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Feeding edition

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cold bread:

first for some people in thread highkey have food fetish

2nd for pancakes and peaches

I mean I have a big oral fixation myself, but yes there's definitely some overlap with food somewhere in this fucked up Venn diagram of /vrg/

It’s not gay if you’re an anime girl and you give Solid Snake a BJ.

>play CM3D2 in VR a lot
>morning wood returns after many years
>keep having sex dreams about my sister


"Hotel on the Beach" is back!
Waterslide fun returns! Oh yeah!

At least you don't have sex dreams about your mother

Do I need to make any adjustments to my battlestation for the PSVR Camera? Where should I put it if my current setup is fine?

>shit water shader, causes headaches
>horribly optimized
worst fuckin map ive ever seen

wtf man?

>tfw been up until like 5 in the morning every night because of VRChat getting me in a bad sleep schedule
>every time I go to sleep I just think of all the other things I could be doing
Just fucking put my brain in a jar already I'm tired of meatspace sleep is a waste of a time

Is there a decent stencil shader floating around or do people make their own?


Use a left handed mouse

Also, hide your jerk off lotion.

I think they changed the water from the first version.

I wasn’t sure if that was fap lotion or hair gel.

xth for VR ruins lives

Dude's doing way better for himself as a VR foxgirl than he would have in the military.

I know my man. Also what we really need is a brain burst technology that can speed up our mental processors within a virtual environment.


it's a shitty meme

If I put the camera on top of my TV where it is now, can the USB cord make it to the back of the PS4, or do I need an extension cord? Should I even put it on top of the TV?

Inactive props in an avatar do not cause any lag until active right?

First for woops is fucking ugly

On top of the tv should be fine.

I don't know how long the included usb cable is, so I can't answer that for you.

Why do uploads sometimes take so fucking long? It's been like 5 minutes.

>The Metaverse, a phrase coined by Stephenson as a successor to the Internet, constitutes Stephenson's vision of how a virtual reality-based Internet might evolve in the near future. Resembling a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), the Metaverse is populated by user-controlled avatars as well as system daemons. Although there are public-access Metaverse terminals in Reality, using them carries a social stigma among Metaverse denizens, in part because of the poor visual representations of themselves as low-quality avatars. Status in the Metaverse is a function of two things: access to restricted environments such as the Black Sun, an exclusive Metaverse club, and technical acumen, which is often demonstrated by the sophistication of one's avatar.

>Status in VRchat is determined by the sophistication of one's avatar and animations, and whether or not you own a VR headset or full body tracking

We're literally cyberpunk now, boys

VR ruining lives is as good as a fact. I don't think anyone can truly deal with being forced to live in the real world after seeing such an alternative.

Woops is cute! CUTE!

disable future proofing

Fun fact, Owlboy (creator of the Pug), also has a Black Sun world that he only lets the VRC OGs/devs use.

>also has a Black Sun world that he only lets the VRC OGs/devs use.
What a faggot desu.

To be fair, it's accurate to the book.

Yeah, but the avatar thing really isn't, considering anyone could make a custom one and make it look nice.

That means it's time to raid.

>tfw you had VRChat last summer and could have gotten into the inner(inner((circle)))
>got stuck on character decimation and went to go play BAM instead

if you're into pizza-faced druggie mexicans

>haven't seen a single Hiro or Raven avatar

what the hell, you'd think that'd be the first thing people would make

Snow Crash is such a good book.

>tfw native American blood prevented your acne phase in high school

Except not really since it's just pure (((circle))) bullshit and not based on anything about public-access terminals or anything.

What would you even have to go on other than "black dude with a katana"?

He's literally living the dream user, can't you just be happy for him?

Is that where the portal in the basement of the Pug is supposed to go to?

Ohhhhh shit, maybe. Maybe he killed the portal when the glitch to get into the basement went public?

>living the dream
>trading normie life to be a furry trap in vrchat

Maybe if you're a degenerate.

I just tried with this disabled. Didn't seem much quicker than usual.


Odd, with it enabled it takes me forever but disabling it they upload in about a minute.

Does it mention anything about it’s users obsessing sexuality, such as gay or not gay?

They upload in about a minute when things are normal for me too. As I showed in the screenshot, the Future Proofing stage is not the one which it gets held up on, for me.

Well...right now I force myself to sit in a cubicle all day so I can pay my mortgage at the end of the month.

If I could get paid for being a furry trap in VRchat and not ever have to sit in a cubicle again, I'd do it.

I'm under the impression he's making okay money off of it. There's a whole lot I'd trade to be able to get paid to essentially fuck around and be a faggot.

>kemonomimi is furry

Normalfags OUT

Trap implies Woops is actually hot with a feminine body though which he isn't. He's ugly.

Not my proudest fap, lads.

It makes that line in the Matrix about humans not wanting to live in a paradise the computers created complete bs.

No, the book doesn't explore sexuality at all. It's ultimately about memes and how they can be detrimental to human advancement as a race. Interestingly enough, the book was written well before the word "meme" was tossed around by the general populace.

the 1 is using a butt plug for the tail

Wish I had some fucking time to craft avatars. Have just enough time after work and after responsibilities are taken care of on the weekends for simple importing and some texture edits. Being an adult sucks ass.

Status update for Nazi-loli
http colon slash slash puu dot sh slash zjsM1 slash 2c3d3076ac dot mp4
I got the gun working, but not at the level I had hoped. The gun's moving parts did not include the trigger, which was the one part that I would have wanted to move on firing. I made due with a generic orange dot for the muzzle flash because I couldn't figure out how to align the particle effect's image with the gun and I didn't want to keep smacking my head against a wall. I still don't have the sound effect completely figured out, because some people have said its very loud but its pretty quiet for me, even with all my in game sounds put up to the maximum.
On the topic of the image, the model does have the tail and darkened hair tips. Unless you want a single option across the entire character I'm not going to bother adjusting the model and I'll leave the tail set to on, if you want to change that on your own once you get the model its and easy change via shapekeys. The tail is funny because it has to be at 50 to actually hide in the character, fortunately there is also a tail size shapekey so you can guaranteed it doesn't clip out ever. The hair tips do not have a shapekey, you'll have to go into the texture atlas with an image editor and manually recolor the section, I think I'll just make a copy of the atlas with the recolored hair for you though and then you can just change which image your character is textured by.
I hope the link goes through and Veeky Forums doesn't think this is spam.

Squid mentioned something about a key that unlocks something in the pug. There’s supposed to be a keyhole somewhere that leads to something. Maybe it’s the black sun thing.

Nazis suck bro.

There's a set of red double doors on the ground floor. If you clip your head through, you can see what looks like the space for a room that isn't rendered.

People have clipped outside of the pug, and there's nothing that we haven't already seen. They most likely took the room out and just use the original in a private, unlisted instance.

Nah, the point was that the simulation wasn't convincing as a real world.

VRChat makes Cypher a more relatable character since his motivations are completely understandable.

You can clip outside of the pug from the stairwell in the back and reach the other side of those red doors. There's nothing of interest in that room.

How do you clip outside? Is it the same with the bucket?

Yes, bring the bucket to the back stairwell, 1st landing, place it on it's side on the little lip near the floor, then clip through the wall.

I've pretty much given up on VRC at this point. I can't really afford the 4 hours straight I'll play it for.

Where can I download the Twitter bird models?


I feel like Cypher all the time while at work.

Does it feel like you’re in it longer than you are? I just go usually for 1hr to 1 1/2hr, but it always feels much longer.

If it gets stuck like that I just close unity and do it again

People who use CM3D2 models, how much did you have to tweak the bones/rig?
Currently have a model imported but the legs keep shuffling whenever I look down.


1 hour feels like no time at all. My perception of time has been horribly fast for about a year though.

Where else would it be?

Has anyone ever made any of the Tom from toonami versions ?

I haven't seen any, that's a great idea and you should do it.

No, not like that. The normal face mesh has no opening for the mouth. The part of the face that actually has the mouth is inside the head for some reason. No shapekey to bring it out, either. How the fuck was this model ever supposed to work?

He's not using the superior CM3D2 model.

Not much besides fixing bone weirdness in Unity after import.
>point at someone
>finger bones are horribly mangled

It happens to mine too. But i just ignored it. i had to repair the wrists and fingertips. otherwise, i left everything as is.

Nah I'm a pedestal user I can't make my own shit.

Please no bully :(

>Open a VRchat thread in the steam forums asking about how people felt about all the underage looking avatars
>0 replies and i get permabanned from them 2 minutes after

What did the weeaboo pedophiles mean by this?

There's literally nothing wrong with lewding a loli avatar piloted by a mid-20s male.

It's 0 effort. CM3D2 make pretty good models.

So the pilot matters after all? Sounds pretty gay.

carlton is a cute

Isn't this the kind of shit people on second life used to say ?

I fixed limb proportions on mine to be able to reach the floor, but that's it. It did also slightly alleviate the foot tapping and backwards knees, but they are still there.

Along with a knees-in-the-shoulders crouch, but that's more VRChat's animations than anything.

>find a really cool model
>instead of visemes it has face bones
>have to create all the visemes yourself

Do you go through the CM3D2-MMD-Blender-Unity chain or is there a way to pull an fbx out of CM3D2 directly?
Someone mentioned how absurd this toolchain is to go from a Unity game to another Unity game, and I wonder if anything came of that.

It only matters that they're not a child or female

Find me something you like and I'll convert it for you

don't you people understand that this is a videogame? 99.9% of us wouldn't dress like a fucking girl IRL...
CM3D2->Blender with CATS(I atlas, one transparent material and one opaque, tweak something if I want, create some new shape keys)->Unity

Only export tool I've found for CM 2 puts out either obj or pmx + textures. Of those only one is useful.