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Latest expansion - Chronogenesis
Chronogenesis anniversary leaders - Albert, Cerberus, Dark General


>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>March nerfs/restrictions - No cards
>Rotation, formats, new class

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>This ONE CARD NO COMBO REQUIRED 6 PLAY POINTS free evolve Israfil is fine

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Post art that wouldn't make it into the game nowadays

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Come home, white man

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>wouldn't make it


Remember when TOG increased the number of legendaries from 1 to 2
Good times hahaha

When the game has 3 daily missions.

She's just wearing flowers, FLOWERS! Get this filthy hentai trash out of my honorabru prestigious, thinking man's e-sports game.

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>get absolutely destroyed by neutral shadow
most impressed i've been by an opponent in a while

>non-stop storm finishers made
>esports censoring of any card showing more than an ankle
>jew shit left and right with deck splitting and gacha leaders

I might just be done with this game

>there's redditors that will still defend and/or shill this trash game after all this shit

Now that we know white and black king are not leggos, who is going to be sword's second legendary?

Alexander reprint.

Cursed general 2.0

You already know the answer

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10 damage man reprint

An history on Shadowverse's jewery

Good times, game is fun and f2p
1 legendary per class
3 golds, 4 silvers, 5 bronzes per class

The start of the end, still jewery in sight
1 legendary per class
3 golds, 4 silvers, 5 bronzes per class

Jewery starts
2 legendaries per class
3 golds, 4 silvers, 4 bronzes per class

Let's add gacha to jew our players even more
2 legendaries per class
3 golds, 3/4 silvers, 4 bronzes per class

Maximum jewery
3 legendaries per class (one delayed) (???)
2 golds, 3 silvers, 4 bronzes per class

>1 year later
17 legendaries per class
5 of them being delayed for mini-content
0 golds, 0 silvers, 0 bronzes per class (the fuck are those?)

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>Think I'm playing against Artifact Portal
>Motherfucker topdecks Noah for exact lethal
I hate this.

>let me get delicious legendary later because i can afford to pay for it
Western logic :^)

>3 pp 3/3
>choose either storm to all commanders, or ignore ward to officers


>3 legendaries per class (one delayed) (???)
8 out of 17 of the new cards will be legendaries for all classes (no neutral)
So 2 legendaries per class for the first 2 months, then another extra one per class when the new content arrives

Her smile and optimism: Gone

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I'm not happy about this trend of ignore ward cards. Why even have ward? It's not like the game already has a shit ton of face damage and removal or anything.


56371 Concede please


why are erika and the hag such shit leaders?

>warned for asking for a translation
what did soypockets mean by this?

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Thanks Oz

This site is becoming leddit

Phew, qualified for finals. That was stressful. You get the sleeve just from getting there, right?

Fer my frens!
Yer fine now!

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Mods are mainly redditors. You can get banned for using the evil N-word too.

No, you have to win at least one game and if you lose the first you're out.
Thank you.

You gotta win one game and you have one try. good luck.

>You get the sleeve just from getting there, right?

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>1 year later 17 legendaries per class 5 of them being delayed for mini-content 0 golds, 0 silvers, 0 bronzes per class (the fuck are those?)
Are you stupid or something? There's 7 copies of the 1 Bronze per set and 1 copy of the 1 Silver per set per pack.

Umm, here's a thought for y'all. How about not being racist for a change? kthxbye

you have to go back

This is not your hugbox soyboy. You have to go back.


Who thought that was a good idea? Ramp up the rewards after each win, sure, but one unlucky game and that's it, no sleeve. I'm sure these threads will be fun come finals.

You have one sudden death round for 5 days each day. You need to win at least one of them and you get the sleeve.


Oh 5 days? That's fine then. I haven't even used a ticket/paid yet.

>last 4 of my GP attempts were 3/5

>The Final Stage consists of one sudden-death round that can only be attempted once.
>can only be attempted once

>1:00 p.m., March 23 to 1:00 p.m, March 25 (PT)
The sudden death round lasts two days but you can only attempt it a single time.

And then she won agaist a Daria with that same sword deck in rotation

My bad I understood wrong, its from March 23 to march 25. But it says 5 matches so I don't know what's up with that.

You keep playing up to 5 matches until you lose once

What's the peak time for JP players so I know when to avoid it?

Man, that Spinny was easily the cutest cosplay they ever had in rage. It's a shame she was there to represent CG so unlike the leaders she's probably not gonna appear again or if she does it will be in a different costume.

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How are nips reacting to final stage being sudden death bullshit?
Any chances they pressure KMR into at least lowering the bar for sleeves from 1 to 0 wins?

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Well then. Can't wait to get denied my sleeve by a perfect curved Daria.

Wait, so the final stage last for 2-3 days and you can only play a round and be done with it?

Final stage is the same as the first two stages except if you lose once, you're out

The only way to get the sleeve is to win at least 1 game

You play until you lose. Once you lose, you're out for good.

For fuck's sake
>you can only play a round and be done with it?


It means you play 5 matches and you can only do it once, stupid ESLs.

That's literally what I said, retard

You can't play 5 matches if you lose though.

his wording was more clear, retard

>People still misundertand the announcement
>People still think if you lose once you're out
>People still think "sudden death" means "if you lose you're out" instead of "you can only the round of 5 matches once"

>when your 5-0 in T2 is stopped because after killing your opponent's Israfil and running him out of cards he topdecks Jungle Warden


>merely pretending

No, you said "up to" which means you can't read English properly. You do 5 regardless, you can only do the set of 5 once.

You clearly don't know english if you don't understand what sudden death means. Go back to school.

They just used the wrong expression

Now that puppet portal has a staple legend, is there a rotation deck that DOESN'T require 3 copies of a lego to work out? (Preferably not neutral or aggro, could still be a meme)

It has been confirmed multiple times that when you lose once, you're out.

When you're proven wrong never post in this general again.

Speak of the devil, I just lost to a perfect daria curve, who swarmed the board, dariad, swarmed it, dariad again. Very fun. I'm sure I'll feel even better about it when the loss matters more.

When has there ever been a non-aggro deck with no legendaries? Dshit?

I really wish you were right but that's simply not the case.

When you're proven wrong kys yourself

In case even isn't clear enough: shadowverse.jp/column/detail.php?id=post-5951

Cygames now tries to even make lego staples in aggro. Look at aggro forest. The white monkey is gonna be a staple there now, and possibly new Vania for aggro unlimited blood as well.

You can run Aggro without the Insect tho. Is recommendable to use him but not a must.

So around what times should I be picking fights? I've heard noon in Jap time is good for fighting scrubs. 10pm-12pm as well.

We in dere, boyz. Can't wait to get my shit pushed in first game of final but at least I have the emblem guaranteed now and a sliver of a chance at the sleeves.

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>forget to put nip voices after changing back to english

Every fucking time

Why did you change?
Do you need to do it for the reward from voting?

I don't think I ever lost against Neutral Blood in rotation ranked before but my most recent 3-2 loss in Grand Prix was an A ranked that went first and curved to perfectly into turn 6 lethal it was like playing unlimited.

>Dragon uses queen combo
>lose because dragoon scyther has storm for last 2 damage
man what a fucking joke

Any famitsu scans yet? It's officially realeased now and I want to see what all the Orchis tokens look like.

Post yours, judge others.

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Cute birtua chuutuba IKUZOs at incredible hihg speed.


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We have to go back

fuck off Jack

What do I think about the new expansion?