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Oh hey, I found the Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Mission accomplished, boys.

Fuck this shitty unit

>mobile game
>it's not a mobage
My almonds are beyond activated right now

Guys, how do I have sex with Sanaki?

>.Lucina: ~48,500 votes
>.Azura: ~14,000 votes

>worse than pain healers, nino's emo boyfriend, and Miccy's emo boyfriend

Wow! Genny looks way WAY better for some reason that i cant quite put my finger on.

>Lucicario: ~48,500
>Azuroark: ~14,000

Just use female corrin


>update comes out
>Reward gets leaked
>It will be all over YouTube because watch 1 heroes video and YouTube thinks this is your jam so spoiler thumbnails like Shitmaster15 will ruin the surprise
>It will be also all over Twitter since you follow Phoenix
>It will be all over /feg/ obviously

I don't get this. Where in the conversation did lucina come up

More like a weapon of mass REDUCTION.
She's worthless.


That's not true. Clarisse is still a weapon of mass seduction. Well, not with Yura's art though. How sad.

>you follow Phoenix

Felicia is the cutest! Nobody could ever make me feel as happy as she does! She is truly perfect in every single way to me! I want her to always be happy and smiling! I could never ask for more! I love Felicia!

If the shittier Aqua can be found in Tier20, the better version is probably there too :')

Reply to this post pretending I posted a picture of a fate/whatever character being smug and wrote a comment making fun of FE.

if you've been watching enough FEH faggots to have them show up on your recommendations you've gotta reconsider your life decisions

I thought mobage is a term used for Japanese mobile gachas, since mobage is an app store specialized in those.

Pls no bully

waterfags got on their high horse and think she's popular despite losing twice, confirming shes the zoroark to Lucario(Lucina)

Absolutely butt blasted she made top 5

Let's kill some more time until the update. Post more unit supports.

Oh, friend, you underestimate me.
My entire team IS the things you mentioned.
WarCrime2.png means there is a WarCrime.png.
And my third one is a Pain Azama.
There is no escape from this hell.

Are there any FE girls with cute hair?

wife sheep

>Lucina: ~48,500 votes
>Azura: ~14,000 votes

The closest your penis will get to her is underneath her feet while she's still wearing shoes

Well, if you'll just step into the squad car for a moment, these kind officers will show you how.

I really should put Desperation on my Lobster, huh.

banner when

That explains why you'd use a poison strike seal.

Any recommendations for the 4th spot?
Adult Tiki 4*+10
I have 4 Nowi, 9 Corrin F and 8 Fae, all 3*-4*

why does her nose look like a chinchin

Hope you like pegging

That team looks so easy to beat it's not even funny.

>no FE characters


>tfw clarisse is not popular enough for an alt so she'll be stuck with Yura's trash art forever

I've very comfortably stayed in T20 for ages with an azura and I haven't even half way finished half one of my heroes' merges or builds, not even armors as well, 155 BST bins, dunno what they're on about.

>28 speed
>41 attack
>darting blow
user please

Some questions answer themselves, next post immediately gave a beautiful example.

It's from a super old meme from way back around Fate's release where somehow, people on /feg/ and /v/ decided that Azura was clearly a desperate attempt by ISIS to capture the same popularity that Lucina received, like how Zoroark was supposed to do for Lucario. Despite the fact that besides being female main characters, the two don't have anything at all in common.

Felicia loves everyone's cocks!

Look at her hair hooks!

That's all I need

Wish my waifu would make top 5

I said cute hair.

Zoroark would never place top 10 in a pokemon popularity contest, but go ahead and keep on your ebin samefagging, Drill.

Yeah, once in a blue moon in 725-730. Doesn't even matter since if she's being run it's probably with armors and infantry so you can pick her off and then repo away. EZ win. I don't even see her at all anymore in 735-740.

I'm stuck
>cryingface.emoji ×3

it's just that kozaki's a hack


God I wish that was me.


Neph is a cute hick!

>Ray and Lugh aren't mudslimes
>Implying she married Jaffar

>beaten by a shitty Heroes OC with no character or development

Who is drills waifu


>Lucina: ~48,500 votes
>Azura: ~14,000 votes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lost to an OC

uh oh

You realized you can unrecommend videos, right? After they recommended one of Sage's videos I told them to block all videos from that channel

I couldn't do it like that either. I had to use cavs + NY Azura to beat it.

Sheep hair is cute though.

I can't remember the last time I saw a dancer desu
Although they're not very hard to beat if you're not a brainlet
I doubt a waterfag would know anything about that though


Oh shit me too

>Kektor,Tharbage,Ryoma,a Dancer
Thanks for the free match

Tell your wife to get some exercise instead of sleeping all day or else she'll get fatter

>literally like 750 pokemon
>only like 320 girls

>>>>>>>>>> ~14,000

This is going to be the first time I ever buy orbs and I strongly advise other f2ps consider doing the same. We need to let them know. We need to show them. We don't fucking want ten billion Fateswakening shitters. We want Roy. We want Hector. We want Sigurd. The good stuff. Ike already dominated the Legendary and now we have the keep the ball rolling. Just imagine it's so successful we never see another nufe banner again. Like holy shit I'm getting hard just thinking about it.


>got kirby
can't be mad about it, i love him





I sleep for like 18 hours on my off days. I'm losing weight really fast for some reason

Someone who can't even make top ten probably

Maybe in the 1950s

Roy Lilina Marth Catria

>doing some arena runs in the 720-730 range
>clear out all enemies but an ayra
>uh oh it's the slaying edge QP build
>park fjorm on a defense tile with rally res/def on and an ally next to her
>ayra still bends her over and fucks her ass so hard and ORKOs her
So this is the power of literally whos...

People complain about thots in FE but this piece of trash is disgusting.

are you guys ready for the falchion refinery update?

Oh, you're a 15 y/o. Guess that explains something.

She got plenty on exercise during the TT

11th place! Not getting a Valentine's alt!

>people who aren't in tier 20 tell you what tier 20 is like

Every matchs in Arena, against an AI, is easy, that's not the subject
The fact is, you can still find dancers in Tier 20, that's all

Fuck off Anna, there is only one way you can earn my money.


Once you get to that point you upgrade to TA3 and Slaying Spear to deal with the gimmick ayra/zelgius/tharja builds

What reward?

Yes goy- I mean summoners! Please buy orbs so we know what sort of content you like!