use doors to warp anywhere.

>tfw mine is +DEF -RES
I know it's good, but damn, everytime I see someone else's Bike tank Rein I'm jealous.

Is this what you saw?

gonna get ya

Yea kinda

Should I even bother trying Lunatic 7 if I just started a few weeks ago?

No only cucks do 7, do 5.

typical dumb lucinigger

>Black Knight just stepping out of his house for some necessities
>"I hope I haven't made a miscalculation, I'm sure I bought enough money for my groceries..."
>Ike and his group are outside his house
How awkward.

>60 HP

This is L5 isn't it user?

They are so good together. I have neutral Bike, but still.

>just started the game a month ago
Do you stand to lose anything from trying? I mean, if you're good enough, trying isn't a waste of time, but you don't sound confident in your skills.

>Not Zihark