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-MH:World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a fall 2018 PC release ahead.
↳Kiranico has been updated to include World.
↳Official manual released: game.capcom.com/manual/MHW/
↳Weapon movesets: pastebin.com/Pc4NsdxP (embed) (embed)

>I have a question!
pastebin.com/7Aa6HxUh (embed) (embed)
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
In World, post a room ID. Squads also work, and should be listed soon.
Create or find a 3DS Gathering Hall using passcode '7243'
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Reminder that HAMMER is the manliest weapon in MH.


So, how do I LBG/HBG if I wanna avoid Slicing Shot?
Which bowguns are worth taking in that scenario?

Should I just stop trying to fight Anja at HR2?
I can never kill it before it leaves the zone which is gay



>tfw bought the game too late and there is no one to do early missions with me

Sorry buddy.

nth for Fish Aficionado best girl

That's a funny way of spelling GREATSWORD


Anyone have all the optional quests list?

What the hell is this OH NO meme?

>Vaal Hazak knocks your ass into the acid.

meme from 2012 or so that someone likes

>he still has the Control Guide on

>getting hit

oldfag /mhg/ meme before Worldbabies invaded

For lbg, poison and para shots are nice. Pack some elemental shots with you as well. If you are up against a big guy pierce shots are good. Use your mines. there is a sweet spot on shots denoted by a circle appearing in the reticle while aiming. Just know that slice will beat you every day of the week and twice on sundays.

Does Magic exist in the MH world is it all super natural mumbo jumbo?

>using big anime swords

/v/ shit

>hammer thinks he has priority on head when my truecharge GS hit doubles his O spam dmg

That is a funny way of spelling Dual Blades.

How do you charge the shield on the CB?

Anyone else thinking about importing this?
MHW is great and all but I want a bit more. Thinking playing in Japanese can't be all that bad. I'll miss understanding the felyne puns and so on but whatever, at least it'd also be on the TV with a real controller.

and where does one just "get" a squad?


or is it*

You can turn that off?

>all that nonsense for like 150 dmg

lol though it fucking looks radical


I'm sorry my friend, you must be right, I have gone overboard.
Again I'm sorry

Well if you can't find anybody trying to make you, you do it yourself.

You host sessions and post the ID and invite the players who join.

Are Switch games region locked? I know older Nintendo stuff is

>handler porn exists


How do you do that cartwheel shit on DBs anyway? I tried them a little but never figured it out.

I imported and if you post a room here, few people will play.

just start over and don't deviate far from a preset

But it's how I know what to do when mounting

Is any of it good?


>Just know that slice will beat you every day of the week and twice on sundays.
I know, I'm just trying to have fun soloing the rest of the game's content

So is element trash in this game aside from bow or what

Get airborne somehow and press triangle

>try to go frame by frame and count it
>still overwhelmed by 8-15s

I think it might be more than 150 user

>coming from a player with 10k hours in the series, anjanath is the hardest monster in the game for me. his movements are so different than everything i am used to, and the instant hitbox on his fucking nose fire are bullshit


I'm literally buying it right now then

>tobi-kadachi double-dick porn exists


btw it looks like nathan fielder in a wig

i made a handy list of you retard newfags stop making shit up:
>crit is worthless unless you have attack 7
>crit is bad without crit boost anyway
>guard is a bad skill
>uragaan guard is an even worse skill
>handicraft doesn't give you white sharp if the gauge is already full (nerg)
>white sharp often isn't with sacrificing 100 raw for
>ear plugs is a bad skill, just block roars

>tfw just learned that you should never brace when mounting

if you were like me an uncultured swine here's a pro tip

spam triangle and when the screen gets red on the corner just move either up or down with the left stick. never use brace, you lose 0 stamina by moving and you are constantly attacking it.


Don't forget to download your Stickers here!
mediafire.com/file/5yayyevqs0sjnx3/MHWorld Stickers.rar

>knocked into the acid
>and stunned

I already did the autismo work on that webm, it is approximately 420 damage including the last couple hits on the head at the end. So it ends up being roughly 100 damage per second.

Kind of shit compared to how much you can dish out with slicing and the fact that is has very specific positional requirements.

Does this even apply to stuff like a flying ED who's thrashing his body?

Is this a joke I'm missing? You just mash Triangle and when the borders of the screen turn red you move to a different part of the monster with the left stick. The "Brace with R2" thing is a meme since you can just move out of the way. Never stop mashing triangle.

okay but why, elaborate
also not everyone can block roars

you are absolutely clueless i hope you dont play DB

>still getting tutorials

i dunno it's probably like 150-200. those lil gray ones are like 2-3



>Shit all over Anjanath
>Uragaan kicks my ass and carts me at least once every time i fight him.

Ahhh, it never ends.
You are right, I should just use a preset.

>character rolls
>attack, recover
>static fluid less motions

is my character a robot

holy shit the blast bug kinsect lines are broken, especially pseudocath

>play 100 hours
>have not mounted a single time

It's worthless and a dps loss. Yeah let me meme it up with my 1 dmg per hit on a non-weakpoint for 100 hits.

>(left stick) move

>Uses reaction images from popular anime
>autist, sounds like underage b&

Verin 2.0 confirmed?

>implying any of the newfags that populate /mhg/ now will know who he is

>Its a GS user spends half an hour readying True Charge only to miss episode
Why are GSbabbies so silly?

Doesnt matter if your one-trick pony sword can dish out damage if you never hit anything.

its the easiest way to get tail cuts on weapons without reach or on monsters where the tail is hard to get, same with horn breaking and whatnot

>start using a LBG for the final few missions of the main story
>beat xeno with it
>switch up to try all the weapons now that I feel less restricted
>match with some japs online
>two of them are using LBG
>constantly spamming slicing shots
>dont switch it up when the monster is down or use their mines at all
>just constantly spamming slicing
>me and the other jap cant even get close to the downed nergigante
>he carts both of them with his dive
>we finally kill him as one of them is stunned on low health

Jesus Christ, I'm so, so, SO sorry. I never knew it was this bad for you guys

dbz isn't anime tho

What are the chad weapons and the virgin weapons

you do it for big dick knockdown dmg

>last hit on mounting with GS is like 200 initial+63 on the pull out
>lvl 3 true charge is like 600 to the face
>all that dmg ur friends are also doing while this is all happening

admittedly if you're doing solo you prob shouldn't be mounting


this one bugs me more than I'd like to admit

Cancel an Amped Elemental Discharge by hitting R2 during the startup.

You can go straight into an AED from sword mode by hitting Triangle + Circle again after a Shield Thrust, which is itself done by hitting Triangle + Circle after any other sword mode attack (or phial storage).

Why are people still using shitterwasp at HR50+? You have brain damage if you don't think the horn is the best tool.

>hr 80
>midfight get hit by a vespoid
>"block or dodge partner, you cant keep taking hits like that!"
>big R2 and O show up in the middle of my screen
It never ends user

either check the garbage or use good old e621

Yeah and with the IG, Moving to a different part does damage which lowers the monster even when moving It's the faster weapon to down a monster after mounting..

>not just mounting for the fun of it
you "maximum efficiency" fags are so boring

Chad: Hammer, Great Sword, Hunting Horn

Virgin: Anything Else.

Could you beat Midir with your Hunter, user?

She's just trying to help

literally first line on rule34xxx

Plunderblade is nice for farming.

This is wrong.

There are some monster with body wide moves that you need to brace for no matter what. Any kind of jump will do this, anjanaths especially.

You’re right about 99% of the time though

Transmorging when? I can't stand to look like this. But stats tho :(

>It's a GS user spams true charge 10 times while the monster flinches and taunts episode

200 IQ

+rocksteady mantle = 2000 IQ

Will we get Jho weapons with the Jho update?

I think the barroth/anja leap affects you anywhere on its body but that's the only move I've seen so far that does that.

Crit is worthless in general since weakness exploit exists.
It's multiplicative, not additive, you're only gaining about 13% extra crit modifier.
This is true.
It's more like 40ish true raw, but yes, you are right. The difference is about 12% between blue and white.

I'm sorry, I never meant to bother people, I still don't know why I always get confused in generals.

When is it gonna go back up

Fighting xenojiva as IG has to be the most satisfying thing ever

>easy to hit parts for extracts
>drop blast clouds everywhere for your team to blow up
>say fuck you to all his lasering shit and ground traps and jump over them
>when he is being a fuck literally just jump into the air and you're pretty much invincible against him and do decent damage in the air because his wings are fucking huge and can't be missed

Fuck this fight otherwise