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Retarded lizard edition

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I think this lizard is a precious treasure

post males!


hey bby

>tfw no roegadaddy to hold you in his arms and tell you everything is ok

dark daddy


Post your sins


I play this game



>Want to try playing as a male
>EB doesn't want me to fanta
This isn't fair.


I look down in derision on nearly everyone here.

Break the EB. Anyone who cares about your character isn't worth your time.

>what the other WHM thinks, during 15+ farm runs, and no it doesn't matter we're doing fine
The SCH shouldn't be doing succors, that's my job, also they shouldn't raise even though their ping is lower so they're getting in before my macro goes off, also wow the tank just went really low on that tankbuster should have had a shield a wimiper tank would have been toast
>what they say

post alphinaud

I liked his ARR voice actor better.


His arr va was really good


I use japanese voices because those are the originals and they don't change.

>play female race
>get a gf
>she's doesn't care what race I play in game
I did it bros

Yeah, he had a softer tone in ARR and it fit his looks.

I always play xiv drunk and it usually ends with me being awkwardly fishing for erp.

Pedro, is that you?


Warrior of Darkness in English is GOAT though.

i can't stop hearing Scanlan Shorthalt when i revisit ARR cutscenes, and it ruins my crush

Annd dropped it.



Seriously though. When are they bringing out better customisation for males? WTB better facial hair

right after they add tattoos

i always thought kpop was gay but that was a good song

*posts lo fi hip hop mix*

i have good taste in music


You don't mean the napoleon dynamite guy do you?

There used to be a poster here with a character that used a horrible midlander male moustache and her character was called Pedro.

can anyone on aether help me unsync dusk vigil please

Sure logging on right now, throw up a pf

When will we be able to buy plots for personal use again?

How should we know?

ah shit something came up will you be around in 20-30 minutes? sorry

I was gonna go to bed but I can stay up user, when you wanna join it'll be up in private under X.L. pass 6969

Just how firm is Albert, anyway?

I love you Xiao and your airplanes too

I don't understand.

In time you will understand


>still no mooncat gf


>still no Au ra gf
I'm fine with this, actually.

>just saw Elk in Coerthas
Does he even play the game?

He mainly stalks people he wants to shitpost.

That's his erp balmung alt

hasn't he been playing for years? he doesn't even have a level 70?

WELP, we had a good 52 posts.


hes botting the msq on his alt, please dont be mean to him or open a trade

Don't reply to me elkfag

Don't pretend to be me you shitter.

He just stalks people and shitposts them
Elk is chemo

Nobody is safe from Elk and he is obsessed with Ippiki and CG and will do anything to turn their loved ones against them.

Stop name dropping yourself for attention you fat cow.

You disappoint me, /xivg/. You used to be stronger than this

cg btfo


So wait is elk a tranny asian? Was that pic earlier really "him"? If so no wonder he is so insane, always the fucking asians who cause the most drama.

He's a Mexican

Wouldn't the drama be to blame on everyone posting about him?


We just did dusk vigil together there for the clear.

yall need to chill out lol

Fuck off tranny.

post feet

i am a man and have always been a man and always will be a man


Do your best today, user!


It's always the trannies

>leg going into thigh

I wanna pump this fish

>wanting to pump elk's alt

I want to pump Elk

Does Elk ERP?

please for the love of god make an album

>wanting an album of elk's alt

Yup on alts. Mebe Futa is one of his erp alts.

That's Myron

tfw no cutie to call mommy

Nice try elk.

boys cant be moms user

It's fairly obvious that it's Myron, I've come across him on at least 5 different alts on Mateus.

I think if you synergize well enough together with someoen to the point of EB-ing them (which should be something special, if you even care for it) then they should be able to handle you playing a male character. Simple as that.


That guy is an actual huge fucking creep

man i wanna fuck the shit out of this puttel

I love your character!

why does it matter whos alt it is?

post more feet?

hey frien please send tell