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NeoRin is a cutie.


That's not Kotoha.

NotRin gets the dick.

Aoba said something good might happen when you log in tomorrow.
Could it be a special valentine's message from your favorite idol or maybe idol sex night?

Manu is better.

SC always wins baby.


Me as NotRin

CG and SC always win

Why is she so perfect lads?

I approve of this new Rin.


are they finally putting the song in?

It's funny you use SC to force ML out of discussion when it's going to kill CG for good.

>caring about Kotowho ops
Lmao get the FUCK out of here with that shit

Mano(s) and the Hands of Fate

She's big for her age.

Just routine server maintenance. Don't get your hopes up.

Doesn't she always say that during login campaigns?

Like TD was going to kill CG for good?

>are they finally putting the song in?

that's because ML's already dead, and you can't kill something twice

Just like when ML killed CG back when it was released amirite?

CG and SC are what imas needed. TD is donezo kiddo; you're old news.

Good. Good.

Who the hell is Kotoha?

A pregnant teenager.

Kotowho? This is SC turf.

>what is a zombie

/jp/ sent me here
what are some good starter albums from cinderella girls
I don't know where to start ;_;

Because she surrounds herself with a barrel and a baka.

They're reducing the homosexuality level slightly.

Anything with Cinderella Girls in the name.

people would not like the complete removal of Natsuki

[email protected] LINE 06. You'll thank me later.

nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=nemuri [email protected]

The one from the anime has the Cinderella Project CMs

Cinderella Girls music is absolute trash, no wonder /jp/ kicked you out.

just listen to the solos of idols that you like
if they don't have solos yet, listen to their group songs

The prettiest idol in the world.

The anime's Cinderella Project CDs.

That green haired one?

What if they don't have a voice?

Anzu's song.

I would. Get rid of the rest of his unit while they're at it.

TD is adding event costumes to other idols soon, right?
Do you think there is any chance the Fairy Stars/Angel Stars/Princess Stars costumes will be released for all idols from their respective types rather than just the event idols?

hope you can read japanese, then go diggin for commus in both SS and CG




Why is Karin molesting Rin?

Happy Birthday, Nina

Duuuude this is fucken epic lol we're winning CG bros

CG is always winning baby

What? user, I'm sorry, but I'd be more worried about ML than CG. SC is obviously stepping into oldfag appeal territory with the management based gameplay, which takes the cut from ML's share of the pie. Since CG stands on its own merits, it is the least likely to become less irrelevant.

Some of them are translated and can be found on YouTube.

CharlieSheenP is the tiger's blood, yo.

>バング ドリアムシンデレラガールズ!

What did they mean by this?

I want to watch the new TD Kotoha commu but I don't want to install TD. Is it online yet?

Happy birthday, adopted girl.

What the fuck.

Someone redpill me on shiny colors
Why does it look way different than any other [email protected] games and when does it come out ?


>implying SC won't be the one winning when it's released

Someone's working on it. Might be a few days.

As long as TD stays losing I'm good.

Silly Nono, that's Risa's outfit. And what a nice outfit it is.


Unironically, with SC standing on it's own special snowflake platform (Not too unlike ML with GREE really), it really does seem to be ML 2.0

Whether that's a good thing or not is up to you.

Because she's cute

I don't know. Maybe it's part of the Shinto practice.


Do you think SC will accept ML refugee idols when TD dies (soon)?


Tea-time with Moog.

>Why does it look way different than any other [email protected] games
I'd like to know this too, but I'm assuming it's because the art is not done by A1?

>when does it come out ?
It hasn't been announced. At TGS it was stated around Spring but who knows if it'll be delayed.


I know we're all happy about Kotoha coming back to us today, but lets not forget about the other idol who left our world. I hope she rests in peace together with her husband, who mourned her until his end

Cute OL.

buttpats for kotoha

>I know we're all happy about Kotoha coming back

This is so wrong.


TD will die and only the strongest 5 idols from its branch will be selected to live on in SS. The rest will be purged. Who lives?

Is it just me or does Taneda sound huskier than she used to?

Poor Karen husbando. He followed his wife into the dark. RIP

Pee-time with Moog.

>that quote
You can't make this shit up.


Can't tell if Mugi cosplaying as Chino or just Chino.

my dick doesn't care

What's this hairstyle called it's my fetish

Getting lewd with them both.


OL hairstyle

You just answered your own question

>Japanese father, American mother
Ain't no way a white girl is gonna settle for some tiny dicked jap.


Good thing she's lesbians.

I sounds like she has a cold, during BNT she says "watashidachi" instead of "watashitachi". It's weird but kind of cute.

All that shit written there and I can only understand one thing: she's a slut