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Dragon is weak edition.

Latest expansion pack is Chronogenesis
Chronogenesis anniversary leaders - Albert, Cerberus, Dark General

>No nerfs in December
>Rotation, formats, new class

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This is Medusa, a mythological Greek monster. Say something nice to her!

name one counter to dragon

Revelation reprint when?
Diabolic Drain reprint when?

Well /svg/?

>everyone suddenly become a canyon expert in this expansion
Parrots who can't think for themselves I swear. The card has been out for months.

>Diabolic Drain reprint when?
Literally blood brand

Wrong. This is japanese lolita.

That suit is too tight, she is going to get an infection on her medusiana

I wanna fug snek

People were just using polyroar instead. Now that said card is no longer an option, people use the next best thing

How is this not obvious to you an extremely basic level? Autism, or just a third worlder lack of reading comprehension?

turns out cards that weren't as good as other options suddenly become good when you lose access to those other options.

What a fucking brainlet. The meta is slow, so obviously value cards will see more play, especially since better options rotated out. Even the fucking trash that is Ouro is seeing play again, simply because there's no proper aggro deck to punish all this greed. Polyroar saw play multiple times, and both cards basically served the same purpose, except you couldn't get away with do nothing plays back when the meta was too fast, so everything needed to have storm/rush/fanfare to be playable.

It's Poly Roar all over again.
Dragoncucks are dumb like that.

i wanna show her my snake if you catch my drift

rotation is so much fun...

Threadly reminder that by the numbers unlimited is more balanced than rotation.

What is this card?

Double cancer combo in one package.

>DShift >50% winrate
I wonder who could be behind this post.

I want to impregnate her and not take responsibility.

>deflecting to dshit
Still not a dshitter, and calling me one doesn't refute the objective evidence in the image that unlimited is more varied and balanced than rotation.

I can’t win 1 fucking match in rotations with blood. This is just heartbreaking man.

>have banish in hand
>let his Nacht die waiting for Jorm
>he plays Jorm
>banish him
>he concedes immediately

Just neutral blood with the auto include Sahacunt package.

Doesn't make it more fun, all of the decks people hated are there now and only a few are in rotation

guess who will come to you and make you take the responsibility

Shadow needs a banish card or something. Literally lost 3 games in a row because of Ouroboros.

So he's never going to be responsible?

>keep getting fucked in aegis mirrors
>add a second moonman
>multiple matches with moonmen bricking my hand
Aegis needs a REAL counter, not a fucking moonmeme

>play rotation
>ramp ramp heal heal heal storm storm you lose
>ayy lmao 0 cost followers with 4 health kek nothing but baha can remove you lose
>face damage every turn + rats you lose
>play unlimited
>blood go first u lose
>forest evolve Aria and Feena you lose
>opponent is dshift and you're not aggro you lose
I just want out of this ride.

fall from grace

Just fall from grace bro.

Fuck it. I'll use it. I'm already running Full Moon and that stupid 0/2 duck thing.

>5 pp turn an opponent into a "skeleton bane" amulet
>skeleton bane amulet, as long as this card is in play all 1/1 followers are banished upon entering the area

You can't transform aegis dummy

>rotation is better because old hated decks are gone
Yeah, and now people hate the tier 1 rotation decks just as much as they hated the decks that are gone. Every fucking thread is
>turn 6 bahamut/dread combo
>bullshit Oz combo
>midshadow cheesing lethal with Eachtar/Aisha
along with the occasional bitching at temple/aegis haven whenever /svg/ happens to remember how good it's doing. Look through these last several threads, does it really look like people are somehow having more fun to you? No, they're not, because people are always going to hate whatever's on top if they don't like playing it themselves, and the only way to ever fix that is to put more varied playstyles on top so more people can be happy, which rotation sure as fuck didn't do.

>losing to 4 hp do nothing follower as shadow
Just git gut, you you're supposed to have more than 6 damage on board every fucking turn, spread over multiple bodies, + fuckton of cheap removal.

Daria, midshadow, dirt rune and ramp dragon all rule rotation my dude. You saying people like those decks?

>tfw banishing magic mordecai
wtf i love portal now

I don't play broken decks.
I'm having more fun with my reanimate khawy deck.

About as much as people like Blood and roach sure.

So much fun.
yes i lost to nemesis, don't bully

>doesn't heal
>can't be cast for 1 mana
It's shit.

>it's a dshitter tries to shill his format episode

You either go through rune hell or dragon hell in rotation these days. It's fucking disgusting.

What is that card called?

>can't be cast for 1pp
You recover 2pp if in vengeance, so net cost is 1.

I wish we had fun stuff like hearthstone


muh net cost is a bullshit meme
You can't play Belphegor into Brand on 5, for an example.
This also makes the card virtually impossible to use for healing until turn 7, and even then you'd need a fucking evo point saved.

Just play treasure map)))) thank you.


I am so fucking tired of rush in rotations.

>be me
>unlimited blood mirror
>for some reason assume it's aggro blood too
>he drops spiderweb imp which i remove with snarling chains and a bat
>ok, aggro blood uses spiderweb too sometimes
>it uses revelation on turn 4
fug, what a broken card
also yet another fucking bmer when he has a big deck advantage, i did the right decision when i turned off emotions and refuse to greet people

>ascenso de rango
ai yai yai

Happy Pig is a true MVP.
I would be dead as shit if it wasn't for his evolve.


When did he say you could?

No, you would be at 1 hp.


pretty sure the pig is a girl

>play eidolon in unranked
>dshifter shifts into turn 9, 23 damage giant chimera
>have a board of 0/6 eidolons to protect my ass
>a barong survives for exact lethal
Can I even expect a bigger pleasure from this game after this?

get bent, shadownigger

luna is underage

Good job, pablo.

Cool, now go beat a real deck.


Master haven player here. Stop being a retard and put in 1-2x Naoise. Wins the Aegis matchup, and helps against forest, dragon and any classes running bahamut/large neutrals.


>returned after a break
>a chest event have just ended
>no other event for likely months
>they made it so to reach master from aa0 takes twice as long (master is only master if it's master in the both both modes)

why even play

>not playing only a single format and defending it to death by shitposting on /svg/

because rotation is fun


There are winstreak bonus if your rank is higher on a format. Getting Master in Unlimited once you are already Master in Rotation should be significantly easier.

that's what i am doing though, it's just that i will have to play the other after i reach master in unlimited, the shit is annoying af meantime those who played pre split got a free ride


>winstreak bonus doesn't increase after each game
T-thanks I g-guess

i know that but it's pretty much mean you still have to play ok, say 1.7 times more than you had to pre-split

Congratulations, Van.
Fuiste vos el que shilleó la página el otro día acá, no?

>he wasn't already at Master

>9pp Pass
Uh, Luna, are you sure you don't want to play more things for me to kill while advancing further onto board myself?

Total mompost but screw midshadow. Feels good actually keeping them off the board.

Que va, yo no fuí

do you think these sluts would be less smug if i stuck my dick in their mouths

The smugness only increases the more you reveal your dick.

>they see your dick

Is there anything cuter in this world then Arisa?


erica doesn't look smug there
also why do you look at sex as an act of violence, it's kind of troubling imo
surely they would be happy to take your dick in their mouths assuming they like you and are sex positive, it shouldn't be seen as a violent or a shameful action

Go away, Roach.

>medusa, bampy, bellringer, nep, etc.

Nep is not cute, she's sexy, faggot.




Yeah, Vampy's not cute, but she is sexy.
I want a smug Vampy doujin drawn by 774.

>Is there anything cuter in this world then Arisa?


>Vampy's not cute, but she is sexy
hello, police


She's legal.