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DBFZ is going to flop while MvCI will become a fighting game staple.

Solid sniff

post 30 seconds of you shitposting

is anyone else kinda spooked by esports?
it makes you wonder if people are getting paid to influence public opinion and say weird shit like "at least the gameplay's good" and constantly blame reddit

so i'm guess hulk/ryu isn't going to work

okay here i go i started a timer and im typing until 30 second elapsed but im a pretty slow typer and i make a lot of errors and this is all i can do in that time sorry

bruh... look at dis dood... uhhh wait to you see the... no... no.. no... uh uh hu... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

honestly i think social media has done more damage than esports.
too many idiots with a soapbox and they all love to parrot each other's opinions.

>fix his ingame model
>fix his portrait
>dont fix his end match screen
>dont fix his story mode face


There is really no doubt, capcom esports are legit all one huge scam. Not all e-sports, but capcoms are 100%.

ST is supremely overrated
Only hipsters still play and dickride 3S
Super SF4 was the best iteration
MVC as a series has been a hilariously broken mess
r/kappa is obnoxious

Is Menat good for a beginner?

i don't play fighting games

So in Marvel, sometimes I do a combo, and after trying to launch them like a 2nd or 3rd time, my character just slides far as fuck away from them after my low.

Is this intentional or am I fucking up? It makes it so I can't follow them back up there even if I do launch them.

mvci is a good game lol


Yeah its intentional if theyre on a corner and depending on the character.
example, Nemesis pushes them away, but if theyre already in the corner it pushes you away.
You'll have to use a normal or special to catch them while you're sliding like in this webm.

I'm playing around in training mode for MVCI. Quick question, is it not possible for overheads to work while you are blocking a beam super? I know if I get someone to block a beam super I can hit them with a low if they are stand blocking but I can't get overheads to hit them if they are blocking low if they are blocking the super. I'm not sure if it's just a training bot thing since overheads do work if I set them to block only highs and mids.

reposting here since the other thread is red

Sometimes I get into a fighting game because I see a sniff that I like. Unfortunately, I end up being unable to play her and end up settling with easy-to-play and/or edgelord characters

why not? hulk's charge move is safe on tag and can lead to 5k - 6k combos if it hits. you can also tag in hulk for mix ups while ryu is doing beam super and the opponent has to sit there and block it all. you can do anything with any team.

Gordeu main?

based goobs poster

Daigo said that DBFZ is so easy that younger people will be at an overwhelming mechanical advantage.

Is it gonna be just another who-can-mash-the-fastest borefest?

>tfw going to tier whore and learn dorm thorn bs

enjoy waiting for your turn lmao


Captain America is under the radar

Not entierly sure but I think thats a bug with training bots.
Theres another video roaming around of a dante combination with stinger changing from overhead poperties to low properties depending on the opener, causing the bot to get hit.

If you pay close attention in training room, the attack types for all attacks except throws are wrong too.
I.e Hit someone with a mid-attack and the game reads the attack type as High.
This obviously has no barring against a real person but i think it causes the bots to block incorrectly.

Sounds like a pathetic excuse to be a shitter honestly.
>his thumb was faster than mine waaah

In UNIEL yeah. I plan to try Wagner in UNIST though. I like the images people post of her, especially the one with all her colors, and apparently she's supposed to be pretty easy too.

>Get fighting game
>Have fun in training mode
>No time to actually play
>Eventually stop playing all together
This kills the aspiring player. I've been at work for 4 days. Hire someone you fucking assholes.


The game is extremely simple and repetitive. I realized a while back that there isn't even any point in shitposting that game anymore because it is a problem what will fix itself. Once it releases and everyone sees what it plays like it will die fast.

are you dumb? it's been scientifically proven that reflexes and movement speed decline with age. this is why daigo can't play at the same speed as punk and nuckledu and 25-year olds can't play LoL at the same speed as Faker

SFV is simple and repetitive and yet it hasn't died. Tekken has barely changed at all over the years and it didn't die.

Maybe stop being a fat out of shape retard.
>getting outclassed by a child

LUL'ing at your life.

fanboys that browse jump/anime forums will probably keep the game going but i doubt they'll take the initiative to organize tournaments offline.

It's okay when Capcom does it

is that your excuse for why you suck? lmaoo

You'll never have the reflexes of a 17 year old chugging mountain dew.

This new PoC (Presents on Christmas) thing yipes is trying to sell is really bad. I hope it doesn't catch on.

yes, that's pretty obvious I'd say

bamco shill detected

I didn't really pick up on it either

>tfw some 12 year old wins evo just by mashing dragon rush and using autocombo
Nice kusoge

it's made by the same people who made the dash-n-mash masterpiece that is goober gear

>Damn I'm 30 years old its all down hill guys I'm slow as snail now...if only I was 0.00000000005% faster like 5 years ago I would have won!

Or just stop being a fat shitter. Fuck your lame excuses.
Only the lazy peak, warriors plateau. Your weakness disgusts me in every shape and form.

>you can do anything with any team


>some fat retard on Veeky Forums knows more than the guy who holds the guiness world record for most tournament victories in any videogame

nice meme, get out shill

>Only the lazy peak, warriors plateau.

We're still talking about video games right?

calm down jiyuna

>nips have a years worth of practice in SF before everyone else
>allow them to enter tournaments
>fchamp has a few days worth of practice before everyone else
>people want him banned
Is the FGC just full of Japanese dicksuckers?

>muh diminishing reflexes is why I suck
I'm not buying it, daigo has the body of a 17 year old crack addict, entirely shameful his dainty little wrists and thin body no wonder he is slowing down eh's literally dying he's horribly misshapen and disgusting. He took zero care of himself.

daigo jsut says stuff sometimes

this doesn't make sense

>Marvel is shit
>DBFZ is shit

are fighting games dead? SSFV is my last hope

Japs never had to fight for infinity

Marvel isn't shit tho

Arcade advantage was dumb it's hardly the same thing as giving the evo champion and almost nobody else privileged access.

isn't Tokido like 4 years younger than him?

At a low IQ masher, a 16-20 year old will always beat a 25-30 year old with the same amount of practice. Literally no one here can prove me wrong.

Yes. An many of his opponents were far younger. Shit excuse but whatever. People can tell themselves whatever they need to hear to feel better about sucking ass.
Losers mentality.

That's basically what Daigo is saying, in a super fast game that's just about reflexes kids are going to have a significant advantage.

okay fellow fchampions (thats our personal term for fchamp superfans/subscribers) our script for next week is going to be that fchamp only had the game for about 90 seconds before other people and he also generously sent out detailed notes on his tech to all the other attendees of SCR

remember fchampions, if we dont protect fchamp mvci will die and the fgc along with it!

What a weak argument. Prove to me there isn't a white hole on the other side of a black hole, oh can't do it? Guess I win.
Don't forget to notch another line on the board under 'internet arguments won'.

Tokido won because of execution, strategy and minimizing mistakes, if it was purely reflexes Punk would have BTFO him.

the samme people who are winning in american gg tounies will continue to win dbzf

Its a game about reflexes though.. are you kidding, maybe you didn't watch the match. He got outplayed repeatedly. You're being intentionally foolish if you chalk all that up entirely to just 'strategy'. Get real.

why does this board love to dickride punk so much? he got outplayed by some spic yesterday and then knocked out of socal by some literal who player

Extremely game dependent. I also think that while the younger one has the edge (if we assume the older one doesn't have transferable knowledge from playing other games), it'd be a small one that only affects a single facet of the game. There's a lot more differences that are possible between the abilities of individuals; claiming "you only won because you were born later!" is about as stupid as saying "you only won because of better genes!".

Skullgrils will save the FGC

say what you will about his shenanigans but you'd have to be pretty dumb to not acknowledge punk's skill.

>SFV is simple and repetitive
Nah, no it's not. It doesn't have auto-combo and auto-movement like DBFZ does

SFV is a shit ez meme game, that's why Punk suddenly rose from an online warrior to EVO finalist. I'd love to see Punk try and compete with more experienced players in a deeper game like Tekken

This is my favorite fighting game character.

Kill yourself.

why do you like terrorists

>not Dan
perform a self terminating maneuver

>deeper game
>like Tekken

kill yourself

t. haraam dingo

he just started to travel like last year and he almost made top 8 in marvel. also sfv is simple, not easy. there's a difference.

Post your CFN, let's see your master rank.

So jack shit happened all weekend and we all watched those tournaments for fucking nothing.

>Not enjoying Dawgmamu
>Not enjoying Sonic Fox

i quit sfv months ago, i couldn't care less what garbage new character they're releasing next desu

Lay off the salt its not good for you. Focus on enjoying yourself, and seeing the good in life and appreciating what you have and experience. One moment its there, the next SSFV comes out an your gay little ride is over so stop being a fag.

>New generation of players comes in
>"Nuh-uh, it's the game that's bad and allows for literal whos to beat muh legendary players"
Every time.

Brick reveal

Does Jedah's Air Command Grab hit people who are pressing buttons in the air?

streams are over just go back to kappa
they missed a great opportunity to tease a new character like when the fuck is he going to be released? the cpt is almost finished how are they going to balance him when no one had the time to play him

Yukadon won SCR? nice

I feel bad for NL though, he did great

>Jack shit happened
Tournaments happened. It was all pretty good too, great matches all around.

>STILL no MvCI crack

Who cares boring players playing boring top tiers.

>Cummy always won her first major
>NL means Boy love in korean
we almost had it guys, almost..

>muh new generation

tokido the veteran legend is bodying this new generation left and right


>check my region's animu game discord
>the last post in my city's channel was a month ago

It already did. The rapture has passed, all that remains is doomed.

NL is a nice guy who didn't even have a sponsor for a while

so close.... feelsbadman