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>Please don't. We would miss you.
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Hello Anons, and welcome to the /ddlc/ writing contest! Want to prove your worth as a writer? Write up a short story and show us what you can do!
Comedy fics pastebin: pastebin.com/t3RFfXCL
Dramatic fics pastebin: pastebin.com/xmXVBuBb
>Maximum Submissions: 1
>Deadline: February 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT
>Maximum Words: 2000
>Submission Categories:
There are two categories: comedy and drama. Comedy stories are the fics that leave your reader feeling happy at the end (or in other words, end in wholesome). Dramatic stories are those fics that leave the reader in a state of tense emotion. Note that all Dokis will be placed into the same pool! Consider your reader's biases when plotting out your story!
>How to submit:
On /ddlc/, post the following: Your story's name, a short description (1-2 sentences), and a link to your fic. At the top of your post, link to the OP and write that this is for the /ddlc/ writing contest. If you don't, I will NOT include it.
I will check the OP's to every thread after thread #460 and add your story to the contest. I'll check at least once every day, so be patient!
>Voting Process:
The two categories will be listed into two pastebins, and each story's title, link, and description will be shown. A poll will be put at the top and you will get to vote on your favorite three stories.
Round two will consist of the top five stories in each category, and we will repeat the process to determine our winner.
- You must stay anonymous when submitting a story.
- Your story must be related to DDLC.
- Lewd and graphic content is allowed within reason. Your story should not be a mere smut.
- Note that any fics that look like zero effort was put in will be discarded.
- Feel free to ask your fellow /ddlc/ anons for help, but keep in mind that they might steal your story.

And if any of you could repost this every once in a while, that'd be great!

I love you

You'll never exchange your used pens for her scent-endowed underwear at the end of your reading sessions with Yuri.

I love my wife!

Good evening?, everyone! Hope you're all doing well today.
Welcome back to my poetry club!

Word of the thread is "essence"!
Alternatives are 'lure' and 'tether'.

So let's get comfortable, snuggle in with some coffee, and write some poetry! If you're in a particularly creative mood, go ahead and take one of these words and write something with it. Though poetry is preferred and encouraged, prose is acceptable too. It's all literature, after all.
But anyways, use the main word or one of the alternatives if you don't like it, or just ignore them all. They're just a suggestion if you don't know what to write about! Any poem is fine!
That also means it shouldn't matter the quality of your poem, though I'm sure you'll all do great. If you're self conscious about, please don't be. I'd still love to see it!
Have fun writing, I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce!

We're already halfway through the week! Let's kick back and relax with some nice poetry.

Sorta near the top for TF2 Engineer.

Her smile.

Reminder to report and ignore shitposting

Ignore and report the avatarfags, /ddlc/. Let's all post cute Dokis so we get in the mood!

we defend this place!!



>announcing your report
see you in 3 days

It's /gsg/ though

What would the Dokis' favorite Grand strategy games be?


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it's steamcordplaza

Crusader Kings for RP autism
For the Glory for the history autism

Dumb /v/edditor


Oh... Whoops. Did I really type avatarfags? I meant shitposters, for some reason my head was on "avatarfags" when I made my post, sorry.

Anyway, keep cuteposting, guys.



I can go for some cute posting right now

Daily reminder that you guys have some pretty good taste


i don't see the appeal of grand strategy games
they seem so dry and boring

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That's not a grand strategy game, though.

So it would be perfect for Natsuki.

You're off the hook....For now.



>tfw no ddlc smol femboy bf to rp autism with in Victoria 2 and CK2

I love her.

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Have a nice thread guys, goodnight!

>tfw no monika to rule plantagenia with in divergences

>your doki
>what she thinks of /gsg/

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>tfw no Natsuki to gas niggers in South Africa mod

>a /gsg/ regular that shitposts in /ddlc/

I like the Monika

How about a non watermarked Moni?

/civ4xg/ reporting for making a Monika mod right after Civ VI expansion releases.

gibe moni plos

n-no south west of England though
uh homophobe much?!?!

same tbqh

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>independent oestprussian
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hi guys what think you of my?

Me too
I nominate Monika as the official /gsg/ Doki

All is forgiven
Because Avatarfriends are a kind peoples

I too like the Monika.

Will the user who wrote the Officer Sayori CYOA ever return?
I miss voting

not even in the UK not gay either

good taste

W-where in South West?

Goodnight user.

Good night! I love you!!!

Here user! Have a Moni!
Link here when done please.


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>wanting pay for your work makes you a Jew
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>implying Monika wasn't the /gsg/ Doki from the start

maybe no homo though

Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone has a picture of Monika but she's black? Doesn't matter if it's natural or blackface.


Why does /gsg/ target us?

No matter where the homo is from it's good and I hope it stays



Recently I've been attempting to "dumpster-dive" in deviantart in order to find more rare dokis primarily of Natsuki.
What became rather apparent quickly though is after passing through the most popular images that has already been seen before, I began finding a horrid amount of fetish art. Granted, most of it didn't involve DDLC-Natsuki but just another character named Natsuki. The problem though was as I went deeper it got not only lower in quality overall but also it started showing up in a ratio of 1:1.
In the end all I want to know is just...why? Why is deviantart like this? It's honestly depressing because some of that art is actually of rather high quality.


DId my fuckup with generals cause a general war?

Where do I go to atone?

Why does a big brother tease his little brother?

It's called 'deviant' art for a reason

Crossposters, shitposters, cultural enrichment?
Really makes my turan mongolify.

I literally went their today wtf I hope I saw you :)


Friendly reminder that the Doki Doki Literature Club General - /ddlc/ does NOT condone any of the following:

- Underage drinking
- Self harm
- Suicide and suicide attempts
- Substance abuse (Any)
- Waifu wars
- Waifu bullying
- user bullying
- Heating water for your tea on the microwave (Please buy a[n electric] kettle)
- Not doing your best to be the user your waifu would like
- Staying up late

And, finally, you are encouraged to try/cry and exercise both your body with a healthy walk around the block or a flight of stairs in your daily commute and your creativity by writing texts of any kind.

Becouse they are bored and we are an easy target.

Back to the Island, Chris

Because /ddlc/ is a /gsg/ colony.
Doki Doki Literature Club was common in /gsg/ before this general existed.
This guy gets it >cultural enrichment
Doki is an accepted culture in /gsg/.

Well, it's in the name, user. "Deviant"art.
Deviant: straying or deviating especially from an accepted norm

So yeah, degenerates and fetish crap.

BY NEVER POSTING HERE AGAIN! I'm so fucking tired of your diaper shit. We don't like you.


Fetish art fetches high prices. You'd be amazed at the amount of neetbux people are willing to throw around for high quality depictions of thier depraved fetishes.

The biggest autism bullies the smaller autism.

I hope you had a good time buying drugs
At any rate I'm a social retard who doeswn't go out so you didn't


I know, silly. Doki was a culture before /ddlc/ was a thing. /gsg/ fostered it back in September.

Hangman is really hard! Go easy on me, Moni!


That is one rare Monika.

>I'm so fucking tired of your diaper shit
I haven't been posting any since my fuckup. Is someone falseflagging as me?

because it's pretty obvious

>Using deviantart
>Not expecting fetish art
Stealing this cute tho, thanks user