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Why are mommyfags throwing waterlads under the bus pretending everyone hated their alts equally as much?

FoTM the character

Felicia is the cutest! I love spending time with my pretty wife! I`ll never let anything hurt her or make her sad! Every second spent with her is perfect! I want to stroke her soft hair and give her little kisses on her cheek! We`ll have each other forever and always! I love Felicia!

Look at her go I'm so proud!!! This is a dream come true, I'm so happy!!


I have a 5* Valter that has been sitting on the bench for a while, should I feed him to my DC Zephiel for panic ploy now that Honkers is good? (I got a +hp -res one)


How festive!

Do I pull the trigger /feg/?


Is Karla pupular enough to justify a powercreep like Ayra?

Does Caeda wants Iceberg or Glacies as special?

I'm so sorry love!

>Cordicucks and Whonokafags are still fighting for second place

Can you make red flare eye edits in paint.net or gimp? Don’t wanna download photoshop just for shitposting

>update comes out
>Hinoka is usefull again
>Cordelia fags instead feel threatened for some reason

yes. then give her iotes shield seal

>no attack buff
Try again sweetie

No and most people that played 7 probably don't even know she exists

Post them hidden gem romhacks

>Suddenly Water is /fegs hero despite "nobody liking her" a few weeks ago.
I mean, I agree on principle, but this place just flips on a whim. Lol

What makes Azura so...Azura?

How in the fuck...
Can I add you as a friend?

>that feliciafag who made a 1*+10 doesn't have felicias plate now

non gook version

We've got trouble

Can I still salvage

+Atk -Spd Honk
+Atk -Spd Raven
+Spd -HP Caeda

There's a goddamn guidance seal around, dude.

Remember to treasure and love all redheads.

>Gift giving isn't really my thing, but I know a good gift can show someone how grateful you are to them. So I guess that means I should hand some out... I'll get something for my daughter Lilina, and for Eliwood.
Sacaen savages btfo

Silly farm girl got lost from her banner and ended up in Tana's banner!

>70 orbs
Okay, I will try to get Myrrh, wish me luck

>Challenger initiates

no one runs that in arena. you're high. QR or wrath.

>cordycucks are the most insecure
Wonder if it's because they'll never compare to Chrom?

> inflated stats
>still wins
Celica=not worried

Yeah, I don't get why, Cordelia still is easier to merge, and Honkers with her refine fills an entirely different niche

Peri is cute!

Naesala and the ravens of Kilvas betrayed us? Again?

I really hope either Hector or Tharja win, DC and CC are way more valuable than warding breath.

>eliwees takes byn from kektor
Truly best timis

>a Blue unit Needs deflect melee 3 to counter 1 unit.
This is pretty lame you know

she is perfect
but her black dress is even better

Go with her and Honkers & Saneki and enjoy a good mixed team. Shit will cause avalanches

>They end up shilling elibe games because there will be a remake coming soon
>Next legendary hero is Athos


Because you're responding to a threatened Hinocuck, that's "why." He sperged out hard last night and tried it again in the last thread, lashing out at Cordelia who wasn't even mentioned because Almbros were giving him a verbal beatdown.

Forgot pic


>Look guys I can kill using effective weaponry and it'll take me one turn to be useful again!

W-Whoa..... So this is the power of the Hero King..........

Please Please PLEASE stop giving me these two. Fucking 6 Eirika's is just too much.

Wouldn't glimmer be better than moonbow?

It's called autism

keep going, user

It's not moving a goalpost at all, we're talking about a condition that you're not guaranteed to hit. Also, I was wrong, apparently you get fucked even harder if you're into desp range.

It'd take him 3 combat initiations to get into desperation range from Fury damage alone, unless he's -HP.

More like based Hector takes Eliweed from Lyn


Sure! 3757585250

Hector is gay what else is new


he cant kill subaki and lukas i guess

Should i refine mine?
he is +atk and i also have a raven

Welcome to red hell

right on time btw

>Kiran being Lilina's wingman like Marcus was
I love this.

4* +res/-hp meido. Build her or no?

She just loves you senpai.

"16 mt brave weapon with renewal3 is a good idea!"

Autism speaks

>Kiran ends up accidentally S ranking Lilina


>slaying axe
Am I missing something? Weren't you trying to compare his new Basikilos/refinement?

Look ma, only 1 merge

(excluding dragons)

I just don´t like old fire emblem characters

>Enemies using base kit and no merges


>TFW no marcus yet

Does Raven have the biggest, thickest, weapon in the game?

Opens the door for Amiti to be complete bullshit if it gets a refine


I remember a novel with a similar plot.

Now take out the Seal

Welcome back wolf pack it's time for another episode of FEH today we're gonna build alm

>tfw no Alm
>tfw I need to roll colorless for Roy

>Can't roll a single Amelia
>This guy rolled at least 20

>trying to grind Raven's SP without the Warriors maps
Mommy please come back

I want to make kickass infantry team. I'm thinking:
+spd ayra
+spd lancina
+spd raven
+atk bridelia
The problem is im shitter so I'm probably going kick one of them for dancer. Who gets kicked?

>+10 Rein inside low merged Armor
>+10 BCordelia inside dragon team
>CC Vantage +10 Henry inside all +10 mage
Finally. I'm fucking done, fucking around 40 blades for this week alone.
Why the fuck I try so hard in this, I should limit myself to be 19-18 floater if I only care about orbs but my pride wont let me go from t.20.
Also thanks to that dude with CC Henry, eventhough it's insane but it's 3 red mage and 1 HHenry.
Also fuck that double wall map.

I can sleep now. Thanks Anna, you are the best Askr.

Yeah but she can run Iote's seal to be your bow bait with DC, making her an amazing unit for any mixed team so guidance or a tactic skill makes sense.


It's not on the web sim yet, so I made due with slaying axe and +5speed+7attack to make up for it.

>nino's dad will never be in FEH

>needing deflect melee on a blue to survive a red

>Amiti gets built in swift sparrow
>Dark Greatsword now needs a refinement
the ride never ends

>-5 HP after combat
>+10 HP Every two turns

I'm sorry Hector, I just can't live without his huge axe anymore!~

kek the Alm is +10 too

I want to fuck Eliwood in public through a slit in the back of his pumpkin pants.

Its so I can run her with Iotes Shield like
said. But now that I have Tana I'm not sure if I want to let her go.

Two steps ahead of you user


At least 22 if they are both +10