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ED info:

Elite Dangerous is currently in Chapter 1 of the Beyond expansion, patch number 3.0. It comes free with the Horizons expansion and aims to focus on refining core gameplay and new content.

Thargoids have crippled AEGIS-related starports in the Pleiades and are now appearing in human space. Be aware that while the Thargoid Interceptors are not normally hostile, Scout Marauders absolutely are.
Starport repair requirements have been reduced to 10% of their original values and may actually be feasible now.

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Star Citizen Information:

Patch 3.1 is currently in Evocati and will be moving to the PTU 'soon', 3.1 will be released at the end of March. Alpha 3.0.1 is released for all backers. You must download the new patcher from the RSI website.

>Comprehensive look at the current state of Star Citizen

>Squadron 42 Vertical Slice

>Jump Point Links & Content Summary


>Star Citizen Official YT

>Other games you can play while waiting for SC and ED to become real games:

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How do we stop 3.1 from coming out?

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Give those size 2 weapons back CIG

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Where the fuck are material traders?

You can upgrade to the superior racing ship for only $35 to get S2 weapons.

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Fug, there's so many engineers, I didn't realise.. It's insane..

Are you able to transfer materials between ships you want to upgrade? Or do you have to grind with the ship itself for the upgrades?

Is there a place to trade for materials??


Select Material Trader under Has Facilities and then type in your location

Materials are stored in a magical location that follows you around no matter what ship you are in

the engineer grind isn't as bad as you might think.
material storage is tied to your CMDR and you don't lose any mats when you get blown up.
you can trade mats for other mats at certain stations (see )

Which game and why?

I like to see where I'm going

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Fuck the devs who thought your ability to see is a good method of balance and fuck the people who support them in this endeavor.

Ah that's awesome, thanks.

Is that supposed to be half of an i-courier?

Cutter blocking mailslot

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That is a very pretty jpeg

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Invitation and rank progression missions are broken currently so i'm not sure how many engineers are accessible right now to people who haven't already unlocked them. I know liz ryder and by extension hera tani are fucked. There's a huge sticky thread about it on the forums. Pretty funny that what little meaningful progression the game has is broken.

>not rubbing lemons in your eyes and breaking your wrists before you start a session
Wow. Spoiled millenials these days.

What is the worst ship in the game and why is it the Fer De Lance?

I'd like to hear why you think that.

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Yeah I haven't played since the first year before horizons and beyond.

I had 4 or 5 engineer invitations when I logged on though.

only 4 more years till the SC beta

I didn't know it was 2022 already
How long did I sleep?

>the engineer grind isn't as bad as you might think.
A different user but it's even worse than I thought. It such a pain to go do all these different things to get all the materials to do just one certain mod you want.

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Are you daft?

>What is the worst ship in the game and why is it the Fer De Lance?
What are you trying to explore in it?

You can hit 2k fucking shields with good agility and speed. Every other combat medium is a hull tank. Meanwhile you have a huge regenerating healthbar. On top of that you have a devestating class 4 slot for fucking shit up.

The fdl is a top tier ship that fights well un engineered. Throw in engineering and you end up with a deadly ship that fucks anyone up.

Is Dav's hope still a good place to get mats?

Alternatively there is this:


>can only show traders in general
>not specific traders like "manufactured" etc.

This is absolutely fucking useless.


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December 31st when 3.4 drops


for real?

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Then check in game for fuck sake, the galaxy map can filter for services and colour codes for which kind of material trader/tech broker there is.

The in-game map only shows material traders for stations you've visited, not all the ones that exist.

What if Zucc actually is an investor and paid to have his face scanned?
>FB integration in SC

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Shortly after all sorts of retarded NPC spawns got enabled on the server and it shat itself.

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Is combat still shit? Does it stutter and jerk constantly in combat still?

Remember that post like last thread about wheels falling off?

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Well thats bullshit, because it says theres a manufactured material trader at FT PISCIUM, yet swapping to visited stars filter, I've never been to that system before.

The headlights on this thing are garbage

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Show me one ship with good lights, I double dog dare you!

>mfw I finally broke 200m assets
>type-9 soon for quick easy trade credit refills
>python soon
>engineered fdl soon

Feels good to be getting to the point in the game where it's not a constant struggle to keep up with rebuy costs, and I have good enough ships to take most missions.

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>Nips playing ED
Didn't think this would be their style

Anyone? Are you just running cargo and avoiding combat or something?

>Restricted slots (civilian / military) should accept fuel tanks.
>AFMU & Fuel Scoops should have greater than 0 mass.
>Higher grades of hull plating should have resistances.
>Lightweight plating should have mass, subtract it from hull mass.

In SC? Broken.

In ED? Combat works.

I was asking about SC still. I've been first a first wave tester since there were waves, but I'm locked out of this for not subbing or spending $1000 on jpegs. Dual Universe doesn't seem that scammy by comparison. At least they are upfront that you have to pay extra for access.

Dunno, I haven't tried it in 3.1 yet and the flight model changes aren't in yet according to the patchnotes. At least performance is decent now, unless interdictions are enabled. When they are active there are constant fps drops.

So, it's exactly the same but they got the fps up slightly at PO? Got it, thanks.

Nigger just wait for live or until PTU is open for more people.

Some of the ptu videos have shown that some of the flight model changes are actually in. Lateral thrusters for instance have a lot less power and ships take off a lot slower now.

They better not fuck with skimmer missions again. They're actually fun and the pay is reasonable considering they take skill to execute now.

With no interdictions I was getting relatively consistent ~25fps at Olisar and 35-40 everywhere else on a populated server. On a new server earlier I got 50+ everywhere until they enabled NPCs, which spawned en masse around Olisar for some reason, and interdictions. Then the framerate on Daymar dropped to ~25 with occasional dips to fucking nothing.

Dual Universe will probably be DOA, and SC isn't going to be "playable" for at least another year.

Well it is a test server and they are testing shit.

It's not a game until it can run at a stable 60fps @ 1440p.

I already sent my refund request. I'm done with this shit. I should have done it last march when they announced that they were starting planning on the patch that was supposed to be done 3 months before. I'll still play ED, but fuck this money grabbing feature creep shit. The whole "put in the work and you will be rewarded" is fucking horseshit.
I was getting 25 fps with npcs before.

Video games don't exist.

At least E:D runs at a stable 120fps @ 1440p, and has only crashed once on me in 200 hours of gameplay.

Good for you, fuck off now.

I'm usually 144+ unless I'm in a station, then it's still at least 90.
Eat a dick, stupid cultist.

I have it capped at 120 just for smoothness sake, I can't honestly tell the difference between 120hz and 144hz.

Using Nvidia's recommended settings for the GTX1080, my FPS rarely drops below 110 even in stations.

Oh, you're just that faggot that spams how he's gotten a refund every couple of threads. Literally OBSESSED.

It's a combo of AA and superscaling. If I leave it a 100% and no AA, then it's lock 144. the 125% scaling is what's fucking me in the station, but I can't really tell. It's smooth across the slot, and as high as I could push max settings.
No AA and higher superscaling just tanked the frames down into the 60s in station. This is a gtx1070 btw.

First refund request. I didn't know that was even a thing except for all the people posting their experience, so go ahead and keep being paranoid. It's a side effect of the cult.

Supersampling is the most demanding graphics feature. I was running 1.25 for a while, but my framerate sometimes dipped down to

Thats to be expected of supersampling to be honest, its an incredibly intensive feature

Glad someone else saw it too.

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>A jump optimized Anaconda stuffed with fuel tanks can make Colonia with only 10 x 5:00 refills.

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I saw a pair of nips in large ships back when I visited some ayy lmao ruins some time ago

>Side effect of the cult
More like a side effect of having to deal with you literal homosexuals shitposting daily, stay obsessed.

These are my settings now. The FOV is maxed also.
>n..no y-you

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The problem with that is it calculates your route based on your initial fuel load. While you would have more outright range, you would spend your entire trip making tiny jumps as your ship got lighter and lighter because the map doesn't account for your ship getting lighter and getting more range as the trip progresses.
If you want that to work, you have to recalculate your route each jump and compensate for the fuel you use to get the most benefit. You can probably cut a couple refueling stops out that way.

Yeah, getting the most of it would definitely require you to re-plot your route at least every several jumps. Still not bad, considering the alternatives for making the 22kly trip.

Are Thargoids permanently hostile now? I checked a class 6 source and was attacked by a bunch of thargoid fighters.

Probably every 1/4 tank at least. You might miss a couple optimum jumps, but it will definitely get you further than just taking the route it gives you.

Read the OP. The scoots are always hostile.

The real struggle isn't credits but engineering and the ever growing material costs.

I wish they got rid of those stupid tilt engine.
Even if they change nothing else in the design, those have got to go

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I thought I was the only one who feels this way. It’s feels like out of place

Engineering isn't "required" unless you want to be PvP competitive against other engineered players. It's intended for ships that you want to hyper-specialize, or keep for a long time.

The idea being that you tweak your favorite ship over time, instead of instantly min-maxing everything you buy.

Engineering is absolutely required for the higher end combat missions. You aren't about to go into a CZ in an unengineered Vulture and do anything but tag ships and run. If you want to do damage against dangerous and up npcs, you better have some serious shields and armor, not to mention a powerplant and drives that can keep up. To speak nothing of weapons.
Fuck off with your casual ass forum dad bullshit.

CZ's are completely doable in a non-engineered Vulture, you just have to get the death ball rolling quickly and bail when your shields get low. Fuck, I made money early on by jumping into low intensity CZ's in my Adder and Viper, picking off kills and getting out of the way fast if anything targeted me.

If you're expecting to just be able to plop into a CZ, not focus targets, fly like a retard, and roll it easily, I've got some bad news for you. You're a fucking brainlet. Vulture is a heavy fighter, it's well suited to picking on solo targets and flying in wings. Not dominating CZ's solo.

You can do any CZ or HazRes in a completely non-engineered FDL. Chieftain, Python, Federal Assault Ship, Clipper, etc, any of them will do. If it's a hull tank or you're running all ballistics you'll need to stop by the station more often for rearm+repair, but it's entirely doable with no engineering.

>Fuck off with your casual ass forum dad bullshit.

I'm not the one complaining that I need a minmaxed ship to do basic PVE combat retard. Maybe you're just actually bad at the game, and you should apply yourself to not being such a trash pilot.

My ranks are Expert-Broker-Ranger, assets of 200m, and I've never engineered a module. If you're really struggling that hard maybe you should play an easier game like FTL.

What the fuck

You're still a newfag at this game. If you think getting a medium ship means anything other than your rebuy just went up, I've got some bad news for you. Go ahead and take a stock fdl into a high intensity CZ or compromised nav beacon and start some shit. Take an elite assassination mission and go feel up an Elite Anaconda in wing with your stock assault ship.
You have no fucking idea because you can't do those mission right now. People with moderately engineered medium and large ships struggle to do those missions.
Just because you can make it from one side of the kiddie pool to the other doesn't mean you are ready for the big pool yet.

Why are you even surprised?

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>Go ahead and take a stock fdl into a high intensity CZ or compromised nav beacon and start some shit.
I already do this.

>Take an elite assassination mission and go feel up an Elite Anaconda.
And this too.

Sometimes a fight tips in the wrong direction, and then you bail. Or you die and eat the rebuy. Big fucking deal, part of the game. When you take Assassination missions above your rank, you should be expecting a hard if not impossible fight. I just did an Elite assassination in my FDL. Target was a Federal Corvette with two escorts. I was able to destroy the Corvette, and bailed right as my shields came down and the escorts brought my hull down to 80%.

Next one I took was an Anaconda with 5 escorts. I got the shields down, but had to flee. Just too much heat. Missions are varied, you don't know how tough the target is going to be or what their escorts will be. Sometimes you get lucky, score a big payout from a relatively easy mark. Sometimes you take a lower paying mission only to find an impossible fight. All part of the game.

If you're taking Wing missions solo and getting your shit pushed in, I think the problem is obvious. If people with engineered medium and large ships are struggling to do average solo assassination missions, I've got news for you. They're shit pilots with shit ship fittings. You sound like a whiny scrub faggot.

Go play something with a difficulty mode slider that you can slide all the way down to "mental midget", and you'll be fine.

so whats new in 3.1?

Such a newfag retard.
>Sometimes a fight tips in the wrong direction, and then you bail. Or you die and eat the rebuy. Big fucking deal, part of the game.
Yeah, for newfags that don't understand the game still. People that know what the fuck they are doing don't rebuy their ships. You're gonna feel real fucking stupid when you do some mild engineering and realize how much time you were wasting escaping easy shit by the skin of your teeth.

Some ships, half of which aren't done yet, and some performance improvements.
Oh, you can also turn your character into Zuckerberg now.

So proper, balanced gameplay to you is literally never dying and every fight being easy?

>Calling other people newfags that don't understand the game.
>Being so bad at the game that you can't even imagine playing without engineered ships.

Just uninstall.

>how much time you were wasting escaping easy shit by the skin of your teeth.

Breaking News! Engineering can make your ship better than it was before you engineered it! More at 11.

Dads get out.

so actually nothing really new?