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Umm, what the fuck guys. You said HTML5 would kill CG. The fuck is this SC shit?


Nina is a slut.


She's cute whatever her name is.


Happy birthday Nina!

Fuck off my man where's the Kotoha thread

CGkiddies have to spam their shit, don't mind them.


Who? It should be Shiny Colors, they're the new hotness.

Shout out to my main man ChieP
we go way back

Thanks I love being reminded about Miria.

i absolutely love miria she's adorable and a good

Severely underweight. I wonder if she's into bulimia.

Do they actually believe this shit?


Asuka is even closer based on height and actually drawn pretty decently for her size. Maybe there's just a hard sexualization limit at 13.

love lolis for life

>H Iori

Miria has 75s at 11!?

This just means that Miria is not drawn correctly. Nothing wrong with Hiori or Asuka.

Can you guess what I'm giving Nina for her birthday?

Neglect, I bet


a trip to chuck e cheese


>hard sexualization limit at 13
If that were true they wouldn't have made Risa and Rika so damn sexy.



Chemical castration.

Hiori is SC's new anal queen.

a Nina h-doujin translation

A dick in a box.

That's a 15-year-old's cornhole.

>Risa and Rika
Sticks aren't sexy

Why do I see posts sometimes that just say "31 year old Mika Jougasaki"? Because the idea of a Mika close to me in age is wonderful


Asuka is a lot of wrong things

Listening and crying to Hontou no Watashi to celebrate the return of fat bitch. The pain is over but never gone, for it's soon to be replaced by one of not getting her limited.

I pray for Izumi and Ako. Someday New Wave plus Sakura will become more popular.

Not even a kotohaP, but that intro was touching, almost cried seeing her again.

I hope everyone plans on paying aoba back 3 times for all the Valentine day jewels on white day

While you lusting after her in her regular age is creepy.

>search for the artist on Twitter with Hiori's name in JP
>no results
>end up finding the original tweet by reverse image searching, finding a Gelbooru page, and following the link to Twitter from there
>the artist didn't even tag their work
I fucking hate Twitter. Nobody tags their shit. I can't find anything I want from there by searching.

Ako a best, best New Wave.

Good thing they aren't sticks then!

Ako's breasts.

>giving scamco money

Izumi's the one that wants to give you a peak though. That girl will make it far in the IT world


Yeah, right, whatever helps you sleep at night

Hmm Izumi uploading her pics on blogs and shit.


I was seriously expecting Kotoha to return on the 5th Live, I'm so glad she came back early. And so close to my birthday too.

Pretty much why sites like gelbooru exist until they themselves turn into shit and begin charging you to view more explicit photos.

>people are already learning Not-Rin's name


Congrats on being the worst poster in this thread.

She does nothing but give you love and free jewels. And you won't even give her a whiteday present in return.
Scummy as fuck to be quite honest more experienced coworker.

Who are you quoting?

Does that thing still exist?


Is her 1st live outfit in the game? When are they adding more of the live outfits? Will Asayake no Crescendo be the next story commu?

That's very sweet of you. I'm sure Nina would love dressing up as that mouse character.

Yeah, it's still open in my area.

>Is her 1st live outfit in the game?

>Will Asayake no Crescendo be the next story commu?
Next song should be an Angel song, based on the previous episode it might be Akane.

Hugging Nina and never letting go! Not even when the cops come!

How can one person fit so much cringe in a single post?

Neo-Rin. NotRin. BestRin.


>Kotoha’s BNT
Maybe they should’ve waited a little longer.

I want to manhandle Meguru

>The Yellow is the worst once again
They can't keep getting away with this!

Send me an email already, Kotoha.

It's easy, just wait for the CG ERP to start.

Why only one franchise? ML ERP can be hot too.

Despite being a halfie, I want to give her and those large 90s a free US ctizenship.

I hope one of the Shiny Colors girls is a trap.

It's not bad.

I wish I was dead like koto-

>like koto-

Kotoha you gave me my life back.

It’s not bad, but there’s definitely something off. Maybe Taneda needs more time whipping her voice back into shape for singing roles.

I hope not.

Cute sexy Mami!

No problem, i'll do the whipping.

Maybe Kotoha should whip me.


fuck off


What's a mon mon?

Someone post the OC already.

Who cares, do it.

On a related note, other then the light blue and yellow silhoutte on the far left there doesn't seem to be many short haired idols. I was hoping for someone in the mold of Makoto or CG Ai.

My dick.

Bamco knows [email protected] fans are extremely autistic conservative types so they would never.

Big for Her Age.

This better not get me into trouble.

Good, long hair is a requirement for being a woman.

I hope Taneda gets pregnant and decides to put VA behind her so she can dedicate all her time to being a good housewife and mother.

Yes, just like that.

>who is ryou
>who is saki
>who is makoto