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I love my husband The Grim Reaper.

Here comes T.Racer!


i want to bully mccree until he cries!


Solo queueing in comp is comparable to getting a lobotomy

Remember not to reply to the Ana76 shit poster
Ignore his posts

>one of the worst balance patches they game has had
>same 4 maps every time
>horribly lazy paint bucket everything one colour effect colour schemes
>trying to instill national pride in teams that are mostly all korean

is this the worst professionally pushed esport competition yet?

Yes but the game is dead so groups aren’t a thing. People acting like elo hell isnt real. You can lose 10 games in a row and be an amazing player.

Dallas just needs not retarded tanks.



>pause unpause
>match hasn't started
>take off sweater
>dallas lost

>faggot posters

Just use the filter nigger

15st for reaper is a pedophile

why do they keep using these 2 casters for every fucking game? their back and forth is so fucking cringy

>Taip-2 Diabetes needs to turn on his computer

The faggot isn't on the filter.




Woke up late lads.
How the fuck did Dallas manage to lose a map to Shanghai?

they benched effect

>ELO hell

you won't steadily climb from gold to masters. if you are a new, potential masters player that is playing gold you will completely obliterate people and climb extremely fast to probably low diamond, then from there improve your play and get better and climb to masters eventually. if you are plat and have been plat for multiple season you probably will stay at plat unless you make an actual effort to get better by studying your game and training like it's your job. If you are good you will climb, any loss streaks, throwers or shit teams will only be roadbumps.

Let's be serious. A team of meme streamers was destined to job.

I'll add him then.

idk stay tuned and watching them lose the next 3


These guys have no chemistry. This doesn't even qualify as banter. Holy shit, this is terrible. So much dehype from that conversation.

Effect literally stuck in ELO hell

Guys I think taimou is actually about to kill himself


>Dallas Fuel
>Best players in the world
Pick one KyKy, we know that's not fucking true.

Rig the match on half time for fuck sake. This is embarrassing.

He's too good for them

it's a thunker

Electric Light Orchestra?

the biggest thing is that they continue their cringey dialogue when things are fucking happen and they should be doing their jobs

I need a Mickie in my life

wtf are we waiting for
are they figuring out how to rig the match or what

>sc2 has Tastosis
>overwatch still lacking

>people unironically posting xqc's discord

what's with all this filler

why is mickie so cute?

Tastosis is pretty top though, hard for anyone to beat that

>one of the worst balance patches they game has had
definitely a mistake going live on the mercy meta

>same 4 maps every time
it's boring, but it has to be fair for everyone. Each team faces each team is the same settings and they only have to scrim and get gud for a limited pool which means they can work on better and more memey tactics.

>horribly lazy paint bucket everything one colour effect colour schemes
I actually really like it. I'm not sure what else you expect from the colour schemes, rainbows or something? maybe they need a different colour for at least one of the blue teams.

>trying to instill national pride in teams that are mostly all korean
you need to watch more international sports, this isn't unusual at all

Mickie is an angel

Technical problems most likely.

PCs dont work

I can play tank as bad as him. Wanna team up?

They have to go over the script, and make sure Shanghai doesn't stray from it again.

>tfw you can see the tilt from Effect throughout the clip

Taimou needs some more time to get his aimbot working

taimou suicided

they're translating the script to the dragons

Seagull needed to be changed.

they are trying to talk taimou out of hanging himself

Remember that sad Taimou tweet? I wonder how he feels after losing to the worst team in OWL.

I was one game from masters. Someone knew and purposely threw as attack hammer torb. Ever since then I’ve been stuck 3200. I encounter throwers all day. I played all day. I played the same when I was destroying masters. I’ve literally played 30 matches today and I’m down 40 points from 3240. Don’t tell me there isn’t elo hell. If people tried their hardest and didn’t troll then this game would actually be fun.

>implying im not adding pixels to all my waifu posts


The jean shirt cuck was visibly mad about the other guy's banter and didn't play along with the other cringe Irish ancestry leopard skin kilt shit. I was filled with 2nd hand embarrassment. I finally understand that haHAA/cringe reaction now, because of those two.

All answers posted before are the truth.

Dallas lost too quickly. That's why they paused the game, because if Dallas had lost there it would have thrown them completely off schedule. They had to organize it with Shanghai so that Dallas could take point A and push the payload to the end in OT. That way, Dallas would still lose, but they wouldn't have to use as much filler to pad out between games.

how to escape shitters in silver?

>people unironically paying attention to xqcbab's

I thought computers from OMEN by HP would be working properly?

Then do it? Waste more time lmao

I don't understand. What does it take to be a good player? Do you mean that a masters player will single-handedly destroy the enemy team alone or is it somethings else. Could you elaborate?

group with a friend

Have the casuals even tried to consider that Taimou/Seagull are just not good at all?

>colourised photograph of overwatch pro "effect" making the final decision to remove beloved fellow players "mickie", "taimou", "coco" and coach 'kyky" from his team. Not pictured here is "xqc" after he was found dead after becoming trapped in a diet coke vending machine

If they're anything like arteezybabs they'll multiply and kill the general

By using both of your hands when you play your placement matches so you don't fall in that shithole.

check bounced, need to negotiate financing

never been below plat but I heard that all you need to climb out is gold damage and they scale your points accordingly

>not enjoying unadulterated autism

>it aint me starts playing

Acquire proficiency

>using characters that require aim
>using characters that require an iota of skill
>using characters that aren't dead ringers for David Bowie

Holy shit, this guy is a fucking autismo. I thought he left. esports dug up all the shit posters from the grave.

Reading through his twitter feed reminds me of that one LN author that posted 'I want to live' before he died.

i just mute it when it is between games and i see their faces

They actually performed alright last map, they aren't Dreamkazper tier by any stretch but they weren't the problem.

Mickie fed and often the supports died really early.

>T500 DPS main in the enemy team

>I heard
Is this why everyone only picks DPS

I shudder to ask, but who?

What will OWL implement to try and implement league parity? If this system continues for the next two or three years, there's always going to be the same teams dominating the league. Will they implement a draft? Will they have promotion/relegation?

>1 hour for 1 map

This is going to be a long night.

>Taimou sitting on the steps at the edge of the stage
>Seagull desperately trying to cheer him up by reminding him he's not as bad as him yet or fat
>Custa telling him that it's unprofessional to kill himself on stage
>Mickie still being a retard tells him that it's ok and at least he'll always be able to play roadhog
Why do I need this in my life

Seagull is bad. Taimou was pretty competent.

just be yourself


>Dallas Fuel PCs not working right
Must be code for Taimous aimbot not working...

dota's xqc

what a player

t. Taimou

I miss bowie

I came here looking for a discord to find people to play with no luck.

I tend to just smash my cock on my keyboard and get gold medals constantly

first two seasons @ gold. started playing with RL friends and other than one of them they're just not gud enuf. I frequently get gold damage and gold elims as mcdouche

thanks for a feeback though