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>Monster Hunter: World
Deviljho, weapon balance, and more coming March 22nd.

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Lavasioth - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Posting even though no one gives a shit
Xbone /mhg/ squad is open and recruiting! After all the Xbone asking about sessions and squads last night I made one. Will post this thrice a thread! Session ID: 4RhbyBK7zGN
Join for tempered hunts, the /mhg/ squad, arena quests, arm wrestling and more!!
>inb4 "lol no one joins"
Probably right. Only brits play this game on Xbone and their timezone is fucked. Only time people ask for it is at like 5 AM.

>retards think worst fight = hard fight
Not that guy but vaal is a boring as shit fight, tied with zorah and xeno for most boring fights in the entire game.

This is a proper /mhg/ thread. It's about damn time we got back on track.
Now to get hyped up for the disappointment that will be Deviljho in World.

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bring hunt-a-thon back fucking capcom

Are Sin the best dual blades?


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>expecting soulsbabs to know what makes a fight good or bad
it's all about """"""""""""""difficulty"""""""""""""" to them. if you think a fight is bad, it must be too hard for you.

Old room is kill, like this odoggo

New T2/T3 room

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it is not even best fire DB

expedition is nothing, hunt-a-thon was those quest when u have to hunt same type of monster like 4 times in a row then deliver a ticket to get back or you can just keep hunting them until time out. shit was fun to farm mats

I want World players to leave.

Huntresses and Meowstresses

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>5 fingers

Am I a World player if I've played since FU?

Post the pantsu version.

I didn't even post it last night and I got banned, why would I take the chance and post an actually risky image.

>triggered nintengay

Now this is an Aisha thread!

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>worldbabs will never know this perfect woman
I kind of feel sorry for them

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>the bingposter woke up
Well I'm off to bed now. It was a comfy thread tonight up until now. Good luck /mhg/.

so what's the best?

>this butthurt over one post
Don't let it ruin your time man, that's retarded

anja if you just want pure power, im using lava myself. it is a bit weaker but the 2 lv2 slots are great to mixing in decos

>bingposting has become the response to getting called out and shit on
/mhg/ has seen better days...

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>mfw Sonyggers literally ruined my thread

is fire and ice worth it ?

also forgot to mention there isn't really a best one for DB since the weapon benefit a lot of element vs the correct monster weakness
if you are lazy just go with blos + NE, i got one but stop using it since i dislike the look and rather build for a variety of elements

How important is choosing the armour? Is the armour value how important compared to the resistances and should I choose my armour depending on which monster I'm facing? I don't have much trouble usually, but I always seem to get instacarted from Anjanath's flame blast, no matter how much health I have. I probably have like -15 fire res, so it's probably why, but I don't really want to return to former armours except for maybe fashion purposes.
Currently I have legiana top and legs, pig head and the first tier 6 greaves and gauntlets, which I believe to be Zorah.
Also, how important are Palico's armour and weapons? I would assume that the damage is nigh meaningless and it's more about the element or ailments they can cause.

I think they're nice

drink up your soylent before you run off to play some odyssey!

skills >> defense > resistances

>being too poor to own a PS4 and a Switch

DB with 2 elements mean each blade applies 1 element so it will deal/ proc less. It looks nice though and fun to fight vs blos. i can't remember a lot of end game monster really weak to ice beside los and teos

>owning a switch for??? I have a pc babbie I already played the new Zelda

Fashion over function. If you're good enough, you can make any fashion set work, even if it's a bit slower than a clownsuit.

Besides that though, you pick armor based on the skills it gives, slots, and resistances, taking into account the monster you're about to go up against.

But again, clownsuiting in this game is retarded, just go for fashion.

Ah I see. So it's actually beneficial to make all the kinds of elemental DB?

Is it weird that we as a community only have two people as resources for learning things in video form?

learning through video is fucking ass. articles and even reddit posts are better than youtube recaps or whatever the fuck

>Now to get hyped up for the disappointment that will be Deviljho in World.
i think it will be great, i hope the jho HBG will have a lot of cluster/sticky for artilery builds

yeah, if you like the weapon then it is the route
if you are still just trying it out, you can just make the nerg one.
it is a pretty good overall DB for end game: high raw, ok dragon element, has elder seal, no need for handricraft, looking pretty good

True, faster weapons benefit more from elemental damage, but it's deceiving. If the average damage per hit on raw weak spots is lower than raw DB does, that still makes pure raw better.
Claiming that you should just use element on DB/SnS all the time because they have fast attack speed isn't right. You should just put the values on your weapon/skills and monster's hitzones for every particular monster through the damage formula and check what comes out.

I'm actually looking forward to the 3 arena nerg quests (2 actual arena, 1 special arena)
Hope I can find some user here to do them for fun

Fine. Do I need gems and such to improve the skills or have I missed something? If we're talking fashion, I know that I want the rathian skirt thing, but I think I need to hunt rathians first to unlock the high tier version.
Is there other cool non-set armours like the pig head?

Also, I have a bounty where I need to slay 5 elder dragons and I'm confused. I slayed a Kirin, which is defined as a elder dragon in Hunter's notes, but I'm still at 0/5, so what gives?

Just be glad you have cuck n' soy because before all we had was icemanoob and his voice... holy shit I just want him to fall in a gator swamp or be eaten by a pack of rabid dingos or something

>be GS main
>change it up for world
>have fun not playing GS
>go back to GS
>300 hunts later, still cannot stop smiling when when landing a juicy TCS
I want to marry a Great Sword

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>so mad he goes full greentext

>Do I need gems
You absolutely do. Unless you're still on Low Rank (and it sounds like you are). LR armors don't have slots and gem farm is the endgame in World.
>I slayed a Kirin, which is defined as a elder dragon in Hunter's notes, but I'm still at 0/5, so what gives?
It must say High Rank Elder Dragons specifically, and Kirin is the only elder with an LR version in World.

Nerg drop your gem already you mother fucker. Holy shit. Is there a way to make it go faster?

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voucher + 4 boxes + break everything

gold box investigations

>Temp Teostra 1 cart online
>It's going really well, everyone seems competent
>But then
>Tragedy strikes
>GS user gets caught in Teostra's consecutive tackles
>Teo chooses that time to rise up to nova over him
>Prepare to fail mission
>GS used left the quest
>he quit the mission to save us before Teo could explode

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Is lucky voucher the new pet your poogie?

Seems like it.
People don't seem to understand that all it does is doubling the reward money

Xbox session is kill?

>the game literally fucking said it also affect reward but let pretend it doesn't

No flash pods?

It's advised to only use xeno set bonus if you're speed running. You do less DMG on average per shot praying to rng to get procs to do way more DPS. It's more consistent to simply run ammo up and standard DMG skills. In the long run, over many hunts, it should proc 25% of the time on average, but it doesn't always work out that way on a hunt to hunt basis.

>tempered beagle can 1 shot from bomb pods at 3/4 health
how is this fair?

>All this 2 players temp teostra


I hate him.

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>175 damage
>A lot
Sweetie... ummm... have you tried dodging the attack?

Nah it's fine, still here

>the rest of the group can't flash the fucking cunt
maybe he left out of disgust

go back to discord, also you cant dodge when being hit by fag dual blade or LS users an once those bombs are littered everywhere it sets off a chain reaction.

>tunnels for 5 gorillion years
God i fucking hate agnaktor

Monster you're engaged with roars as a Baz bomb drops

>play online without flinch free
dumb motherfucker, i hope bazel cart you more

>didnt go back to discord
the door is that way fag

Will people love me if I play HH?


But they won't hate you either.

>Being this bad at pvp

Bazel shouldn't just instantly detect the hunter and beeline to you as soon as you aggro another monster it's fucking autistic. I can't wait for Deviljho to do the same thing so every single HR is literally just a scat fetishist's dungpod dream unless you want to get gangbanged in an autistic monster fuckparty.

cry for me like dresden people cry in ww2

Well, I have completed the story, and the bounty just states "hunt 5 elder dragons". Currently I'm tracking some mysterious monster and killing the improved monsters to upgrade my weapons. I've also tried fighting Beetlejuice, but so far no luck.
But for the armours, there's skills such as the resistances and health boost-skill, which has multiple levels, even in the low ranks, how do I improve them? I thought originally that Armour spheres would help, but all they seem to do is improve the general defence.
I have unlocked the high rank armours and some weapons, if you mean that. I have a few 6 star quests completed, but my HR is only 12 at this point, if that matters.

As long as you don't stand in a corner.

Should I feel bad if I like IG both spaming ground combos and spinning along a mosters back in the air? It's sorta fun to dance on bazel while he bombs everyone else.

Be honest. Did I fuck up? Crit eye 7, Attack 4, Focus 1, Weakness Exploit 3, Handicraft 4 for Vaal ls

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Do you dupe decos /mhg/?

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>Crit Eye
>Vaal LS

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The aerial is fun as fuck, so don't feel bad. Just don't spam it too much, you should be on the ground 95% of the fight.

Except against xeno. Fuck what everyone else says, spamming that shit on him is the funnest fucking thing ever

i would fuck your huntress, she looks cute with the glasses

Are Rookslayer Handaxes considered one of the best DBs?

Tbh I use it mostly to get around or shred wings, though I dunno if that does much other than more mats at the end.

>tfw Jho is my favorite monster so I don't mind him invading all the hunts but I also think Bazel should fuck right off

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If anyone wants to join the /mhg/ squad on Xbone, join the session in the next 10 mins. I'm gettin' off soon. I'll be hosting and inviting more people when I wake up

It's honestly the only ls I have currently, and I threw this together for it instead of full nerg or patch, kush, nerg/other, nerg and deathstench

Thanks user, she used to get bullied before I used the voucher

Wew nice, I managed to keep the rewards before lagging out and got a t8 bow charge deco out of that legiana hunt

why would i cry for you, is your life that bad user?
Maybe the discord is a good place to go express your feelings with nice like minded fellows such as yourself

grind for the arena one it's the best desu

>2 bristly crakes within 15 minutes
>no great gunpowderfish or burst arowana


I am, but can't be bothered to get the last few coins currently.

Stop projecting.

I got the game the same day they patched it.

Now I'm all about savescumming

The loss in damage to run the set isn't very much though. You can easily fit ammo up onto a xeno set.

I rather haver Tempered Jho instead of Tempered Bagel. at least Jho doesn't oneshot you when you're not minding your positioning.

xeno set is a massive dps gain on basically everything it was a shitpost copypasted from reddit