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I only read moege

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Bitch edition

Mihiro a cutie

just received my copy of Ni No Kuni 2, should I go play it or read Renna's route

I love my train.

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I love Suzu

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What the fuck is with japanese people and them making it seem like getting pregnant young is an honoable thing

Take responsibility? The fuck?

Why would that be a good idea or a nice thing at fucking all

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If it's as riddled with RNG garbage as the first one, go read Renna's route instead.

Cute AND sexy!

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A woman's rightful place is at home taking care of her children.

Both, simultaneously.

Playing a JRPG and VN at the same time is kinda common sense. I kinda wanted to play NNK2 as well but I'm still in the middle of ZnK so...

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Heart pupil + Torogao + Leg lock + holding hands

its has an Action RPG-ish gameplay

When your country's birthrate is down the drain, consensual pregnancy on any age is good pregnancy.

heard it got translated, does it tie with Trails of Persona???

Any VNs that take place on a ship at sea for much?

I liked the first one's combat, my problem with the game is that it took a long ass time for the RNG to grace me with a chance to capture a single monster.

Tie with??

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Best girl right there.

Any VNs with maids

there was one about a submarine

I forgot how the first one played out been so long since I touched it but I hear you, capturing monsters was a chore and the game was super grindy to boot

Great scene

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9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

What game is this?

Does it have good feels and good H scenes or is it really really japanese

I like this one.

Though I like her old design she had in Sky better

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Aokana when

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>What game is this?

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is this a prequel to Trails of Cold Steel???

Lucia is a miracle of the universe.
And Chihaya is pretty nice, too.

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I am new to VNs so I have only played a few and can only read english, sorry

Well my understanding is the Crossbell and Erebonia arcs take place kind of simultaneously as far as the timeline goes (and refer to events in eachother in-game as you go) but this arc was indeed released before and intended to be played before that one.

Play Sky trilogy first though if you haven't.

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/vn/ plays Monster Hunter World when

Translation patch was literally released yesterday.

no, since A-3 is dead

Pres is too fucking cute!
My heart can't take it anymore!

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Come here user...let me hug you.

To what game tho ...

We Love Master

Have you tried looking at the top left corner of the screenshot?

rejoice nigga


Irru/Trip, I've been an advocate for you guys doing whatever you want so I didn't participate in the "Virgin Road never" nonsense and was just happy to get the main game

But, uh, the more I read this the more I'm starting to reconsider that stance

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They all look the fucking same in the face and the tits, except for the sister, she looks the same in the face but with smaller tits and now ass


The blonde chick fucks a shit ton of guys in her ending... what the fuck was up with that

Did squeezanon die?

Yeah, I also prefer the old style. And I've been delaying playing the rest of the Trails series for years. I'll try to get back into it during my vacation next month.

Not really, I'm a wageslave who spends every moment I'm not at work jerking off. I'll marathon Tsujidou this weekend, maybe I should try to do a nofap and save my onahole until Friday night

What is the best way to download tsujidou?

Best girl best route!

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you could try not being a retard

You should be aware that onaholes are chink-sized and that you can easily impale the first time that you use it if you aren't careful.

I want to be a little buster.

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read the OP newfriend

>try installing Renna patch
>open the cracker
>it leads to Hatsukoi folder for some reason and I didn't even notice
>mess up and click yes
>neither hatsukoi or tsujidou will open anymore


>The blonde chick fucks a shit ton of guys in her ending... what the fuck was up with that
I don't understand you people. Do you people invent these scenarios for yourself so you can get mad at nothing? Is this about the "I learned how to give blowjobs well" or something line? It was obvious she was reading porn.

I just don't understand meme culture when you're just trying to anger yourself

Irru recommends starting with Renna and finishing with Ai.

>inb4 Renne joins Rean's harem in sen4

Alright look user, there's a difference between being new here and being a retard


Reminder that Mitcher is best griznak.

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I-I'll be careful

I remember when I used to be a newfag here
Time sure flies...

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What is the 「Breaking Bad」of VNs?

Go back and re read it all, it was obvious as fuck she was talking about having a lot of practice since he was out of the picture

You are the one making up shit to make your waifu seem perfect when she is a slut

Prove me wrong and I will eat shit on cam

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We want more pregnancy progression in games and moege as a whole! It represents the spring of a life, the beauty of procreation! It can unite both imouto and nee-san lovers, flat chest and big chest lovers, along with lolibros! Embrace the beauty of new life today!

Any VNs where you can go camping with you're waifu?

You rent a lodge in the woods with Hime in LxC2

Sorry user-kun, did you wait long?

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Can't forget the first the time that I used Boca. It felt amazing, but when I was done with it the mouth was torn in both sides and its diameter had doubled in size.

Unfortunately, queef has abandoned it.

fuckng WHEN Quof?

If you wanto to wear a mask from redit the fuck off here.

user are you okay?

Renna's route is awesome so far. I hope someone will translate her afterstory.

Nigger was supposed to release Aheahes last year. Goes to show you how serious this kike is.

Does any VN actually explore the difficulties maintaining a polygamous relationship? Jealous, attention, etc.

>waiting for engine to be hacked

He is waiting for SP to license it.

i like lolis!

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Is there a VN with chibi porn?

>ywn marry a legal loli
why even live bros?

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>did you wait long
Considering that her route will get translated last, yes.

Does whitebait taste good?

princess evangile

>Nigger was supposed to release Aheahes last year.
What? He only announced it January and only said it may come out this month or next month

Why would Marika be last? Surely one of the two long routes (Rikka/Touko) will be the last one done.

Ao when?

Save the best for last, she's obviously Trip's favorite so it's also a surefire way of him not dropping the project until her route is done.


Is there a VN where you can dump one of the heroines for her mother?

You are a good man.

Trip translate Yukino route and append last, naturally Yukino 2.0's route will get translated last too.

Shiny Days

He said the translations been done for a year a few times I think.

You make a strong case.

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>is it really really japanese

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