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Welcome back, Kotoha
I missed you


I can't believe Kotoha isn't fucking dead.
Here, listen to her song.


I have to breed with this American/nip idol.

Birthday shock therapy for Nina!

Is this Miki Kai Ni

Woah there

Welp last roll ended up with my 3rd Miho. Actually wanted lim Yuzu as well just to spam her voice lines while waiting for her perm to update.

Also reminder to use your SSR ticket if you forgot and procrastinate. That said I'll let the last digit decide my scout choice (unless /@/non convince me otherwise by the next half hour)

1 Nina
2 Riina
3 Hajime
4 Yumi
5 Mizuki
6 Yuuki
7 Layla
8 Tsubasa
9 Kaede

ok mang

Marrying you girl.

Can't wait to say goodbye to Miho in half an hour or so.

>1 Nina
Opinion discarded

Shock me, Nina. Kiss me and burn me up.

>3rd Miho
Well fuck you too.

Better one Nina than nine, can you imagine it?

Riina has a fine model.

Riina has unexpectedly nice tits

Riina has a great body, highly suited for being a girlfriend.

A long lover is fine too.

Those 80s of her are perfect for a man that doesn't ask for too much or too little

I'm going to marry Chihaya

She's top shelf girlfriend material for sure.

Wait what

>Triple Top Platinum

Are there any events you haven't seriously ranked in?

user, why?

What what


You have a problem

>8 Tsubasa
How are you going to scout a Tsubasa in a game with no Basa

He might mean Tsukasa

He's retarded what else is new

I will always be disappointed in myself for not getting at least T2 in this event, I wonder what the frequency of PST cards to be released for special lessons is.

Shit, those are pretty rockin'. I don't have that SSR so I never really noticed it. But I do have this Miku and her subtle bounce is really nice.

My bad.


>They actually successfully reanimated Tane-chan's corpse complete with her voice

Holy crap!

It's a Vocaloid

They have a mind of their own.

~bouncy bouncy~

Miku you need a diet

Semen diet.

It's Big Miki. Not to be confused with Blue eyed Miki or Original Miki.

>Blue eyed Miki or Original Miki.
You meant Candy Miki and Onigiri Yui



I like them both!


90 calories per 10 minutes.

No more playing around, baby. It's time for you to come home.

Worst PCS!

Cute limited SSR though!


No need to be scared Nina. It's only Chie.

Also no SSR from this daily roll. Fuck Chie.



with Mano

The very definition of WHORES.

My whores.

Me as Whore Kyoko in her whore destiny dress and stockings and hair tie.


What's with the chocolate? Also this is my fetish, maid whores.

Who is ready for a lazy lazy event?!?!

What is your fetish?

I'm ready to skip it. Wake me up when they start doing Little Stars.

They're giving Uzuki as a gift to P
Don't worry, it's all part of The Plan

What happens in the later stages of The Plan?

They'll start adding those songs to the jukebox in 2021.

Jukebox can eat shit. SHIT.

PREGNANCY like in that one doujin.

Have a loooong sleep, bud.

you mean the 3rd LMBG event


All three!?


No, that sounds troublesome.


I hope Tane still has her rocking thighs.

Who then?

Fishnet and black stockings. Pretty vanilla.

Oh yes. So much yes.

skeet skeet


>got Risa

Nothing wrong with healers


They're trash and my center is already a healer.

Except Arisu.

Except you, nerd.


>got Risa
Fucking lucky.

Damn Julia's new song was really good. Definitely one of my favorite songs in MS along with To... and Silent Joker

>They're trash
>make center one anyway


So, guys!
Who /notevenonesr/ here?
I don't actually, by best pull was new fujo's SR. T-thanks for the free 50 jews, Chihiro

There's a new fujo SR?

It's a caravan 15SR center.

No. He's right. Healers seem rather pointless outside of LPs. Unless you have that one Kanako Cinfes card that uses healers as a bonus.

Fuck yeah Caravans.


Yeah well I got some absolute literal who named Mahiro Kitagawa. Who the FUCK is this?