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Dwight is for Hooking Edition.

>What is Dead by Daylight?
Asymmetrical multiplayer slasher game where 4 survivors scramble to fix 5 generators while 1 killer wants to sacrifice all of them.

>What is Friday the 13th?
A slasher game featuring Jason and counselors. 7 counselors with different stats try to escape the camp while Jason kills them one by one.

>What is Last Year?
Class based with weaker killers. In development? Beta Delayed yet again. (Possibly not real)

>Steam Group

>Latest Patch Notes (DbD)

>Skill Check Simulator (DbD)

Bledout in tall grass:

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>Pigs who hard camps their RBT's and hard swap off of someone else to attack their RBTs
>These are the same idiots who complain that her RBT dailies are too hard.

You should really learn how to play a killer before you bitch.

Post yfw playing killer at rank 1-8



This post may have been edgy as fuck, but with a reskin a killer that forces survivors to fight each other could be fun.

oh no
I was so close, too.

>bledout in tall grass
They escaped! Before leaving they made out with each other in front of The Trapper. CUTE!

Reminder that this is still going on. Still some room left to draw in.

What's rank 20 like these days?

>mfw I do well despite 4 crutch perk SWF survivorcunts

>Implying hard camping and lack of knowledge doesn't happen at rank 1.


>When someone suicides on their first hook
Why are survivor mains so fucking selfish?

I made a terrible mistake

>when someone suicides in front of you despite the fact that the killer is 30km away

Update on the Valentines. Because these are so out of proportion (and I'm nearing file limit) , I'm gonna redo it before I finalize it.


It's really like I'm not wearing my glasses

What's that dancemove called?

Streetwalkers when?

The "Doctor's Dose"

Why are there only alternative outfits for the objectively gayest survivors. Where's my David King alt outfits?

Why my streetwalker, and streetwalker outfits for all the female survivors

In Korea. It's crappy though.

user what are you doing

I made a thing for you user

He's probably masturbating.


>page 10

start a stream user

>When you walk near a gen and no one stops working on it.
S-stop disrespecting us killers...

>guy uses emote to point something else
>turn around
>find some jake


>that random rank 20 player

he walked into every single one of my traps I felt so bad afterwards.

>oops wrong language

I kinda wish you got points for being chased
>get chased the entire fucking match letting my teammates get all the generators
>get no bp

It's honestly weird that you don't. Like yeah, I didn't get to do any generators after the first 10 seconds because I always spawn next to the killer, but then I spent the next 6 minutes running laps while he tunneled me and my team opened up the exit gates. How is that only worth 6k? I gave the other 3 players a game with no killer to worry about.

You do you fucking mong.

You get points for what? Brave and bold? Which are like piss all?

Get out.

>do 3 gens
>activate the last one
>killer is 2m away from me
>NOED kicks in
>hooks me
>get camped since the gates are powered
life ain't easy for us m1 slaves

>You don't get points for being chases
>But you do
>Yeah but they don't count
Piss off dipshit.

Try pulling off escapes.

>If you don't have self-care, you can't beat a freddy
And people say he's the worst killer.

im about to hit 1 mil bp again, do i get freddy to 50 or prestige myers again?

Sorry, let me rephrase for the pedantic autists we have.

Not a garbage amount of points

>Loop him while all 5 gens get done
>Get hooked as gates are powered
>Freddy can't stop the unhooker
>You escape for free
The only reason to ever lose to Freddy is when everyone on your team is huffing paint instead of playing properly.

>I deserve more points!
No, fuck off survivor main, you're not entitled to anything more than you already get.

stop playing mediocre killers

>a bloo bloo bloo life is hard

>pig ended up mediocre
anyone else dissapointed?

Myers is like the 4th best killer

Guys, what about a killer perk that lets killers mori people if they're downed in the basement

That's literally what you're doing with your initial post. 10/10 projection.
Would laugh at your dumb ass again.

This'd be great, the basement needs to be more dangerous

I'm amazed after what happened to Freddy and Myers.

Says the killer who is whining

How do you play him? I feel like I used to get it but now I feel like if I don't get pressure off my first EW3, the game is over.

>says me

the guy said "what are you talking about"

Not him but you’re the one whining my dude.

He's just above the trio of shit which is Freddy, Hag, and Wraith.

That's... interesting actually.

he's better than trapper

Myersfags are really this deluded?

Nurse > billy > huntress > Doc > leatherman > Pig
> Myers > Trapper/ hag >wraith > freddy
Yay or nay? what should we change?

What are the best looking cosmetics in DbD

Except I'm not whining I'm saying it doesn't make sense. Not getting as many points as your teammates when you literally won the game for them is retarded.

Whining is saying that you don't deserve any more BP because you play survivor and I play killer :(

I usually run a tombstone piece and j myers memorial.the tombstone piece allows on command deletion of problem players the memorial helps take the sting out of the increased stalk times

Killed them once before, they were a colossal faggot

>Down a dwight
>3 gems remaining
>Pick up dwight
>Notice 2 of SWF cancer faggots coming my way
>Crouching near the hook
>Down one of them, injure the other, the one on my back jumps free
>Hook the one I downed
>The guy I Injured is hiding behind the wall whimpering
>Down him, he stays downed next to a pallet like I'm an idiot
>Face camp 2 of them at the same time
>The dwight I originally downed comes to try and save his SWF cancer buddy
>Grab him off the hook
>Hear healing
>Drop dwight
>Down both of them
>2 of them leave
>Massive raging boner activated

the ROGI

did they changed the daily reset or something?

>dbd playerbase is so small I'm starting to recognize survivors from other games

They're pretty much all the same

>rank 1 survivor
>get to play against the doctor
>2 retards DC
can't believe the doc is such a boogeyman

The red and white mask is my favorite.
Less is more desu.

A doctor with Distressing, Overcharge, Unnerving and Ruin or Thana thrown in there for an extra umpf literally can't lose if he plays smart with 3 gen strats.

From rank 1 to rank 20.
He can not be beaten unless he slips up and lets himself be beaten.

>tfw you go into every match with so much hope and excitement

How long until I am dead inside?

when you get farmed by multiple prestige 3 claudettes in the basement

>take a break from playing killer for a week
>first game I get into
>swf, all taunt and are probably swf
>d/c so they all depip
well that ended quickly


You're already dead, you just don't know it yet.

Anyone from south america?
went to take a shit and found these 2 shitting on each other for like 10 minutes.

someone post that double flashlight webm on the swamp.

Retard prices aside, Gold Feng is probably the best looking cosmetic set in game

they were only 3 and one suicided so it was easy.
guessing mostly

Stop pretending it doesn't have a use, especially in the scenario I described

at the end they even insulted each other based on their steam pics.
Do americans and yuros have it worse than us?

In Europe you just have people raging in russian.

>give it another chance
>get a 4k with myers
ok nvm gonna give this another shot

I don't understand looping and running from the killer at all. When I play survivor, myself and my team is usually really fucking bad at it. Just good enough to get away plenty of times, but often times I'm just trying to waste enough time before I ultimately get hooked. But when I play against survivors, they're all capable of running circles around me like it's nothing. What's their secret?

The killer is a different person.

You need to literally hug the lining of the loop.

You may be running in circles around a pallet but unless you are making the loop as small as possible, you aren't doing it right.


It literally has no use, only morons think it's useful for the minuscule amount of time it adds at maximum effect.

why do I get two dailies sometime?

>various youtubers/strimmers like hybridpanda or truetalent browse this general
What would you say to them?

shouldn't you be sleeping, tru3?

I'd tell true to stop talking like such a northern piece of shit.