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Feb 26

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What do you think it is like inside Kitava?

first for scions big dick

send your thoughts and positive vibes to our guy ziggyd for a speedy recovery

>Took me around 6 months to level from 90 to 91
Jesus christ I thought I was bad at this game


nice joke mane

>tfw people used to be banned for linking leddit
yeah i'm not going to leddit what happened to shiggyd ? did some disgruntled autist go to his house and bash his head in after he made a stupid video?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Path of Exile is an autistic game made by, and for, sufferers from autism (myself, and all of us here, among them). ARPGs more so than any other gaming genres, and PoE more so than any other ARPG, are littered top to bottom with activities that involve minimal traditional gaming and instead heavily reinforce / provide an outlet for archetypal autistic behaviors. Games like PoE collect and quarantine young sufferers of autism. This is a blessing for non-sufferers, but also a curse in the sense that a mere 5-10 years ago these autistic people would be castigated, broken down and medicated into some dead-on-the-inside sense of normality, but now they can sequester themselves in silos with fellow autism sufferers and convince each other that they're fine just the way they are, and that their compulsions have a place in normal society simply because similarly autistic game developers managed to push a half-baked, 2000's-quality video game to market long enough to connect with their kindred autistic spirits. And they are so pathetically searching for validation that they allow us to come join them in their autistic misery FOR FREE.

kinda bored of this league rn, what's everyone doing in game for fun?

You're not going to lose any Veeky Forums street cred because you went to reddit once, kid. I won't tell if you won't. Anyway, here's what he said:

slowly leveling a character to 90+uber lab for the few hours a day I can play
also playing a few meme builds on the side, leveling a lightning strike raider and reave zerker

Where has depressed anime poster been by the way? I hope he's holding on

Can't spell Dungeon without dung

I'm trying to make my 5th char work bf is actually fun tbqh very animu. Otherwise trying to learn ways to make dosh so that I don't become poverty tier next league.

this is delicious pasta
thank you user
it helps that most of this is true

can't spell useless without u

can i memebuild a 2-handed sword templar somehow? what active skill(s) would be important to make this build at least serviceable? does molten strike work?

Oros cyclone/flicker maybe

you can memebuild anything, it just doesn't make sense in your case when it could be built better with another ascendancy, preferably one that can make use of crit, sword clusters, or oro's frenzy stacking

So I got 21exalts left, decided and practiced what my starter build will be for the next league

What should I do now? Not really in the mood to reach end game and fuck getting 36 cheevos for that shitty portal mtx. Call me when breach mtx is back.

So far, I'm considering one last character for this league and I'm leaning towards traps. How does cold snap trapper sound to you guys? Also, can someone explain what Trigger area of effect is? Is that just the range that the traps can start proccing their shit? Will that also affect Arc's seeking range?

>How does cold snap trapper sound to you guys?
sounds gay
>Also, can someone explain what Trigger area of effect is?
the area from which a trap can detonate, pretty straightforward
>Will that also affect Arc's seeking range?
why would it

pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2086025 some new unique concept art
cant wait for it to be shit/not have 3d art

Can you stop linking reddit threads? If I wanted to see them I would go there, and you should go back.

new unique concept art

You don't play cold snap trapper, you use cold snap in the OLD tri-ele EE trapper. It never evolved but I imagine it is still good.

>throw cold snap trap w/ ele prolif
>throw shock nova trap w/ ele prolif
>throw fire trap w/ crit (sc) or ignite chance (hc) ele prolif

everything get's deleted, is perma frozen and shocked. You build around fire trap mostly.


New league just leaked!!!!!!!!

based paranoia poster

wait until he finds out about the 40 lightning goyils and drop seeding

Anyone got some fun Cleave build?

>Another Elder Unique
Oh boy.
>That Primal-looking set
>Inb4 an actual "Set"
>Staff/scepter-looking thing

this helmet looks legit sick

>One of the slits on the left helm is broken in half
>It's whole on the right

sums up my thoughts on 3.1 poe pretty well


whoa nigga did you expect me to read all that shit you wrote

tl;dr this: fuck off bitch

>TFW you get Mao Kun from a Zana Daily

ggg btfo

what a scrub lol

why do dumb retards who dont know what they are doing always feel like they need to shit out a 10.000 word novel on things they dont understand?

he's literally right though? random sub phys crit abyss spinner sneezes on you in a t13 with 1 damage mod, you're dead

it bypassed your 6k hp
it bypassed your resistances
it bypassed your cwdt ic (procced after your death)
it bypassed like armour like it was tofu
it bypassed your block because RNG
it bypassed your eva because RNG+entropy

literally nothing listed above matters in the face of bad luck



it doesnt bypass your end charges
it doesnt bypass your fortify
it doesnt bypass MoM
it doesnt bypass your basalt flask
it doesnt bypass your energy shield

if you are getting oneshot by random abyss shit in t13 maps then at least one of the following applies:
>shit gear
>shit build
>shit player

praying for ziggyd and you

everyone who doesn't run a 8 end charge juggernaut with perma fortify, 4k MoM, basalt of iron skin up and 5k ES is a scrub

people manage to reach 100 in hardcore every league just fine
people also manage to farm guardians, shaper, uber atziri, vaal temple, and tons of red maps in hardcore just fine

but sure, its not you being a shitter, its the game being broken! better make another forum rant about corrupted blood because you still havent figured out what a staunching flask is lmao

This one made me lol. How people get to 96 without knowing what a staunching flask is is beyond me

>lol people hit 100 every league git gud scrub
not an argument
and especially not a compelling one to address a post about game balance, which concerns every player, not only the top 1% of the top 1%

>because you still havent figured out what a staunching flask is lmao
to be fair bleed has had retarded damage comparatively with anything else ever since they made removed double dipping causing armor and physical resistance to no longer double dip beneficially to reduce bleed

but most people don't notice it because they play slayers with bleed immunity or summoners and you can flask it anyway so no balance adjustment needed

>weee why my mathil 4k life build isn't immortal in t13??!?!?!?!?!!??

>people also manage to farm guardians, shaper, uber atziri, vaal temple, and tons of red maps in hardcore just fine
you could count the people who complete these in HARDCORE without cheating on maybe 2 hands

stay delusional shitcrow


he actually does have a staunching flask equipped on his character btw

half of his points are pretty spot on the but the other half are just really dumb or flat out wrong

>to be fair bleed has had retarded damage comparatively with anything else ever since they made removed double dipping causing armor and physical resistance to no longer double dip beneficially to reduce bleed

armor has never reduced bleed damage. armor only reduces physical damage from hits.

>even weebs are getting lv100 in hardcore
>/poeg/ can't farm t13s in crowcore

not from corrupting blood, but it used to reduce puncture bleed since those are derived off a hit, now you take full puncture bleed damage whether you have 0 armor or 50k

>No-lifes are getting level 100
You don't say. And how does the 1% relate to balancing a game for 100% of the game's population?

>all the top end racers are abusing the shit out of supports for insane clearspeed and exp gain
>all the super rich players are farming shaped vaults in full party for the massive quant boost
>meanwhile redditors complain on the forums about party play supposedly being worthless

how can they be so fucking wrong and not realize it at all?

>He reads Reddit
Go back. And to answer your question, they have no self-awareness. Just like you.

>real crow hours

>That image
For the average player, there is no reason to party up unless it's a Master Rotation or like a Unique Map/PoorJoy's Rotation wherein it's about the completion/EXP gain and less about the loot. But this stems from the fact loot is so fuck-awful that you need to hoard every good drop for yourself and less of party play being worthless.
Additionally, Party Play is ALWAYS worth it for coordinated groups and Streamshitters who all work towards a mutual goal because they know what they want and how to get it in the most efficient way possible.
>Some of the top Streamshitters have a dedicated Trader who sits in Hideout all day selling all the shit the 6-man party gathers

if anything party play is too good right now

Party play is heavily disincentivized in PoE and you know it. Supports are not a counter-argument because they don't usually don't clutter the screen with their own abilities spam, some are merely aurabots, and because they are *specifically designed* for party play.

There is nothing that encourages you to play coop with your friend or some random, unless said person is *specifically built* to support you, or your drops.

If you don't have a support, or a group of people who know they want to maximize vault running, then playing solo is more efficient, faster, more drops, less hassle about map mods, etc.

yea, there are just 'tons' of uber atziri, shaper, and guardian items on poe.trade compared to softcore

>party play is shit for players that are shit at party play
of course playing in parties with a bunch of solo players running solo builds sucks ass

When does the next league start? I'm bored of this one and I want to level up something new

party play with randoms is the thing that sucks
people want to be able to go to the public boards and actually see parties they can join to play maps with people, thats one of this games flaws, its not built for party play (with all the laggy effects and aoe, as well as the lack of meaningful drop increase if you don't have a support/mf gear)

march 2nd

party play with randoms sucks in every game ever though

>of course playing in parties with a bunch of solo players running solo builds sucks ass
... which is exactly the flaw of the game design that was pointed. Glad we could agree on something. Spontaneous public grouping is something that exists in other arpgs. Not in PoE, because you're incentivized to be a one-man army god, maybe throw in a support for overkill.

its good in diablo 3, thats where a lot of people come from that want random party play to work, and its a lot of the reason why people still play that shit game

in my opinion this genre just doesnt lend itself well to party play at all
there is no meaningful active interaction between players (like for example healing in MMOs) and enemies die way too fast to really apply any sort of active teamwork to fighting them (like tank/dps roles in MMOs)
so all you're left with is either runnning the current dumb shit of one MF dps who gets boosted to insane levels of damage by a bunch of boring support bitches, or just playing coop style with multiple regular characters and killing things the regular way, which is just dumb and not fun.


it works fine in d3 rifts and bounties, which dont have any of that stuff either
its just a bunch of people who party up to kill things, the kicker is that everyone has their own loot so theres no stepping on peoples toes, it works real well that way

the last time I partied in this game (masters rotation) someone stole an exalt drop in MY daily

never reply to me again retard

When was the last time you got a spire during an abyss depth?

Seems like all depths have liches now

My last 5 or 6.

map I just did a minute ago had a spire

>trying to buy shaped beaches on hc
>only a few listed at 1c, try whispering someone
>"your price is 3c"

i'm new, why did this happen?

Magic Monsters with the "Keepers of the Trove" Bloodline all drop 1 randomly rolled copy of a random base item.

Is this ever a good thing or just "whatever"?

baited for this exact reply





its the end of a league what do you expect senpai

99% of the time, whatever. Just like with everything else, 1% of the time, it's amazing.

Fresh 23 ranger here, is this leveling skill tree guide still safe to use?
imgur com / a / eGFuu

How do you deal with depression?

anti-depressants, they work real well

alcohol and ssf



Thinking of getting into this game. Looking at the classes and noticed the only "magic" character is a witch. Since I know that class isn't everything in this game my question is this.

Can I make a wizard build with the Templar or Shadow and not be gimped? I want to be a caster with a magic staff or a wand i guess. If it is possible to do this with a Templar or Shadow can someone please link me a build.

Thanks in advance

Look at ascendancy classes not character. For spell based builds templar, witch, scion, shadow all have good ascendancies for them.

For instance a minion build wants to go necro witch, a crit build is going to favor assassin and inquisitor, a damage over time build occultist or trickster. Totem builds go for heirophant and chieftan (mara). etc...

I thought you were genuine at first, then I heard you wanna use a wand.

Okay thanks user I appreciate the quick answer.

The absolute best advice anyone can give a new player is to look for a "SSF HC / League starter" and play one of those.

It will minimize the amount of fuck ups possible by about 10909043950%