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ZOOGANG where we at

Just got this chill motherfucker from brawl pack.

What do?

Use him in next meta

Send some skulls to the museum

Keep him for sure, there's a weapon meta from time to time. Hell, even now, between Skull, Aluneth and Paladin's weapon he could be decent.

Aggro is dead without patches they said...

Patches deserved the nerf
Bonemare didn't get hit hard enough

>everyone is going on and on about how after nerfs it will be nothing but warlocks
>ladder is mostly mage and priest
warlock r-right

>opponent dirty ratted both my sorcerers apprentices
>had Frost Lich Jaina online
>I was also in fatigue before him
>still won

I can't wait for priestcucks to get blasted off ladder.

Use it instead of ooze.

Why? it's their time to shine

*barnes out a y'shaarj who draws out an y'shaarj*
whats the matter cuck, can't deal with a turn 4 10/10? :^)

High ladder is actually mostly paladin right now.

good I love paladin lol


Ran across a weird control handbuff paladin at 15. Smoked him with my kingsbane but wondered if it's some new standard.

>I don't have K&C commons and hunter basic + classic commons

He was running spiteful summoners and dinosize, burned both his summoners lulz.

I've seen that deck,but I'm pretty sure it's just people experimenting

Yeah like I do with my sexuality lol

Laddering as a warlock now is literally hell. I had a better winrate when razakus and keleseth was a thing. Being public enemy number 1 means that every deck is teched against you. I just wanted to have some fun with my meme howlfiend lock.

Fungalmancer in Demon Zoo

Does anyone here play miracle druid?
How well does it perform currently?
I'm missing a few rares and wondering if they're worth crafting for it.

Should I dust my golden raza? I got it in a pack. It still seems usable, just not in the velen deck

If you're having trouble laddering with warlock you're doing something wrong. I have an insane winrate with control lock so far.


get that 3200 gold u nig

Pretty bad rn, Tars' Togwaggle version is fun though

>Spell hunter (Y'shaarj)
>Murloc Paladin
Help a poorfag.
Choose one and tell me why.

I just played against a priest who ran owl, 5 mana kabal silence dude and spellbreaker on top of 2 MCs.

Muzzy is playing that right now, the card actually looks pretty good

Cubelock because the rest are shit

Mill rogue is cubelock's kryptonite

All of you bitching about cubelock needs to build a mill rogue deck

Post dick

why dont people play nat pagle
he seems good
i like the sound he makes

So not a single post in the last thread about that kiddy shit opening cinematic? Can they stop embracing the children's card game thing it makes me not want to play.

Spell Hunter is just a shitty meme

Murloc paladin is good against everything except priest and warlock due to removal

Cubelock is good against everything except mill rogue and maybe spiteful priest or exodia mage

Murloc Pally is a safe choice

Holy fuck yes, 3200 dust is hard to pass on

You can always craft a non golden Raza for 1600 and use the other 1600 for something else.




i want to play with paladin buffs are there any cards that go really well with buffs?


But it actually isn't? It's really hard to stay alive and control the board when you don't draw Barnes.

Which exodia is stronger, quest or no quest?

No it's not.

Thanks man!

>Boohoo when I don't high roll like a mongoloid I actually have to think
The absolute state of Priestcucks.

I think Youtube deleted the full video of this. Skip to 1:45 though. Veeky Forums user hacked the cctv camera at a school


>when you don't draw Barnes

That's why it's broken. Draw a certain card by turn 4 and bam, your winrate just skyrocketed. Shadow essence got Barnes? Winrate plummets. Same shit as Keleseth, these cards are too swingy and the earliest they should come down is on turn 6.

Turn 6 is fine, as we see with mistcaller, geist etc. It's not unreasonable to have drawn them by then and it is already at the mid-game, where there are other factors involved.

Any general play/mulligan tips?


Look for lackey or skull/voidlord always. You obviously want defiles/hellfires/mistress/beetle against aggro.

You can keep guldan in the mirror because its the most important card in the matchup. There's a decent amount of zoo though so be aware of that.

The deck has more value than almost any deck can create so as long as you don't die in the first ~6 turns you win. Not running coils means you win mirror in fatigue because of geist.

So I've been playing Priest since the inception of Hearthstone, and I think it's high time I stopped and just DE'd all my priest cards to make a new deck with a different class. Priest is gonna end up being fucking trash without Raza and I want off this ship.

Which class do I choose?

this shit.
this shit right here is why priest is fucking retarded right now, and why I can't wait until Barnes rotates out.
Cubelock is looking good, I crafted a deck for it earlier and have been having fun, even though I don't have Taldaram or an Umbra to slot in and am just running some crap commons in their place.

So a priest walks into the tavern and MCs you're void gf's ass, what do? Do you dark pact it yourself beforehand?

You know it has other viable decks than Raza right?

I mean the opponent was a fucking idiot by playing dirty rat/deathlord vs a big priest, but yeah, this screenshot shows how much of a blowout the game can be.

Team 5 will still insist that this is "fun" and that Barnes is good because it "enables the deck to exist". The bunch of fucktards don't realise that the deck is still playable without Barnes.

>One deck is Big Priest which relies on drawing Barnes

>The other deck is a literal who from a bygone era

Quest priest is a fucking meme and is too slow, don't be absurd.

I agree. I'm playing Nagalock right now and it's much more enjoyable. It honestly needs a nerf too, though.

user, do you really think you can tell what kind of deck a Priest is playing because they haven't played anything the first two turns?

6 mana 4/4: summon a random 10-drop seems to be all over ladder right now

The voidlord comes down on turn 6, they can't MC it. You can faceless/cube/guldan/nzoth it enough times that MC doesn't even matter by the time they can play it.

I played against a spiteful priest earlier, and by the time he had 10 mana I had 4 voiddaddys on board. Sure, he can take 1, I don't really care.

The way spiteful priest beats this is by curving out early and going face, MC doesn't really matter.

Yes, if the priest opponent has done nothing for the first few turns, you assume it's big priest. Raza priest would have played northshire cleric/thalnos/novice engineer/acolyte of pain/glimmeroor etc. etc. and combo priest would have played cleric/radiant/deathlord.

It is the correct play to not play deathlord or dirty rat until you are sure that the opponent is not big priest, or you have some way of dealing with the minion.

Anybody got a good Kingsbane Rogue decklist/code?

Look up kolentos mill rogue on hearthpwn


Even though Murloc Paladin didn't reaaally get hit by the nerfs (loss of Corridor Creepers though), I haven't won anything on ladder since the nerfs.. Was one win away from rank floor too.. Anybody else having trouble?

>All good decks this meta I already have golden for
What to do

I don't know man, it kept happening to me earlier, also everybody and their brother runs silence. On top of that I kept running into the 3 people that play kingsbane mill. To be fair, I'm running a more control focused list with Rin and dirty rats minus the skull and cubes, I'll give yours a try.

I didn't say the first few turns, I said the first two. I coined Barnes on turn 3. I didn't play anything on turn 1 or 2. There's no way for him to have known I was playing Big Priest.

Lmao I love big priest

Fuck off

Are you losing to what decks?

Anything with AoE, which is most dominant decks (Priest and Warlock) and stalling decks, Rogue and t Mage

Inner Fire Dragon Priest is the best Priest deck, ya dingus

Read the second paragraph. If you have dirty rat or deathlord then you shouldn't play it because you assume it's big priest until proven otherwise.

The misplay is playing either of those two things when the opponent is potentially big priest.

I'm playing a lot of big mages. Let me guess, some streamer played it.

Finally hit my pity timer for Un'Goro and based Brode gave me the Druid Quest even though I secretly wanted King Mosh or Umbra. What memes can be done with it? I'm sure there's some shit I can do with 0 mana cubes and Deathwing.

Play wild if you want to have any chance of pulling off the ragnaros cube OTK

warlock is autolose
druid is 50/50 depends if they get the taunt spell
everything else just dies

Maly OTK is the best way to use the quest, but it got nerfed pretty bad with Corridor Creeper no longer being a 5/5

>warlock is autolose

Nah you curve out and beat them sometimes, I'd put it at 65/35 at the absolute worst

You mad, cucklock?

I prefer this one to Kolento's, the Dread Corsairs are nice to stop damage coming in. I'm running Sonya instead of two doomerangs though.


>tfw enjoying the little time warrior is viable because of the unstable meta
i don't want it to end bros

i dont see how they just have too much draw, heal, aoe and taunts


>literally just DE'd my entire priest class because I was sick and tired of playing only one class for the entirety of my Hearthstone career so I can craft a new one from a different class since I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on making a new deck

How fucked am I

Derp here's code


Decided to try control Warlock since I opened all the cards it uses. Guess I should have bought that Mammoth pack huh

FUCKING YES, it wasn't patches but it was Auctionmaster Beardo which I've always wanted, to justify me crafting Paladin DK. Now I can get around to playing Exodia paladin, nice.

Does anyone have a good list or should I have a go at building it myself? I'm thinking that wild is much more viable because of Thaurissan. Then obviously utilise Call to Arms, and maybe mysterious challenger is good for deck thinning? The secrets you draw can be used for the combo as well.

>ever encountering murloc paladin

You can never prepare for that shit

I've been using funglemancer with face hunter. Feels good to drop the buff onto a small minion for lethal. He is a cheaper bone mare that requires board presence.

>double siphon
cut that shit homie

I've played a bunch of control lock, post your list and I'll tell you what you gotta do.

>that hand

You have my feels user.

Bought the Mammoth Bundle and ended up with 3k dust(included after DEing my nerfed cards) and one legendary- Val'anyr.

What deck should I craft?

That's not much dust. You have much of a collection? Maybe a Silver Hand paladin since you got the weapon?

Hold onto dust for new expansion. Or just craft something fun. Murloc Pal is humorous to play.

I would put Gnomes and Dirty Rats in but I don't have any, I don't have a very large collection.