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Repeating from last thread: Where is the best place to commision game art?

I need an artist to make some animations of fighting silloutes (just black outlines, low-fi but nice movements). Kicking, punching, firing different types of guns, slashing, stabbing, being shot, being stabbed, etc. Each animation should be about 2-3 seconds long, and I need about 30 animations total.

I give up

>AGDG Steam Games: homph.com/steam
What? Was Risk of Rain made by somebody who frequented AGDG?

NO, hopoo is a faggot twink who likes to suck a giant dong.


two people, and yeah they post here occasionally

>Bought it when they only had 1 skin for each class
>Play it again and suddenly the old skins are long gone and I can only play as a brown people
The game that taught me a lesson about early access.

>just look at the documentation bro
It's like telling people to look at dictionary to learn a fucking language.


where did you give up user?
>choosing what game to make
>choosing which engine to learn
>choosing which language to learn
>choosing which modeling program to use
>choosing which paint program to use
>choosing which audio editor to use
>choosing which microphone to use
>working on basic engine stuff
>working out the bugs on basic engine stuff
>working on basic skeleton of your game
>working out bugs on the basic skeleton of your game
>working on getting art assets to play nice with each other
>working out bugs on the art assets
>working on getting audio to sync together
>working out bugs on the audio sync
>working on the HUD and shit
>working out the bugs on the HUD and shit
>finding motivation on working out the rest of the 4/5 of the game
>working out the next 1/5 portion
>repeating all the work you previously did
>working out the bugs on the 1/5 + 1/5 implementations
>repeat all the work for the rest of the 3/5 of the game
>trying to advertise the game
>trying to shill the game
>trying to make a website for the game
>trying to meme the game
>trying to make a profit for the game
Where did you get sad panda'd?

That idle pose is very pedestrian. I'd suggest make it more interesting

Let's dev, AGDG!

Anyone have any recommendations for animator tablets? Preferably one that doesn't cost more than $50.

Main menu, OpenGL vs Vulkan.

It's a start.

>$50 max
not gonna make it

>Trying to make pong
God, I hate all of this.
The struggle to even assign a camera is so hard.

I said preferably. I'll bust out more dosh for the $75 Wacom one, but I didn't want to fall for a brand name if there was a comparable one for lower price.


you could always get a refurbished tablet, or try to find a used one online. i use a wacom bamboo that's almost 8 years old at this point.
it still works perfectly well, i just have to search for legacy drivers now when i upgrade computers.

My buddy mentioned the bamboo as well. I hadn't considered the fact that there might be refurbished ones, thanks for the tip

>outline over the top of the sprites
good job godot

Ok I give up, there's no solution to this.

You can add cameras to your project, but there's no way to reference them, so you can't set a camera actor that isn't the player controller.
Fucking hell.

Its a ''feature''

>no sieg heil at the end

Got slopes and stairs working

Do you need a fucking video tutorial for everything?

It's not like that all, you oaf. Quit getting scared by walls of text and read for fuck's sake.

reposting my webm

Dictionaries are very important when learning a language and I recommend you to look at one when learning a language.

why does agdg like boku so much?

(s)he's cute

deepwater jew as a playable race

not many devs are brave/stupid enough to link their name and picture to fucking Veeky Forums

damn, bokube looks like *that*?

I'd check Fiverr first my man


He and rotatedev are in love.

Quite evidentially I have the self-learning capabilities of a thot.

So, I see no other solution.
Anyone want to get better at go/baduk? Up to 1d KGS?
Well, if you can teach an equivalent of a thot UE4 Blueprints, I'll teach you go/baduk.

Imagine being bokube in that scene.

>makes retarded OP with some literal who tranny on it
>replies to himself about the literal who tranny

Take your tranny shit and fuck off to

where's YOUR game, user?

>reee stop insulting me for being a tranny

google 'the witness'

is this the same trap as rotatedev

who is this semen demon?

rotatedev apparently

you have no understanding of movement & poses.



go back to making your meme language jon

why is he so cute bros

didn't know a cute girl was part of agdg.

holy shit this is the girl you confused me with?

idk why you'd complain about getting attention from this GODDESS

who are you?

the guy who made this

are you a cute girl?

should I buy game maker? i'm a noob


i'm not a girl fuck off

no you

well, there's always estrogen.

>visiting sister for her birthday party
>family there
>her boyfriend is a musician for some shitty band
>mother is there
>"oh user, tell them about that game youre working on"
>tell them
>"hey maybe I can do your soundtrack!"

fucking musicians man everytime
I dont want your shitty music

why not?

What engine?

>visiting my grandma for her near death anniversary
>my cousin is there
>said she's an artist looking for work
>ask her about her portfolio
>she evaded the question and asked for 50 bucks/pixel upfront
fucking artist man

guess ill wait to post progress you fucking shitters. There's a reason muh discord boogeyman and the /v/ threads are getting more popular. No one wants to associate with this.

just post it now who gives a shit

whats a win win user if its free

Maybe its just me then.
I dont like his music. I dont like the idea that I say "make it upbeat music" and it gets it own twist and its nothing like I wanted and I end up looking like either a dick who wasted his time or I bend over and use music I dont like.

I rather do it myself or find music I like so I can use/buy that stuff

I want to use maplestory like sprites for my game, but I realise it's illegal to rip off assets from maplestory.

Do you think it is worth it to make them myself? Is it okay to use maplestory sprites as placeholder assets while I recreate it in my own style?

1) don't
2) make your own placeholders (and sprites)

Does anyone know of any resources that can begin to teach me about how to make a mod API.

Or how can i help modders override/ add code handling dependencies and overlaps.
Ideally without recompiling.

I understand that i can read scripts that create new quests, npc, items and such.
But im talking about more substantial changes

NEVER do business with a family member.
You feel obligated to pay for less and see the end product in a better light than it really is.
(Or they just straight up scam you)

who cares if its just placeholders that wont be in the final product
should be 100% fine as long as you remember to replace all of them

Who does agdg find worse, Boku or gogem?



I wouldn't even talk about my game because most people would have no interest. that's actually a good reaction to get. your sisters boyfriend sounds cool, at least he's creative.

I unironically want a rotate blow job.

D-did you guys tell your games to your f-family members?

Boku takes my advice and applies himself.
gogum isn't verry good at art, music or programming but act like he's an expert. in reality boku and most devs after a year of learning programming are more competent than gogum.

i like gogem
a lot actually

t. googem

Isn't he the guy that tried to sabotage knightdev on reddit?

not him, i just appreciate all the lulz that he causes
he is like a chaotic evil character from some fantasy book brought to life

Gonna make godot 3.0 game using only visual scripting.

fuck off [0]J. Back to irc, you literal retard.
Fucking chinklover

Who's Gogem

That's my plan.

We all are

calm down my dude, you're mistaking me for someone else

a giant faggot
and he's australian

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?


thanks for the virus

Nope, no progress here either.



>have a lot of progress
>mostly internal
>no way to show anything

What are you working on?


Spotted the regarded newfags.
Hooktube just takes youtube URLs to let you watch the videos without triggering any of the monetization.