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Previous: >Saber Wars Lite Edition
MHX animation renewal
Saber Lily NP strengthening
MHX is always in the gacha
Mysterious Heroine X: 15-29
Artoria: 23
Altera: 24
Mordred: 25

>Chaldea Boy's Collection 2018
Log in consecutively to get several tickets and Arthur's new exclusive costume

>Arthur is always in the gacha

"Event" Craft Essences
>Arthur SSR - 400% Star attraction + 3 stars every turn
>Dantes SSR - Arts 10% + Buster 10% + NP gain 10%
>Karna SR - Buster 8% + NP damage 8% + Crit damage 10%
>Poker SR - NP 3% per turn + NP gain 5% + Np damage 5%
>Old men SR - Pierce dodge + Arts 5% + Buster 5%

March 2018 Monthly Mats
>Forbidden pages
>Proof of hero
>Yggradasil Seed


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: November 29)
View listdocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine

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Joke only weeb understand

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>FGO NA has everything delayed for weeks
>FGO JP is in rerun hell
How much longer do you give the game before the servers shut down? I say 6 months max

>game still makes shitloads of money

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Hey retards stop spamming the board again. I can't wait until you are finally kicked to some other containment area.

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So no hope is left for Kingufags?

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>not realising that Veeky Forums IS the containment area?

>I can't wait until you are finally kicked to some other containment area.
You'll have to wait a long time, enjoy it I guess.

Do you want DW to overhaul the combat system for Lost Belt or do you just want more content/singularities?

I personally think a slightly more sophisticated combat system that actually requires a bit more strategy than staffing 2 Merlins and a buster would be good for the game in the long run. It's a shame that you have all these strong servants with leveled abilities, but the entire game can easily be cleared with 3* and welfares.

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Where the fuck did the ? come from

I seriously think that the stamina tower was a test run for Lost Belt

Swimsuit Titty King soon

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How the fuck are you supposed to reach 2 mil? I only get like 15k per run, these drop rates are awful.

>2 threads is bad

Alter creates 8 threads on the regular, I think we are doing fine here

Nah enjoy your half levels , forced support partner and very awful gimmicks

Add fucking auto mode already it's been 3 years

We rule this fucking board bitch you can't win against fgochads

Top servant's evade skill

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i want more яussian and scandinavian servants

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My Kingu hopes are dying more every day

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Do your dailies and use your apples fool.

Never ever

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Are we forgetting the most basic thing?

I've cleanes the fucking shop already, this is bullshit. Fuck events like this and valentines 2018 that force you to needlessly grind shit like this.

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NP skip, thank you very much.

I'd appreciate a Q,B,A overhaul to have those three be on equal terms too. Which is impossible as long as they stubbornly refuse to gut Merlin or give the other colours similarly broken bullshit.

All i want for Lost Belt great and unforgivable battle with my boy Kotomine.

A reason why this is literally the last original Rerun event beside Go west go.

I don't even play this game
I just enter the threads lured in by feet OP images even though I have nothing to contribute witih

>Go west go

Sorry, I forgot to mention
Yeah. As Enkidu has his saint graph merged with Kingu's, he is a part Kingu now. This explains his strange appearance and act in Salomon and Summer event

It does have some nice feet so i can't blame you

We are going to fight master. I hope they have their own CS and can change their strategy based on my servant

Go West used to be my least favorite event, I didn't even clean the shop which is rare. This piece of shit takes the fucking cake though, this is undoubtedly the worst event this game has ever had.

Zouken did that already

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>the mad lad has a split personality too now

>164 turns
Wtf why? you can end it with less than 5 turns. Artcucks are fucking idiot

How do we get rid of imouto and make it look like an accident?

Thankfully that personality is kinda sane comparing to the other one

NP skip and increasing the max level to 200 would help to improve gameplay in future chapters.

>they also removed the timer so stop complaining
Melt got a game design improvement, not a strengthening. It was kinda awkward before to time the use of her skills, so sometimes you ended up using them incorrectly, kinda like what happens with Ishtar. They made her easier to use for casuals, not stronger. Still, using a SQ to fix one of her game design mistakes is weird. In my opinion, they didn't have to spend a SQ to fix that.

Yeah, i hope they will make cs sprite for masters, which appears when they buff their servants.
I also hope if there will be Kirei battle he also will use cs to buff himself and have special sprite for that.

>that Hans

>needlessly grind shit
The entire game is a grinding and farming fest.

Tezcatlipoca when?

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Ah well, hopefully they both get time to shine then.

Enkidu will have another interlude

I wish all these /alter/ niggers would drop dead. We used to have nice threads before these ass holes showed up and ruined the place. You guys can shit on the jetfag and Kiarafag vs anti Kiarafag shitposting as much as you want, but it wasn't half as bad the shit we have to deal with now.

Are you ready for Edison, Beowulf and George to be revealed for Link?

Sasuga cuckfox fags

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already in game:

Tezcatlipoca's nagual, his animal counterpart, was the jaguar


It's rarely this padded out with drop rates this laughably bad. It doesn't help that none of the damage CEs have any kind of starting NP or that the enemies have bloated HP to compensate for the damage CEs.

Who the fuck is Kingu?



Tiamat's son/husband

>recently fapped to illya and kuro
>not even a lolifag

Back to /alter/ with you. He's the guy whose blood was used to make mankind.

there's your answer

Hey OP, I don't care what you jerk off to, stop posting it. Post about the game instead. thanks in advance.

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>Another guy’s blood is flowing in me
Wtf bros I am a cuck now?


Wtf bro why did you make me report you to the fbi i didn't want to do this

This, I like feet but this guy is becoming a spammer bordering avatarfag. He's clearly some /alter/ retard autistic about making threads.

Fgog used to ignore his threads but lately people are moving

Musashi is cute. CUTE!

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I don't believe you so i thing i'm going to need more proof of that

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>/alter/ has scat spammers
>we have delicious high quality loli porn spammers

We win yet again. How can /alter/ even compete?

I fucking hope he'll just get bored and stop like the /feh/ spammer did, but /alter/ has autism that sometimes surpasses that shithole so I don't know if we'll get that lucky. The big problem is this idiot rushes to make threads early and mods are incompetent as hell, so they just nuke whatever isn't made first.

We used to be really good about waiting until around page 8 at least, but these idiots from other generals worse than this one decided for whatever fucking reason they wanted to be the OP as much as possible.

A Kotomine servant that you cannot burn and turns all your future summons into black keys or iron training in case of a 10 roll would be pretty hilarious

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>footfag shit
Nah I’m out


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This thread was created first and the mods often delete the ones created after that, so we don't have much choice.

You can fuck off shit threads that are made early by mass reporting them and moving to a proper one.

Thank you for account loser

Damn Musashi is a big girl

Ask /gsg/

I hope footfag keeps making threads to make you all mad.

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Mods remove threads witb lesser posts


TWO plus TWO (you)

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Important question: are the bans based on the account or ip?
If I'm banned will I be able to play on the same device if I make a new account?

why would they want to ban you?


Ban by breaking their ToS? Account.
Ban by rerolling too much? IP for 1 hour or so.

I’m modifying servants in-game and creating absurd statsticks that shouldn’t exist. Viva la 2000 style coding.

>Ban by rerolling too much? IP for 1 hour or so.

People can get banned for relolling? Literally everyone does it are they mad?


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It's about creating too many accounts on a short time span, doesn't have anything to do with the thought behind rerolling.

your rerolling isnt the same as chink rerolling idiot

Someone literally destroyed the server just by rerolling