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>HD Collection never (ever).
>Don't let it die.

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First for Russian sexiness

Second for perfect SHMUP designs.

Im liv for whoever asked for a strim earlier
Get in here buddies


Razgriz Patch Guy restocking soon

Eternal best livery

That's one cute ship

The two true aces of the sky.

Best plane, best livery.

russian sexiness you said ?


Can weebs go five seconds without associating something with little girls?

maybe ?

Everyone who likes anime is a pedophile, I read it on huffpo.

here some stuff from ILA 6 years ago

sadly no



You at an airshow buddy?


as said it's pictures from six years ago ILA 2012 in Berlin Schönefeld

Ah right, didn't make the connection. Carry on.

hmm that shot isn't looking so bad,
can someone put on PJs markings ?

2 years later in 2014

big question, should i got to the ILA this year ?
dunno how many military jets to expect, since the number went down steadily after 2010 or so ...

drawn like one of the french girls ... oh wait.
have to admit, the curvers are hotter than the EF2Ks but ... i still like the Eurofighter more.
>inb4 blog posting

Here's a quick sketch. It looks pretty conventional to me. I'll try to do something more exotic when I get time.
I'd be grateful for suggestions, the idea seed is "ayys with modern/near-future tech". In case it helps, the overall design philosophy for their (later) spaceships is large engine nacelles to the sides of the fuselage and large weaponry being coaxial or set apart from the fuselage.
Also some questions:
How bad an idea would putting a coaxial railgun on a fighter for subsonic usage be? How about eschewing on board radar for data-link based solutions? How would a non-rounded radome (the upper portion of the nose for instance) affect performance? Sticking capital H Huge guns on planes in general?
That's a good looking design.

Id just give them a warthog expy with a railgun in the nose


comfy post
so as last pic AH-64 or MI-24V ?
got more pics but it's late...

Note that I'm thinking CFA-44 tier railguns and beyond. Raw destructive power in a single hypervelocity slug, not a magnetic GAU-8 hail of bullets. I'm totally doing an Ayy-10 later, though.

>How about eschewing on board radar for data-link based solutions?
For what purpose? Even the F-35, which is supposed to be a walking talking wifi hotspot with wings has a radar to go with its data link system. In fact, the radar is part of what makes data links a good idea in the first place, since each plane shares its sensor data with other planes.

Mostly because the nose I drew isn't really accomodating for a radar and I wondered if I could rationalize it via the aliens just having a different data-gathering paradigm. Just idle thoughts.

how did you power a high RoF railgun on a jet without any kind of reactor ?

Just do what the russkies did and slap a radar on the front regardless

>two radars
One is a crutch, I take it?
Engines are power plants.

but they need to power all the other stuff, and i can tell you that e-magnets need a lot...

Hind it is ...
good night buddies

>riced out hind

better ?

Add capacitors to the plane, you're already using a limited amount of ammo, you might as well carry the needed charge on a storage that isn't recharged during flight. Maybe even jettisonable capacitors that are ejected after the slug is fired.

yeah, its just funny that they would put some ricer tier airbrush on the hind

it was the presentation from the czechs airforce.
maybe i should upload the pictures of the polnish Mig 29 ...

That's not ricing. Ricing is when you put aftermarket parts on a shitbox that don't actually do anything useful.
Aside from the paintjob, that Hind is bone stock.
If you want to see something closer to rice, check out the South African SuperHind.

I choose to believe those are twin cold air intakes.

That’s not a little girl though


>Don't blush user. Just start drawing

50th for wHYOOO

you're 49th, buddy

It shows 51 for me. 52 once this post goes through.

after you posted it showed this

Ok I see the problem, there's a deleted post here and I haven't refreshed my page yet.

me neither I guess

Air show? Buzz cut Alabamians spewing coloured smoke from their whiz jets to the strains of "Rock You Like a Hurricane"? What kind of country-fried rube is still impressed by that?!

>Laser designation pod

>post yfw /aceg/ will die before Skies Unknown releases

>mfw /aceg/ will be around for years to come because camaraderie between buddies never dies

Alright lord cockswain, why don't you get back to your nice game of croquet or something

Well if you want to die that badly be my guest

This is the part where I admit I never watched much of the Simpsons and missed the joke

Why would you kidnap a baby of a famous pilot? That seems like such a strange target. Also I'm starting to think that there might actually be planted evidence, however Hauptmann was caught spending the ransom money, and was able to afford his wife a trip to Germany on basically no income. There surely had to be someone on the inside right, who knew Hauptmann and his situation.

Is this about Charles Lindbergh's kid? Yeah, that's a strange story.

Yeah, I got to it after reading about some of the early planes. It's just very odd to kidnap a target like the baby of a pilot, unless the kidnapper was offered a reward by someone close to the Lindbergh family

Holy hell this is comfy


Bamco hasn't done their New Years Showcase yet, have they? It seems like they're really dragging their feet this year.

All hope is lost for AC7

>emulating AC4 on toaster
>clouds come into frame
>50% speed
God dammit, I was having fun

Hey look what I just got

Treat it well! You know, if you choose to fly it. The important thing is to do what feels right. Follow your heart to your Planefu.

Well if I don't HAVE to then I might just crash it

Nah just kidding it's a speedy lil' plane

You WOUND me, sir.

Jump ahead to 3:30 and have some good headphones on
What a noise

I'm just funnin' with ya, see .
I even loaded a save state before the crash, so as far as the game's concerned the the crash didn't even happen.

Nah, it's on me for not refreshing before posting. 's all good.

Has the game aged well? I keep considering emulating the PSX titles but I'm worried they'll be difficult to 'back up' into.

It's aged remarkably well, I've been able to pick it up and have no difficulty whatsoever after having played 6 earlier in the day. Tight, weighty controls and fantastic music.

The vocal version itself is awesome, but damn this instrumental one is terrific.

have you thanked your bomber /aceg/?

>Still haven't fought Bazel
>Kind of spooked now

I want to practice perspective drawing a bit, are there any good planes to do that? Also, how do I draw from schematics?

Planes that are relatively simple in shape would be best for practice. I'd suggest early jets.

same, I'd also like to practice more

Boxy planes are good for that.
F-117, Lampyridae, pic related, you choose

The Mirage series is rather simple. It's just a pointy tube with a triangle attached

Also grab Scott Robertson's How to Draw from
under Other Books/Miscellaneous.
It covers pretty much everything from basic perspective to advanced applications. No need to follow everything to a T, simple grids do the trick just fine.

Thanks, buddies. I'll try to do something.

I kind of like that. Make the canards bigger and perhaps drop the central stabiliser since you got the wing ones.

>giant coax guns
It's more somwthing for helos, but you could argue that the ayys always used turreted guns over fixed ones. Perhaps make them a smaller caliber relative to fixed guns on similar fighters
On that note Huge guns have turned out to be kind of mediocre for air combat. 50mm is the biggest they went up to for A2A and the rof and ammo capacity on that was so low that it was barely useable even against their intended target of bomber formations. 20-30mm reigned supreme.

Radomes don't need to be round, you just have to be able to house the radar in them, assuming they use a radar at all and not something else. The Tiger has a duck nose for example and it manages to hold a radar just fine.

Personally it's so so for ace combat like games.

In the context of spaceships I've encountered the term as being for cannons that go along the main axis of the spaceship, I forgot about what it meant in the context of MBTs and other vehicles with turrets.
The wingtips would be the sort that drop down, a la YF-21.
I was thinking about AG and naval warfare, but those are good points for AA.

Fair enough. For AG you might as well just go ahead. They put 75mms on at least two planes, the PBJ and the Henschel 129, to shoot at tanks and ships and I recall an He-111 testrig with a 120mm recoilless gun.
Not that any of them were particularily good at it, at least not compared to contemporaries with more sensible 37-40mm guns and bombs, but still.

For AA you really just want to throw as much lead downrange as possible in a short amount of time. So a bunch of smaller caliber guns with high ROFs are ideal. Or like how it is today where the ROF of a single gun is so absurd that it is good enough alone.

Also meant to ask, where is this from? The book, not the Viper.


SlyCooperFan1 is the best AC community leader

I wonder who could be behind this post

Post cute

Another one was the P.108.
It mounted a 102mm cannon, but iirc it was for anti-ship reasons.