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Change my diaper edition


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- Sargeras (US - Alliance)
Moon Guard (US - Alliance)
- Argent Dawn (EU - Alliance)

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First for best elves

Can I get a quick mog rate bros?

no tier AGAIN

I did it Reddit! I one shot it!

>Rick and Morty /silly

KHF mascot, hi

>There are people fighting for the future of a playable vulpera
Why do degenerate furfags have to ruin everything by just existing. Can't they just go fuck off and keep ruining Valve game communities and leave everything else the fuck alone?


any warlocks on moonguard minding giving me a port to antorus wastes? invasion point cen'gar is almost up and my wormhole generator hates me, i've been trying on cooldown trying to get there with no luck

its worth a shot

why the fuck can't you just run there?


Sure hope you aren't a diaper panda


>Full tier set with nothing changed but some shit shoulders
>Lel ebin banilla beapin, look how many bixels
>Blood elf

what'll it be, boys?

>still pisses off moralfags and dindus

Behold, the transmog that you wish you had.

today i will remind them

>not playing a Dwarf Male Warlock who's a Bronzebeard that's proud and boisterous like other Bronzebeards, starts learning spellcasting, then gets cocky and starts fucking with fel shit because he's "a son of Ironforge! Not some wimp like certain other races who get one look at th' Fel and start bending over fer' those Eredar who run th' Legion".

>not playing as the rare not-edgy Warlock, who uses fel fire magic and summons demons because the destructive power he can call upon in service of Ironforge is worth the nearly non-existent (for a dwarf like him, anyways) risk of being corrupted
>not playing essentially Thaurissan pre-Ragnaros summoning

I'm disappointed in u guys

I hope you get your bis friend

The helm, shoulders, cloak and boots are all different pieces to the set

Ugh, the horde fucking won again. I can't believe how unfair this is

>dwarf casting animations



Man its beautiful. Legioncucks and their "n-never ever!"

Sweeties...listen...you lost. You lost badly. You were completely and utterly blown the fuck out by your own company that you love and support. Understand that we Nostbulls are given priority over you now and Blizzy loves us. Classic will launch, it will have incredible numbers and BFA will launch and it will be average.

Blizzard is going to understand what made the game fun and your little retail version will be changed after BFA because people appreciate tedium over asian mmo number grinds.

Now stop trying to google "exitbags" and instead become pic related. Ascend to chadhood.

I know you are but what am I?

my generator has one last charge
to try and make it time so i'll only have one shot at this

wish me luck





>first 30 posts of the thread and 90% of them are cancer


REMINDER: Do NOT join this guild, its FILLED with autists

No dice, like 8 casts and its always only sent me to krokuun or mac'aree

Would you be Sylvanas's boytoy, if doing so meant that you would be spending most of your time in sewers, sleeping on the floor with no accomidations (when she even allowed you to sleep), eating old and rotting food (when she even remembered to feed you), and being teased by Sylvanas and other undead for being a member of the Living?

>I only enjoy playing classes that wear leather
What does this say about me?

/lhg/ is laughing at us again bros...

You're not a gross futa, right?

you like mobile and versatile classes

Anywhere to buy BfA on the cheap but get the code today?

I aint paying full-jew for this shit but I don't want to wait to unlock shit.

Gl cutie

How long can you rock that appearance before you get bored of it?

>/wowg/ guild filled with autists

That's pretty hard to believe, user.

why would she feed me rotting food

Make Hunter pets great again Blizz AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Highmountain stands.

We are Highmountain.

Highmountain stands.

We are Highmountain.

Highmountain stands.

We are Highmountain.

Highmountain stands.

We are Highmountain.

Highmountain stands.

We are Highmountain.

>queue for dire maul on a sub 60 character
>get decent quest/dungeon exp AND make 20k/run from looting extreme angling books everyone else ignores
bmah here i come

Fairly certain that's only the darker skinned Draenei!

You think she's going to go out of her way to get food less than a month old just for you?

i wouldnt want to be anyone's boytoy because i'm not a submissive soyboy

reconsider your life

LITERALLY 0 chance, hunter pets in vanilla were one of the most complex systems ever put in this game and theres 0 chance blizzard ever goes back to that level of fun

shit mog
stop avatarfagging

Shes an alt so probably forever


Because she's a sadist and enjoys watching you suffer

"Forsaken don't eat, it's all we have. Just eat around the spoiled parts.

You Living are so fragile...it's kind of cute."

>Cappuccino the Wakener in my group
I laughed, then kicked them for being a hunter

>can pay to boost a character to 110 (up from 100)
>can't pay to boost rep or outright unlock allied races
Why would they adjust one but do nothing for the other?

I don't get it

Feeding that autistic shitstain sure was complex.

They still want to maintain the illusion that WoW isn't a pay2win game

Is Bwonsamdi the most based Loa?
>Hates Sylvanas
>Mastermind behind the start of BfA
>Chums with Vol'jin and Sen'jin


Due to fucking up the levelling by making it far too tedious and difficult, 7.3.5 is genuinely considered worse than a patch that just added a fucking selfie cam and garrison shit(6.1). Let that sink in.

For something to be considered worse than that, it has to be REALLY bad...

was more referring to

>different pets in the same family have different base stats, so certain rare pets were outright better
>had to spend pet exp to learn abilities
>had to go out of your way to train pets to teach you the abilities you wanted to train your main pet

shit was neat senpai

Well, can't please everyone

nah I think she'd get me normal food.

Doesn't even have to be that complex, just give pets some more unique abilities. Give me a fucking reason to go out and tame a pet other than "oh this one looks nice"


I'm inclined to agree just because of how buggy it was/is. I don't want to see patches like that if they fuck the game up in various little ways for several weeks

Another thread ruined by TGISH discord circlejerking redditors


I just started playing again after a 4 year break. I already have revered with Army of Light and Argussian Reach, but friendly with Nightfallen.
I really don't fucking want to do any Nightborne quests, I just want the nelf reskin on horde.

Is a KM proc Frostscythe better than KM proc Obliterate single target?

>It be true that Zul be dragged back to Zandalar? >I bet he not be happy about that.
>Some be looking forward to the fleet returning. >But I remember well the trolls that sailed with Zul. Dey be an angry lot.

Do the Zandalari like or hate Zul?
Lots of mixed messages

>want to make a femgoblin
>remember how shit leveling is
Cya nerds

>Class meant for retards and women
>Having mechanics to their pet collection besides vain bullshit

>those people saying they will/have unsubbed and quit playing because of 7.3.5 yet have an Allied Race as their avatar character


I like your mog but your anti-facesitting stance is strange

nice game



people are assuming that there will be some bonus prize for unlocking the 4 available allied races due to the Feats of Strength and that said bonus prize, but also the requirements, will go away when BfA launches

>The Zandalari will honor their pact or die!
>Glory to the mogu. Glory to Warlord Kao!
Mogu are coming back?

should I wait for Zandalari trolls to make a druid?

no because obliterate will make rime proc more and generate more resources

>"Forsaken dont eat,
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

You think modern Blizzard knows their old lore? Most of the people working there were still children when most of the Warcraft lore was released.

Watch as they completely ignore Jaina's backstory and have her just be welcomed with open arms into Kul'Tiras despite her killing their leader, her father, in the past by siding with the Orcs.

yeah please just fuck off already.

>the requirements, will go away when BfA launches
Any statement on this or just speculation

>sylvanas using blight again
>the living members of the horde don't care

ah yes, the power of yaaaas queen slay

You get thrown in prison when you get to Kul Tiras. They remember.

>The Zandalari will honor their pact or die!
>Glory to the mogu. Glory to Warlord Kao!
Is this something the new pc and npc Zandalari say or just what those in Pandaria said?

oh no :(

I get thrown in? I don't recall my Void Elf Priest that I'm maining in BfA killing Jaina's father. I'm fairly sure she did that all on her own.

I can't find the animation night elf females do where they move up and down on model viewer whats it called?


Did you miss the part where Katherine exile Jaina the moment she return to kultiras and send you to jail for consorting with Jaina?

>Unknown_EitherGender: [Loading screen -> IGC sail through Boralus main canal & meet Katherine scene.]
>Unknown_EitherGender: [IGC - Katherine rejects Jaina and exiles her. Player is arrested.]
>Unknown_EitherGender: [Player wakes up in Boralus Prison. ~10m of gameplay as they break out with Flynn. Taelia brings them to a safehouse in the harbor.]

the bounce?


>lightrorged are just normal draenai with golden eyes
>the highmountain tauren are just normal tauren with moose horns
>nightborne and void elves are the same fucking thing just for different factions
>fat humans are just big dwarves
>thin humans are just undead with skin
>vulpera are just goblins with fur

hmm yes very distinct "races"

kinda cute