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Good job with the edit.

Nah. If Helman were the main sides then they'd still be villains just villain protagonists.

Amazing OP picture.


Meanwhile every stone guardian and squid man in that dungeon has had that puss.

The demons weren't working towards the same goal as Helman. They were just after Chaos. If Helman were the focus characters the demons would still betray them.

Wow, how new can you get?

There is Gele, and now there is this

What happened to /haniho/ since the Poro Thread? It feels like September all of the sudden

Hornet was fine with everything that Little Princess wanted even conquering humans.

Helman would still be invading other countries for no reason. Leazas is an enemy country sure but what about the Free Cities?

This edit is a few years old.

The Rance X Gallery's download link is down

The only reason they were invading Leazas was because Patton wanted to impress the royal court and win back his chances at being emperor from Sheila.
Nobody thought it was a good idea, Stessel just let him do it to get rid of him, and Thoma and Hunty followed out of loyalty.
Him invading the Free Cities was a continuation of that: not only would he conquer Helman's arch rival, but he'd also conquer all of the Free Cities. If he did that, in his mind, he was guaranteed to be emperor.
Patton was very stupid, misguided and desperate back then.

I was on and off for six months at a time a few years ago, so I probably missed it when it was first made.

Yeah he was a villain in III/03. That's my point.

Is she Goku? Se fires super beams, is stupid, and wears clothing that hinders her.

That's the link of the old version, someone didn't change it when I resquested so grumble grumble:


There you go, tell me if it works

I was arguing against the idea of the demons being allies if 03 were from Helman's perspective, since they were still working towards a different goal and were just manipulating Patton into getting them near Chaos.

It does, thanks

>Thoma and Hunty followed out of loyalty.
Stessel also wanted to get rid of them as well, hence why he allowed the Third Army to go with him in the first place.

Is it worth spamming Mill to increase her magic beasts?

I wonder if she'll be this endowed in Rance X.

Turn her into an adult first. But yes. Her defense is crazy high. She can tank RedEye and is great in dungeons.




Three more years it is, then.

The sexiest

Yes. Also she can get a huge level boost later in the game. She is really unstoppable.

>Lia at her age looked sexy and curvy as fuck
>She' just a fucking board and looks like she's forever 10

Best Loli Girl. fuck Kou Used whore

Lia was 16 in 01. Mill still has another year.

Technically we never saw 15 years old Lia

No excuse. The fuck is wrong with Milli? She have some growth problem or hormone deficiency? She looked older in fucking QUEST somehow.

I'm guessing the Phiel ring took her ability to mature physically instead of her magic power.

>best loli
>not Reset or Nagi

What did it take from Shizuka?

Her weakness to being insulted, I guess.

"curvy" isn't the word I'd use. Lia was definitely more mature-looking at 16 then Mill is at 15, though.

Her attraction to women.

Nagi is a temporary loli
Reset is pure, can't be lewded

Flat Mill>>> Oppai Mill

It took away some of all of their magic power, it's just that Maria had the lowest magic power to begin with (both naturally and because she didn't care about magic as much) so she pretty much totally lost her abilities as a mage.

A person going through a huge growthspurt in a year isn't that weird. She could just be a late bloomer.

>Milli goes into fountain of aging
>Stays in a little too long
>She's now got a bombshell body that puts every other girls' to shame

Not really. While some of them were kinda of evil, Patton wasn't portrayed as any worse than Rance, Thoma was one of the most noble characters in the series, and there were other quirky and not evil characters like Sepia and Rovert.

>Milli goes into fountain of aging
No reason to do it anymore.

What if people want someone other than a perma loli who never ages

Then they can go after any of the dozens of other girls X will have.

>who never ages
She clearly gets older between 02 and Quest, it's just sees still just an older-looking loli.

>Reset is pure, can't be lewded

Those might be the best hands I've ever seen Orion draw, except maybe Rance X flashback Gele, but that was from pretty far away.

Enormous thumbs aren't your thing?

I am SO glad I am not the only one who noticed.

It reminds me of the guy with the Onion in his hands in the Daiakuji OVA.

I think his thumb's supposed to be turned closer towards us than the rest of his hand.

The wrist makes it look like the thumb should be further away.

>Incompetent shit who let good people die or go crazy for his own selfish reasons
>Not even a girl
Why does this fucker get to become a good guy?

Because he has a cute daughteru. Just like Radon.

He was a good boy user.

>Incompetent shit who let good people die for his own selfish reasons
>Not even a girl
Why does this fucker get to become a good guy?

don't you have a field you should be tilling

He pulled a Patton offscreen, realized the error of his ways and redeemed himself during the fake Parsley incident.

Man, Patton is sexy. Why'd they make him so ugly in KR?

Rance thought he was ugly enough in Rance VI not to kill him.

Rance also thinks Hubert is ugly. Rick is the only man that strikes his fancies.

Did Rance think Abert was pretty?

He described him as an "okay man", which is one of the greatest compliments any man has ever received from Rance.

I don't remember her being that stupid in Rance VI.

>Tried bowling with a nuke that'd kill every human in a couple km radius
>Teamfrags constantly

Unless the gods are killed, isn't there a high chance of most of humanity being dead canonically by the end of X? A huge amount of demons will be killed, and to keep the world in balance, that means an equal amount of humans must be killed.

Has any artist done a final flash shizuka white destruction beam?

Bernard should use Final Flash/Exploion.
Shizuka should use a Kamehameha boosted by Nagi.



The Rance X prediction poll is still open

What is the point of this.

Passing the time. 2 weeks get hype.

X demo when

Trial Released Tomorrow!


Yeah, jap anons think so too

I hoped she would start looking like she did in 02, because she was hawt.

Testing /haniho/'s predictive prowess, next month we can talk about how obvious it was that Gele would be unsealed or how blind and deluded Gelefags are

Tha'ts a nice way to put it.

It's lose/lose no matter what

If a huge amount of demons die and Miki doesn't go full Demon King, Ludo will probably push the nuke button and wipe the Continent clean of humans.

Any reason?

Master is up, Friday is a pretty normal day for a release and two weeks in advance.

"My dad works for nintendo" type shit. Rumors of Alicesoft using the trial as a playtest, so that they can begin working on patches for bugs and have them out shortly after release. Also, the fact that R10 comes out in 2 weeks.

>good reasons
>backed up by uncles who work at alicesoft
it's happening hannies




>Rumors of Alicesoft using the trial as a playtest, so that they can begin working on patches for bugs and have them out shortly after release

That makes no sense. Alicesoft don't use the trials for that and it's too short part of the game to be helpful in any case.

Combat Area is good.



Oh, nice.


This is the worst quest by far, holy FUCK, RNG piece of shit. Kill the guy at Alicesoft that thought this would be a good idea.

>Shizuka and Kanami in Aegis

It's Aigis

They're just there for the story. Only Sill is playable. And generic hanny only used to be absorbed by someone else to get tons of XP.

Worst quest is the one with Nobel