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Lovers !



I love Ann!

Nigga it's 8 am

Sex with Naoto

Shogi before Shogi.

How many times do people here play NG+?

that's not how sex works
Depends on game


>that's not how sex works
It's how it starts.

Aren't you tired of waking up? Lets go to sleep.

I got class nigga

Never played NG+ in P3 and P4 and I got to Futaba's Palace in P5 but haven't touched it in months.

i like this picture

We know, Ren

5 is the first one I tried NG+ on, just to get satanael and fight the twins.

Honestly I don't see the appeal outside of completion. All of the NG+ features only serve to make the game easier (even on a harder difficulty). Even on merciless, I was shredding through NG+ until I did what I wanted to do in the playthrough.

If I really wanted to enjoy the game again I'd just start a fresh new game from now on. Normally the jrpgs that let me do NG+ have some options/choices for what to carry over, and features that make the game more difficult, but its all downhill in p5 (can't speak to the others in the series).

More like Shogi with less personality.


She's mine /pg/

>(can't speak to the others in the series).
The others don't have that either. In fact, P3 even keeps your level on NG+.
The thing is, maxing all S.Links in P3 on your first run playing blind is physically impossible, P4 makes it much easier but you will likely fuck that up anyway however in P5 it's piss easy to do everything on your first run. In P3 and P4 when you decide to do an NG+ run, it's because you want to see the stories you've missed/failed to finish, not to see the same thing once again. In both games the main plot takes much less time and isn't as wordy, so even if you don't skip it, it's not even nearly as draining as sitting through P5's cutscenes.
I finished P3 and P4 multiple times with no issues, started NG+ right after finishing them even, but I can't imagine sitting through P5 more than once.

Did you... /pg/?... I did...

Lowered my pace and did double the distance today. Just happy I didn't shit myself...

Kawakami a kawacutie

Will P5U be at Evo next year?


Good personality.

Better chance than Marvel.

Yukiko is cute. Please don't bully her just because she has a strange way of expressing humor.


simpson's face has potential but so far he hasn't really delivered anything worthwhile.

Persona characters are good.

I love my Queen

you forgot

In honor of this thread how would reiji react to takashi having a persona?

>Month 2 of Ren Amamiya being canon
>Takashifags still stroking each other's dicks.

Just got my package from Amazon, I wonder what could be inside...

open that shit

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she's perfect!!! She's just like her sister! Only took five minutes to install the plume of dusk and initialize! She also runs Linux which is a bonus too!

Fact: Yaldy________ was the best final boss in the series.


Anne > Haru >> Makoto > Shitaba

Toaster incest!

How much does your very own toaster cost?

Please stop copy pasting things from /v/

I'd pay any amount to have my own toaster that'd wake me up with breakfast and tell me the time!


I like Anne but the fact makoto is basically tailored to be the player's waifu kinda annoys me and makes it hard to pick her because Atlus just went down checking "main girl" boxes for her

>>Smartest girl in school
>>Knows martial arts and rides a motorcycle, does Kung Fu in metaverse
>>The """""brains"""""" of the team and immediately takes over planning despite being newest member who blackmailed her way in
>>Forced moe scenes like clinging to you in the dark at futaba's, has a cliche "will you PRETEND to be my boyfriend haha wouldn't it be funny if we actually dated haha" social link

If makoto was a boy he'd be fucking insufferable, but because you can throw her in the mating press all the bad writing gets ignored. Shame about her sister's cut romance and social link, hopefully it gets added in remaster.

Labby-chan cost me £55,000,000. I also had MI5 and the NSA up my ass which explains the armed convoy escorting the package to my house and the helicopters circling overhead.

The cutest.


I said knock it off.

I want a Door maid.

me too

post more cute sisters


Lovers always win

Currently on 5 times for p5. I like being able to trash all my progress and start fresh but keep the timer going

I would if she had a personality trait besides it.

How can you play that trash fucking game 5 times


>loversfag can't read

Tae is tiny!

These are the only twins I care about


Lovers get BTFO by mommy empresses

I'm too lazy to do it, so please just assume I posted a copypasta from /v/ here.

Only Mitsuru and Margarete work
Haru only gets waifued by people who like 5heads because she comes way to late to be characterized

>relationship just fine with Chihiro on Sunday
>walk Koromaru and talk to art club guy at the shrine

Haru really doesn't fit the Empress, That should be Makoto but I guess Atlus didn't want Makoto to be LITERALLY Mitsuru 2.0

According to Eventhubs this is the current tier list for DBFZ

>Top Tier
Goku Black
Adult Gohan
>High Tier
SSB Goku
SSB Vegeta
>Mid Tier
Kid Buu
>Low Tier
>Bottom Tier
Majin Buu
Teen Gohan


does any dialogue actually change in NG+ or can I just skip everything

Haru sure sticks out among them. Her presence is nowhere as powerful as theirs. I guess she was another take on the Empress arcana and motherhood with the kind+mother earth(growing vegetables) combo.


This is why haru will be a good mother for Ren's children

What a shit girl

Makoto is more Justice if anything.

I just want to be happy with my Chihiro
For her and her Justice

I disagree

Fuck off retard

>powerful presence
Literally the most forgettable of the VR attendants.


Where is the P5U tier list?

Some of Haru's mementos dialogues absolutely put her in that empress discussion

Makoto: Justice
Hifumi: Priestess
Goro: Star

looks like a mess tbqf

>most challenging optional boss

Mitsuru is so cool!

I'm sure the majority of people don't even touch NG+.

Can you tell me why she's mad at me?

>see Nips on Twitter posting pictures of their Ann figure
>mine won't even ship until the 13th
feels bad

Makoto fits the Empress for being the mom friend who has a strong sense of responsability. It's just she's also very insecure, unlike Mitsuru and the others.
I disagree, the Justice Arcana suits Goro perfectly.

Patience, you can hot glue her elementally.

>/v/ tells you a game is shit
>play it anyway
>it's actually shit
what's her name?

>hot glue
No. I'm not a fucking degenerate.

Persona x Monogatari when

>didn't even realize aigis even had a SL until well into january
>somehow manage to get it to max with only 2 days remaining
cute robot. I'm glad I got to see this one before I ran out of time, it was heartwarming

Akechi Goro is so cool!

I wonder how similar Makoto and Aegis will be if I swap their color palettes on dsn/dmn

Ren is from Sumaru City!