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>Monster Hunter: World
-MH:World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a fall 2018 PC release ahead.
↳Kiranico has been updated to include World.
↳Official manual released: game.capcom.com/manual/MHW/
↳Weapon movesets: pastebin.com/Pc4NsdxP (embed)

>I have a question!
pastebin.com/7Aa6HxUh (embed)
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
In World, post a room ID. Squads also work, and should be listed soon.
Create or find a 3DS Gathering Hall using passcode '7243'
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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teostra is gay


I call this my "fuck this monster in particular" build.

kirin girls are so lovely

>3 LBGs users
>I'm the only blademaster
>everyone else carts against tempered Vaal




Xth for DB jump attack on the back of Xeno'jiiva

Kaiser girls in World!

Fatalis for World!

Reminder to kick all bowgunners

>go to area 8 camp in elder's recess in expedition
>load screen
>check for great gunpowderfish
>only small ones
>go back to astera
>load screen
>go back to area 8 camp..
>load screen

so much fun, can this thing show up already please

thats a boy

Why is psn so fucking trash?
I'm actually curious, what the hell are they doing to their poor servers? I've only been able to do 1 uninterrupted online hunt for the past 2 hours.


Why not just cultivate blastberries?

Nuh-uh see it's the female version of the armor.

It is good, so long as it's the monster's 3* weakness and you have a set built to amp it as much as possible.

I need 1 great gunpowder fish scale to finish the crafting combo list

Fix your connection user. Everyone else here is doing fine



I kicked out a random today, how'd I do /mhg/

>1 day left to finish limited bounty
>by coincidence, only need 1 legania
>fire up low rank legania
>some shitter joins after I've annihilated it in like 4 minutes
>is literally standing there watching me attack the monster
>it retreats
>he gestures me
>run all the way up to the sleeping spot
>gesture at him
>kick him
>cap it
>finish my limited bounty

It felt... so good.

I never see LBG on xbone, It's all CB, GS, LS and DB with the occasional Bow. Lots of CB and LS though.

how2 farm flash pods

you better be doing investigations user

Odogaron sluts

Nth for farming for mats to build a weapon so you can more easily farm for mats to build a weapon

Fucking hell, Kushala is such a fucking chore to fight I ignore any weapons or armor that require his parts.

use the farm

how do I farm research points lads? doing these bounties is slow as fuck

cultivate flash bugs at the ancient tree

Cultivate them?

Flash bugs from the tree, you get like 8 per hunt with the L boost up

But you can't amp it as much as possible because the element damage caps are fucking retarded and low

>how do i farm research points besides doing the fastest research point farm
idk user

What do you need more for?
I make a plus in research points even if I constantly buy everything from the argosy, always send out tailraider safaris and use fertilizer all the time

>you can farm bugs
>I've been turning all my materials into flash pods at the melder because I thought you could only cultivate plants

guess I'll go kill myself

cosplay WHEN

no, it's a female(male)

s-sorry lad thought there was a faster way

just bring flash pods and 10 flash bugs to make more. Flash him when he flies. Make sure not to flash him when he is inside his tornado though or you won't be able to hit him. This is the start for pretty much ANY monster that can fly. I don't get how people have trouble with flying wyverns. If you don't have any flashbugs then cultivate them at your farm. Use the jelly and you will get 8 per cycle I am pretty sure.

>he flies
>flash bomb
>you can bring like 13 flash pods per Hunter
cultivating bugs keeps you stocked enough to do this all you need, he spends half the fight dazed on the ground

So this is the power of Sony nuhunters

I'm down to 5k after trying my luck with the melder lady

>He fell for the melder jew

Only consumables I ever meld are things that require nourishing extract like Mega drugs. Everything else you can get from cultivating.


>Kulu gloves
>Ancient Forest expedition
>Camp 17 at the top of the tree near the Rath nest
>Collect Rath eggs for 250 points per egg


Is there anymore "uber rare" gems like this one? Ones that you never see anywhere else and just got one of them, like the armor set bonus gems.

>13 flash pods in a single hunt
That's just cheesing it. I bet you also bring double traps, mats to make more and 5000 barrel bombs.
Do you even fight the monster anymore or only throw items at it?

Real hunters limit themselves to just a few flash pods or one or two bombs and maybe one trap per hunt to keep it real and non-cheesy.

After seeing paolumu's stuff I felt no incentive to ever fight him or make his shit. He's not even that challenging eith r. As far as I'm concerned the monster roster is one less than what is claims because it's pretty much like he doesn't exist. Could that have given him something worth caring about?

>Decide to for once try to kill Kushalu Daora fast instead of wasting time trying to cut the tail.
>Halve my previous best time
The difference was huge. Sure El Gigante showed up and beat the shit out of it, but it still took under 15 minutes.

>Setting up bombs on nergigante's head
>Longsword user attacks the tail before i detonate it

You can cart on Vaal? I was starting to think that you being unkillable was one of the fight's gimmicks.


paolumus stuff is cute! :3

elder recess gives research points out the asshole, but by that point you already have like 20k stored up. Im now at 40k and i cant spend it fast enough

I assume all the level 3 gems are uber rare and specific

>Not using what the game gives you.

Look, the only people to blame here is Crapcom for enabling this shit. Because if they wanted to they could make Kushala less fucking obnoxious.


longsword users
not even once

>what's wrong user-kun
>could it be you're...

So you are saying you exclusively used the kelbi bow in 3U

>real hunters
>arbitrarily limiting yourself

You can keep your autism to yourself, there's literally nothing wrong with using a monsters weakness against them.
Flash bugs are an extremely expendable resource

Not him, but I can't even post a quest on a lobby before I get disconnected

Only times I carted was when I landed in acid right at the end of the stun window for Hazaak and he stunned me. Acid doing exponential was a surprise

>Set up bombs on monsters head
>pop a demon pill
>teammate captures it

>Poisoncoat Jewel 3


Not really sure of what to use on the single slots on the helm/chest/arms here. I could do Stun Resistance or Speed Sharpening, too. Or maybe should I just grind out more Dragon Attack gems?

>real hunter
>using any pods
get real

>First wyverian mentions HH is the least used weapon
>Gives a commendation out of pity

T..thanks man :/

Foresight Slash is retarded and yet amazing. I'm able to do it constantly on Vaal because of his fucking effuvia effect lul.


>paolumu's sns is better than teos' at blasting shit by a mile




How do you safely trigger bombs in MHW without dealing damage to the monster with your redpit or some shit

holy fuck how many times do i have to break teostra's wings to get a single god damn webbing

This hairstyle doesn't even exist in the game.

he had a better idea than you

Pretty much this. This right here is exactly why azure rathalos hasn't been fun since 2nd or 3rd gen. The fact he constantly has attackgasms and is always flying gives no incentive to even bother fighting. I really do hope they make these monsters fun one day, but previous knowledge would suggest otherwise.

I keep getting the boot mid quest, something has been up with PSN the past few hours

no fucking shit its part of the odo hat you retard

>Real hunter
>Not using base weapons with orange sharpness

What's more important focus 3 or crit draw 3 for GS? I will still have crit draw 2 or focus 2.

it's one of those headset that gives its own hair, like kirin

How dare you speak to me like that

Where do I go to figure out what mats I need to upgrade a certain piece of gear?

Pretty much focus 3 this game. True does more than critical draw most of the time, unless you run critical boost.

Neither, really.

Crit draw is the poo my frien

crit draw is shit for GS
but great for bows

>use nergi weapon
>can only stack 1 dragon gem
>if i put any more it won't increase the dragon atk


i just made a LS set

Fucking this. I don't WANT to use 13 flashpods, but Azure Rath is literally ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING. Without being a flashboi or using a bow, he's annoying as fuck

It's the hair from the armor user

No. I used the switch axe, which was equally as bad at the end of the day.

Unironically neither.

Tackle lets you cheat charges so you can get right i to true lvl3 pretty fast. With WE +3 and the other assortment of skills you should be critting anyway. Also im not sure if draw charge-->tackle-->strong charge--> tackle--> true charge is a draw attack and woukd benefit

>bleeding resistance
>just in case you're still farming doggo after finishing the set