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Previous thread:

Here comes T.Racer!

Reply and I'll "power" (You) up!

I love my wife Lena Oxton!

I want to bully Doomfist until he cries!

Reminder that Pharah is for fug.

Fun Cat fact: She has normal human ears, her "cat ears" are just headphones!

avoid this player should mean you don't get him on your team, but you can play against him

Big tiddy maid hero WHEN

I wanna DATE Tracer!!

>balance game to make all hero’s viable instead of having the same mirror comp every map
>add the option to change skins prior to the game starting, you know- like the hero gallery, except it’s in the game lobby in case you forgot XD

Happy Year of The Doge, I guess


Update when? My body is ready to be disappointed.

I wanna MARRY her!

Me too, user! Me TOO!!

>that road hog who hooks the d.va bomb away from our payload


c y a

me on the right

Reminder that Ana is beautiful.

Oh baby


nice ass

Guess which Overwatch employee drew this.

Map bans when? I only want to see KotH maps.

>The Widow onetrick on the enemy team lets you win the game because they rather go for kills than defend the point when you only need to capture 1/3 on Anubis second point to win
I love thanking the enemy players for letting us win when they single handedly throw the game

>tfw arhoangel has been losing his touch lately

The ass gap on his Novamaker/Cat D.Va animations is ridiculous



People were asking for this though. You should be complaining about competitive capture the flag

>Twink 76
>That femenine hip to waist ratio on Gabe
Someone who doesn't know how to draw, I assume


>carries a Reaper punching bag with him

Damn right she is!

comp ctf is great i get golden gun points without having to deal with comp autism or playing 10 rounds of it

>Reyes hired Moira to cure his aids
Makes sense

>Can't play Koth and king's row all day

Friendly reminder that using "prefer this player" is the most broken thing in the game. You can prefer anyone who tilts on your team, every round and throw with no punishment. Lose a bit of SR and drop out of their range? Stop throwing for two games. EZ PZ

Thank you. Gabe deserves young virile big african cock, not dusty old white dick that can't get hard anymore.


>there are actually people that spend their free time intentionally being bad at a online party game

3 and a half hours, user.

New Lena!

>there are people in this thread right now who don't know how to throw a game
>there are people in this thread right now who don't know how to soft throw
Throwing ain't cool, but you're retarded if you can't spot it.

fucking post the new skins you faggots


Well he is younger than Gabe or Jack so... yeah, young.

I guess I'll go play until then. Farewell, I'm off to carry.


>load up a game
>see 4 dps
>look at text window
>pick tank
>proceed to pick tank
>casually throw and laugh endlessly at people raging at supports and DPS
There are actually people that spend their time playing this game who'd be better off having a nice round of tetris.

Can someone teach me how to filter this piece of shit? I never needed to filter anything in this website for the past two years until now.

>team starts as 2-2-2
>after a couple of minutes there're 4 dps on my team

It’s almost time! Mei Lady Luck be with us.


>I'm choosing to play bad for the epic throwing xD
>I'm actually good at this game, I-I swear!
>guys?? acknowledge me?

According to Chinese forums, there's a rumor there'll be a new short coming with the Chinese New Year event. Anyone know of anything?


How long till patch

Too soon

D.va, probably.

Play it off as cool and aloof as you like but we both know "throwing" is just a different form of flipping the monopoly board because people "aren't playing the way I want"

I would never do such a thing!

NTR animated short when?

Smug as fug

how to fix overwatch, hire me blizzard

1. bring back avoid player feature but only for avoiding as a teammate not an opponent. avoid times last 2 hours. can only avoid 2 players max for each day and resets everyday.
2. allow objective markers/other ui elements to be turned on/off
3. decrease time allowed for inactivity before match. if a point is captured, match cant be cancelled.
4. allow ana to shoot past full health allies
5. make mei's ult freeze enemies faster, if enemies are within ult radius after 1.5 seconds they cant uses any abilities
6. increase orisa barrier cooldown to 10 seconds
7. rein shield regenerates a certain percentage based on fire strike damage hits
8. increase dva boosters cooldown to 8 seconds, decrease missile damage slightly

D.va’s name is the one that’s been circulating around due to that whole thing with her status as a pro Starcraft player being questioned by Duwang

Learn thy enemy and fight against it.


It's another Mei cinematic.

I didn't know Ana had white hair in her 20s

git gud


>needing to filter something

Stop this meme, she just looks very young for her age

post superior mommy

The STATE of you

What the fuck

How does it feel to be utterly BTFO by an image?

>Ctrl+f the keyword you don't want to see
>Click the little arrow next to the post number
>Hide post
>Pretend you never saw the post in the first place
You're welcome

I wish I was as sad as you lmao


SUCKERS! Thanks for those (You)s

Get a life

Thanks. I'm surprised he isn't banned yet for derailing and spamming.

I found a new pic of Ana that's pretty nice.

Mommy more like mummy cuz she's so OLD and also egyptian I think

>triggered by an image

Open question to all the DPS mains on /owg/, why are you all so fucking stupid and bad? Why as Roadhog or even fucking Winston do I get gold damage and elims so much, what are you people even doing?

>you will never be this BTFO out over a single image
>lorefags, waifufags and shippers getting banned
Oh, user.

Am I correct in assuming that the event will drop in 2 hours?

>DPS have to rely on tanks to create space
>tanks can't create space and either feed or farm stats for themselves
>don't peel for supports
>no communication
>confused when the DPS have worse stats than them
It's almost like tanks are the centre of the game.

she cute, who's she?

2pm est is typically always update time

3 would fuck me over hard with all the trolls i get


>1. bring back avoid player feature but only for avoiding as a teammate not an opponent. avoid times last 2 hours. can only avoid 2 players max for each day and resets everyday.
I'd be perfectly okay with it resetting every 30 days desu, it straight up works.

*winky face* LOL *bunny hop* NICE TRY *heart hands* IS THIS EZ MODE

Sorry user, I was joking. There's a much better way to filter stuff, just google it

Never, at least for ranked.

If you want to prove that you're good at the game, you have to be good at all maps, not just koth.

>Bastion is bad again

playing tank or healer in solo q is a real shitshow
reminder that jeff actually thinks hanemura is a good map