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cool t-shirt edition

>Recommended SL Viewers

>Second Life Grid Status:

> Veeky Forums Group:

> Veeky Forums Land:

> Group Rules and Info:
pastebin.com/uHGXQiqb (embed)
> Anime Girl Guide:
pastebin.com/8VSFWzGd (embed)
> Anime Male Guide:
pastebin.com/F0Xu3fXe (embed)

>VERY GOOD Event Blog (both rich and poorfags should be using this)

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wher'es the discord?


nice T shirt putting it in omega applier now

show how it looks


untill he has a sad and defriends everyone because someone didnt want to rape and dismember him

whos this


me nep




lee get this nigga


lol dead general can't even get to 750 posts!

weird lookin dog on the left


I am going to FUCK Keets




stick this rusty shit waaaay up your holes

found that secret woodbury sim

redpill me on latex

boring uninteresting diamond dozen stage I second lifer


thats not it, the woodbury sim will have lots of communist stuff reflecting the political opinions of its owner who would like nothing more than to have the government tax you more to pay for his hrt

that is definitely a Tizzers build 100% guaranteed

blade 4 when

hey is it weird this turne dme on a litle bit

*unholsters horse cock*


damn, more macro elephant cocks than i could have ever imagined

[20:02] Cebah (raysiz): fuck off faggot

God DAMN Bunny Bosconovich is some sweet chocolate

Don't mess with bunny, they are a saint to the community.





kinda hot desu

>tfw bored

Post 30 seconds of you having fun

maybe somebody would give you a chance and get to know you and you'd have someone to talk to if only u didnt select such barf as an avatar that repulses everyone

entertain yourself by making a better avatar

sent to noodle

why is everything on you shiny
also I know colors are hard, but try making something that isn't black and white
throwing in super saturated colors is not an answer either.

real story is, I shit you not, some old PN nobody coming back and trying to rebuild the PN and he's got some irl black girl following him around trying to learn the truth about "griefer history". Weird filler story arc coming soon.

>can't even stay loyal

>come to second life to forget first life
>end up being autistic beta cuck with worst luck in both lives

just stop being a huge pussy

post name

the apollo guy wasn't PN or affiliated with any group, he made darkstorm and then piggybacked off that to make a big pubbie copybot forum. he gets hilariously mad if you call him a poser

dont worry bro i like ur avatar :)

the last post before the crash
"I love my friends"

t. probably thinks asomi's white cat is good


100% saturation colors is well deserved avatar shorthand for "this person is a massive sperg"

that anubis dog looks like it's made out of peanut butter and tar don't even try to defend it

>generic annoying irrelevant beta
gee i sure wonder


ever just want to slap your FAT DICK in the nearest animes ASS and POUND THEM

i love all of my friends and i love you too

you are all brilliant minds and you can achiecve whatever you siwsh to aciecnve

ever just want to put your STRONG ARMS around the nearest animes BODY and HUG THEM

Yeah I wanna put my arms around their neck





calm down chain







here is a tattoo for a real nerd lmao

stupid dumb tranny can't even let things load in before they rip it

check filename u dump ass

useless as SHIT if you wan to edit it you DUMP assHOLE

just redownload it once its full res.... wait you do know how to redownload it once its full resolution dont you user? LOL


friendly reminder



these people are happier than half the people on this board.

I have those pants. haven't used them since a year, damn time fly fast



> No discord

Good. Means someone who isnt nep or shouka made the thread.
Between the two I'd pick Nep, he at least does things. Shouka just stands around doing jack shit yet tries to convince everyone of how important and great he is all the time. Nep lives with his head up his ass, but he isnt a redditor.

Nep literally posts on Reddit though


why is firestorm forcing an update?
also onatopp ded rip

LL is changing some backend server code I think, so the older viewer won't work

cacheviewer dyingg