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>immigrate legally

it should say emigrate, retard. doesn't surprise me an alt-right retard doesn't understand words though.

Prestige Nightfall is absolute cancer this week.


Welcome one, welcome all. Destiny 2 awaits, Guardian. A brand new day a brand new fight. A new world to explore, more loot to obtain.

My name is Jiro, I am happy to meet your acquaintence. Hopefully I'll be streaming Destiny 2 sometime and we can all take this wonderful voyage together.

*sighs* Now, this is just pre-beta thoughts, so, I'm not going to go too deep into it but I'll still try to follow along the guidelines.

Destiny 2, you know we have many new features, we have a third ability, revamped classes, along with new lore! Infact, in game lore,and even *laughs* I'm happy to say this, an open world where you can actually explore and judging by some of the footage that was shown with the strikes, its crazy to say that with nessus the way how it works is so big and beautiful I wouldn't be surprised if everything was playable space now. Like, they're not being held back by last gen anymore so they have so much to work with, that at this point the lessons they've learnt throught the series, as a company, as a community, with everyone. I feel like they've made this game very beautiful.

*Epic music* And because of this, we're able to meet Destiny 2, the newborn child of a great franchise so far, and not only that, it's just, its just the bittersweet of having a brand new beginning, leaving everything behind.

Now even though we have our stuff to lose, we still have a lot to obtain in the process. Growing as a guardian... leaving your past behinds but not letting it dwell on you forever. Always take a next step forward to become legends, become Destiny. YOUR Destiny in fact, your second Destiny. So much is covered, and everything, that it's just... *Sighs* it's my pleasure to have a say in some things as a community as a person and just bungie has done such a wonderful job with this series. of course they've had a few hiccups along the way, but.... that's not to say that... they have made a lot of progress, with their matchmaking, with thier loot systems everything really, it's really improved so I think with destiny 2 as of what we've seen with the reveal we have nessus Io Titan and the EDZ (CAP)

Both big, all of them, big beautiful maps. That look great, just the design and the lore, ready to read about. to explore go out into that world, into that dark night... and say hello... inside... *sighs* personally, this is just pre-beta so *sighs* I'm not gonna sleep too much but I just want to thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed, I'll try to leave you know more content later on down the road and if you enjoyed it, please leave a like and *laughs* hopefully subscribe, maybe? It's a small channel and it will try to keep a steady flow of content for Destiny 2 coming out very soon. So I thank you for watching and I hope you all have a wonderful night.

back to retarddit

>Got Calus to final phase
>No revives left for anyone due to people not knowing that he switches to his Boom Stick when be goes all Terminator mode
>He has like 12% hp left
>Adrenaline rush as fuck
>Throne team be doing fine
>Fucking someone on the Calus Succ team had his barrier glitch and not appear so he got succed
>We wipe

One more I can feel that we are gonna get it. We got a warlock finally in that group of two randoms and holy fuck our quality of life has improved so much.

emigrate: leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another.
immigrate: come to live permanently in a foreign country.

It really isnt worth posting every thread user. All of us are here almost all of the time and are tired of seeing it.

this is a good meme

>Revisiting all those neat quest areas is worthless and no loot
>Unable see where your fireteam is on the map director
>No nightfall matchmaking

Did they even playtest this game?

gee its almost like emigrate is the right word to use and not immigrate.


>wanting to matchmake for nightfall

why, so shitters can make you fail?

So I can actually complete it without having to break outside my social group


>the first 40 seconds of this are great
>then it turns to meh
Man you can really tell this is a Salvatori special and not an o'Donnell symphony

>45% suicidality amongst trannies

>theres a good chance pisscup, growliff, or trapple will actually kill themselves


whoops forgot link

fuck cayde. what exactly did I spend all my glimmer on with those chests? there was nothing of value in them, in fact one had nothing in it at all

Our raid group has barely got to the first skulls part and one of us can't play tommorow so looks like we getting reseted.

>gets picked apart by Mida Multi-tools a minute later

Love Coldheart tho


This was my argument for Trump's transgender ban.

Trannies have high suicide rates. Veterans have high suicide rates. Why combine the two?

Not to even mention the issues of being out in the field without being able to dialate/having access to your meds.

This is destiny content.

Just attempted Calus for the first time tonight with a group of randos. Me and the rest of the Yugioh team only made it to skulls like 20% of the time because the throne room consistently failed to kill the psions.

I'm platinum mad right now.

I love how the background looks when you talk to Zavala, it's hard to tell what time of day it is which makes it lookin better

Redpill me on shaders. Can I buy them with glimmer?

>tfw i would give anything to be reborn as a cute girl
>know this isnt a reality, no matter how much i mutilate my body
>stay male, perpetually unhappy
>want to die
Hopefully when i respawn i get the roles i want.

That photo makes a fantastic phone background.

>that one guy who just nopes right off the ledge
good shit dudes

>it's hard to tell what time of day
So what you're saying is that Destiny would have been better off if it was more cyberpunk themed?

>September twenty fifth (25th)

>he still hasnt beat the raid

imagine being this much of a shitter

>Can I buy them with glimmer
No you either get them from engrams or chests

Also they are consumables so you will never use them until you are 290+ and the best ones (Like midnight talon) are locked behind bright engrams (that cost real money) you also get them from leveling up.

well with that out of the way, post the most recent song you pumped through the mic for your post nightfall/raid dance party


Imagine not beating it by now. I was stressing about not having beaten it by the weekend.

>we want players to say "I need to run the raid so that I can get the shaders"

Regular shaders you can't buy; you get them naturally from game world drops and reward packages

Legendary shaders you can only get through Eververse, either by random drop or by purchasing using Bright Dust (which you can get by dismantling Legendary Eververse stuff like ships, Ghosts, and shaders)

One of his teammates could've kept fucking up

The Ward of Dawn should really be modified so that it actually cancels out the SUCC when you're standing in it, sort of a last ditch measure.

>i-it wasn't (my) fault
This isn't Day 1. Shit. It's not even Week 1. All your excuses are up. You've had more than enough time to play with people who have a fucking brain. If you S T I L L haven't beaten the raid, suicide really is a valid option

That's true of most things.

>Bungie thinks farming to pad their game makes it good
No surprise when it's ran by ACTUAL cucks, pic very related

Yeah, first time I've had more than an hour to dedicate exclusively to playing. Unfortunately you can't carry shitters.

When I forced someone else into the shadow realm they continued dying there, or managed to mix up one of the four (4) possible callouts.

You can't just say something like that without telling the story with the picture, famicom.

Imagine being so shit that at this point you can't just drop into a group at any point in the raid and beat the encounter with 2-4 tries.

I hopped into a Calus group tonight who 4/6 of us needed their first kill. Sounds terrible right? But these fucking people had BRAINS.

Hey, make sure you shoot the pison on the ground before you shoot the one in the ball because it launches grenades. Okay cool man, I'll do that next time.

Hey wait until the shadow realm people come out before you step on the platform because it starts the timer. Okay sweet can one of the shadow realm people call out when they're ready to get on?

It was almost magical. These people had fucking brains between their ears. Every single run we got better.


any niggers in chat?

jesus she has a gigantic shnozz


Guy one right is a bungie dev who is married to the girl on the left a streamer who has a video of her sucking black cock, im trying to remember her name.





Imagine right, imagine that Bungie add another playable race in an update.

And like...

It's a race of space lolis.


You look like a cute moth

I like it

Reminder that this is best girl

failsafe fags get out

the speaker had a cat

Name of fusion rifle?

I liked the guns in the first game more because they looked like nerf guns
these guns look too much like actual guns

>streetshitting sjw
>best girl

McKillyourself my man

Her name is MS5000WATTS looks up "sucks BBC" on google and you'll find it

>Destiny 2 gets its own Elins

>literally the most annoying fucking character in the game
>"you know you're not so bad for a guardian"
>"you're in rarified air, she's not nice to you folk"
>bitch would literally be dead 100 times over and is standing in the presence of the guardian who was slain Crota, Skolas, Atheon and Oryx.
>"You're almost as good as Louis" xP
Bitch can dive off a fucking cliff


Do you think he sees the cock when he kisses her?

there is nf mm, it's called guided games

>Implying he gets to kiss her
He's just a prep for her bull

>just googled "Elin" to see what you were talking about

Sweet jesus.

The raid shader is fucking fantastic

Any tips on how to not be shit at dogs during raid? Everything else goes by without issues, but it always takes our group multiple tries for the Gardens.

I'm going to my first AA meeting Tuesday bois. I have a test at the time of the most convenient one tomorrow.

People here who know me will know this is a good thing.


Cute tight BLUE AWOKEN butthole

Get one good spore leader who really knows what the fuck to do and live inside his asshole. Don't do anything he doesn't do.

Get 24x stacks, everybody is assigned a dog, and damage your dog below half. Next phase get as many as you can and kill them.

Legit legend in this thread right the fuck nao

Watch the cutscene at 2:19 and tell me she's not the biggest SJW mary sue ever.

strong independent brown-skin refugee muzzie woman who save the european dead zone and don't need no man

The population of the game would be 50% space lolis if you could interact with other players and the space lolis can receive headpats.

I hope you'll enjoy Trials of the Smalltargets and the Nightfall Loli challenge where its extra hard because space lolis can't run as fast or jump as high as normal Guardians (due to being half as tall).


feel free

>she's not a 60x or 72x god king

Warlocks get pretty shafted when it cmes to NPCs. All the good ones are either dead, exiled or missing.

Now we're stuck with Ikora crying on a planet and waiting for somebody to pick her up.

Welp we did about 4 more tries. Got him to the third phase three of those times.

Apparently the Shadow Realm team kept getting fucked by the game just not working properly. Such as the barrier disappearing for one person only, people getting sucked off the edges, one guy kept on getting bumped slightly and the physics engine apparently accelerated him a thousand miles off the end.

We would have beaten it if not for the fucking Shadow Realm shit bugging out. Throne room had it's fair share of shenanigans. Like the Warlock getting sent literally into the ceiling by an incinerator push and dying and then the same incinerator pushing me away from his ghost and into Calus's Boom Stick.

Everyone is tilting hard and it's 3 am and I have a Job interview in six hours. At least I got 13 fucking legendary engrams and a 294 DARCI out of one. So not all was lost. Guess I'll be trying again tomorrow maybe this time with a team that isn't 75% hunters without the Rig at any given time.

they are the most useless. their job is to study and even with all that studying they barely have superior command over the light than the others

I swear majority of the times someone was caught is complete bullshit, but perhaps we're just not being careful enough. The likely answer is that we're just shit at it. Thanks for the help.



>needing more than 24 ever
hello alpha team? I'd like to report a shitter for the blacklist

>tfw no dancing space lolis in the tower
Why even live?

Depends on how much damage your team can do. When I cleared it with normie friends two of them were in the 270's.

24x for the first phase is reliable. Get to that and everybody has plenty of time to get to their dogs. The main benefit of this is to let everyone asses what happened. Who needs help with theirs?

Idk, I like the 24x and then the howevermanyyoucangetx strategy for the 2nd round. The biggest cause of wipes in this encounter is people not making it back in time. If you measure time not in seconds but in "get your dog to half and come back" people tend to get in more safely.

Just my experience. If you wanna try and clear in one round go for it. It just never works in my groups because someone is mismanaging their abilities or isn't high enough light to do it in one. I preach the safe route.

>needing more than one rotation
>not just getting the most you can get because you have MORE than enough time to get to 60x and can help retards that inevitably shoot the wrong dog
>wasting three minutes of possible sporing

>2nd round
There's that shitter term again

Erm, excuse me?! 60x spores is an Alpha Team APPROVED method.

>level 270 normies go for two stacks
>shitters at 300 still insist on going for more

I hate to say it but your shadow realm team was incompetent. It hardly ever glitches, I've run shadow realm 7x times. It only fucks up when someone doesn't know the correct pathing for their assigned side.

I as say this as someone who always takes the shadow realm if they can get it. It's the easiest part of the entire raid as long as you have a fucking plan. Your shadow team were shitters.

Good luck on your job interview. I have to do so much shit for a job fair this week and I'm overwhelmed.

>"Ikora! Zavala has a plan to defeat Ghaul and save the people of earth! Let's go back and-"
>"No now let's protect this planet with literally no people on it"

>Do a raid with alpha team
>They go for two stacks
>Zippy says himself you only need two stacks for 1 DPS phase
>Noobish in agreement

>get two stacks
>one person doesn't kill their dog
>doesn't know where he is
>not just getting more stacks when it's literally not an issue to get to 60

Why are you telling me this? I just follow their instructions and it worked great which is why I'm reiterating their strategy

>they barely have superior command over the light than the others

Player character Warlocks don't hae more control over the light for obvious balance reasons but lore wise they do. Ikora holds the record for the highest streak in the Crucible and Osiris was a beast when the Fallen attacked the city, he wrecked so many that they made him a Vanguard.

Don't forget the Speaker either who is also a Warlock. FEEL FREE

>doesn't know where their dog is
>needing 60 ever
>when the most shitters ever need is 34
who the fuck are you raiding with that needs 60 fucking spores?

>Love being a Hunter
>Apparently it's not great for PvE content aside from crowd control
>We're incredibly squishy to boot
>We get a dinky roll that's only ever good for a quick reload burst

Yeah it didn't help that by the end of the attempt our fire team only had 2 of the original members so everyone was on super different pages of experience and knowledge on the raid.

And thanks I hope I get the job because the one I have now is pretty much bottom barrel garbage in everyway. Good luck to you with your job fair.

You should discover more about your class