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*soyboy voice* well we can't have bards in Warcraft unless you can explain where they fit into the lore

owo, what a cutie

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Monk is the best class

am i cute anons?

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bards and tinkers are the classes that will save wow

>Time travel to where the kirin tor first got together.
>They have instruments in this AU for reasons
>They name themselves the Bardin Tor
>Save them from evil
>Some join us in our Universe
>Profit bards.

Blizz should hire me

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Reminder that if you play a female character and have a penis you probably look like pic related IRL.

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when my dad played he'd exclusively play female gnomes and female trolls, and my dad looks like slavoj zizek

EU veteran here. For BFA, is it better to stay on Argent Dawn EU or would it be worth it to try out Moon Guard US?
I don't RP anymore but it's still hilarious to read retarded RP profiles, and I'm amused by ironic lewding...

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should use a different tabard
but yes for a corpse

>start a new character
>the opening cinematic hasn't been updated since cataclysm

They really need to fix this. It's weird that it mentions that cataclysm as a very recent event.

>I'm just wanting to laugh at stupid RPers I'm not actually going to ERP with draenei futas or anything.. h-ha...

Point on this chart where bards belong (you can't you fucking lorelet, LOL).

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Copying again but:
I never cared for ERP. It seems awkward and time consuming when I could just open up porn.



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Maybe you just suck at RP ever thought of that?

spirit you fucking loser

The entirety of the 1-60 gameworld still pretends like the cataclysm is a recent for the most part. Then you go back in time to either outland or northrend

that was hard

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Why is fem human perfection

fem humans look ugly. Play void elf.

Reality, since Bard, like Warrior, doesn't need to be magical. You're spinning up some inspirational tunes for your group, playing some bomb ass awful chords to your enemies, and not giving a fuck about magic.

>doing invasion portal
>don't have enough people to DPS the boss
>not a single faggot paladin or druid will switch to healer or tank

fucking retards

why yes let me just carry around the other two artifacts and switch to them on the fly

ok pal

Why does that matter? I don't RP, ERP has always been shunned anywhere I hear of it and as such I never even bothered to consider it more than pathetic.

>Not playing a class that has tanking or healing
I wonder what it's like being this beta

What retarded server are you from that you can't even do invasion portals? Like what?

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Why wouldn't you?
All of my 110s can switch to any of their specs on the fly

I was a tank namefag.


>playing a hybrid and not playing offspec

its worse if you start a fresh blood elf or draenei.
>start in BC era
>suddenly thrown into the future shortly after Cataclysm
>then you go back in time to BC or Wrath
>then thrown back into cata zones again


how do i filter tripfaggots.

lol im implying that you don't RP because you aren't very good at it like I am. It's okay.

You can zerg those, you don't need tanks or healers.

google it m80

Not enough people. It was the boss with the lightning towers.

Are you filling your inventory when we can have >120 slots? How?

Lol you're probably a DK or DH.

Nothing wrong with being a namefag as long as you improve the quality of the thread. Unlike you desu

Shoulders are too darned big.

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well the bank is full and all of these mats and other stuff aren't going to carry themselves

same bullshit as with Nightfallen. They are reusing skeletons and not changing the size of gear

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>It's another episode of a tripfag trying to justify his sickening need to "stand out" on an anonymous forum

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How are rogues looking for BfA?

But why are they shoulders so big if the regular nelf have regular shoulders?

My posts stand out on their own. I don't need a name to do so, silly.

Just play Monk.

Nelf's have more muscle/bulk

That's irrelevant to the massive difference between shoulder size tho.

Do any cosmetic weapon enchants add a particle trail to your weapon swings in combat?

I finished the Argus Story quests and have been hunting down Argussian Reach WQ for 3 days and I'm only halfway through Honored.
I just wanted to make a velfu. Send Help.

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clear the army of the light ones and argus ones will start to show up

Join on EU Argent Dawn Alliance!
/w anyone for an invite

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Too late. Ur ded kiddo

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Are you killing rares? Are you doing invasion points?

No player named Anyone is currently playing


Wait so I can do a class trial and then boost that?

Goddammit user

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yes butt no butt yes definitely

yes to rares, no to Invasion points
I'll do that
plz no

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Can I join on my futa night elf?

>Unironically playing Alliance
>Unironically playing a female character
>Unironically playing a gnome

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>no to Invasion points
Should do, considering they give significant (potentially >750 each) rep

Sure i guess
Yup, they're cute

Took me almost a week to get to Revered, but that was because I was stupidly ignoring army of the light world quests



I've just been doing the 3 Illidan assigns me. I guess I can do more.

there's a random chance to get rep tokens from completing them, either argussian reach or army of the light

Why are you posting worst girl? This thread is about wow stop posting no related images you absolute retard.

Who the hell is this tripfag

>namelet still salty

I dunno, but he gave me a (you)

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IDK, but the faggotry coming from it is unsettling.

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you have to be 18 to post here

Thinking of level boosting a mage, lock, or monk Which one should I do

Just a retard seeking the attention he is being denied IRL
Ignore him, and he'll wither away, tripfags feeds on (you)'s

Just filter and move on, it's very simple

So, what faction gets the foxes? And what counterpart will the other faction get?

I will quite literally delete all my characters and cancel my battle.net account if they end up like the pandaren and both factions can play them.

I'm not giving you another one.

I'm 38

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

What server should I roll ally on?

Horde, probably. If they're even playable.

EU or NA?

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Then idk; guess it depends on if you're looking for PvP, PvE or RP

This is probably a very, very stupid question, but I honestly don't know.

Let's say you are levels 40-100 or so (where you've been established in your class) and play as a healer. But you want to switch to tank or DPS. How exactly do you get the proper gear for this new role? Is there somewhere in the game you can go to get outfitted? Or do you basically just have to do dungeons with what you have on you and hope you get better gear from the loot? For instance if you have a healing staff but want to get a sword/shield for your current level and other armor, where would you go? Auction house?

what about a mix of all 3

Hey fags, what are some dead servers on EU? I want to start collecting TLPD, voidtalon, phosphorescent, etc. on a trial character, but even my low pop server has people camping the spawns.

Heirlooms would really help you with that problem, but from the sounds of it you're a new enough player that heirlooms might not be easily accessible for you yet

Worgen and Tauren should switch sides.

As far as I'm aware, all gear has primary stats relative to your spec. So if you're a healer, gear will have int, but if you switch to tank, it has str. That's the case for "modern" gear anyway. Not really sure about levelling gear desu.

That doesn't make any sense.

You have to select RP servers, it doesn't matter how dead a single server is if it's connected to CRZ


>worgen and forsaken on the same faction

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All your armor fits all three roles. Until you're 110 and optimising for secondary stats, a chest piece has strength/agility and int on it.

Fine. Worgen and Blood Elves should switch sides and Undead should become neutral.

Moonguard or Sargeras?