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Ongoing events
>Bye bye, see you tomorrow ~Memories of the Kamihama Large Residential Complex (3/23 23:59 JST)
>Fully Voiced Main Story Chapter 2 and Challenge.
>Daily medals and medal shop for 200 days release (3/9 ~ 3/31 23:59 JST)

Recently released
>Aino Mito (4* Forest Balanced AABCC)
>Ibuki Reira (3* Fire Balanced ABCCC)
>Sousui Seika (2* Water Support AABBC)

Incoming Event:
>The howa-howa girl tries her best!~Wait, this is a misunderstanding!~(Starts 3/23 17:00 JST)
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>Kozue Mayu (4* Water Magia AABBC) (Released 3/23 17:00 JST)
Upcoming Memoria
>4* Passive Memoria: "I can do a serious face as well, you know?"(Released 3/23 17:00 JST)
>3* Active Memoria: Part-time at the Art Museum(Released 3/23 17:00 JST)
Reminder to trade 200 gems for 10 tickets in the shop each month, saving you 50 gems on one 10 roll.

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Homura my wife and we're happily married !

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I'm Homura's wife and we're both in love!

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ded like Ren's virginity

I am literally IN LOVE with Homura. She is my wife and only mine, forever. I make her the happiest.

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How long until we take refuge in mbgg?
How mad would Nips be if Ren really wasn't a virgin?

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>died in less than 24 hours
Somebody is salty.

>you faggots let it die edition

This game is dead. Japan hates it for having a trash story and bad writing, it makes barely any money, the VAs don’t care about it. It’s time to disband once and for all. There is nothing on the horizon.

I have a power outage you faggots. Phoneposting is a pain especially since I can barely run the game by itself.

fuck off

>Letting the thread die
You guys failed, no excuses this time.

>last post was hour ago
Nah, the janitors were extra salty. I've seen thread last longer without dying.

Well, that's also always a possibility.

True last thread. Never forget.

Hello, dumb female master from last night again
I rolled a 2 star to begin with, is this okay...? Or does everyone roll it?

Don kill the general this time, 2nd time this has happened.

Rate my PvP team /pmmm/

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7.8/10 too much water

Was is the forced pull during tutorial or the 10 pack you get for finishing chapter 1?

You can't pull better than 3-stars during the forced pull and it seems that usualy it's a 2-star.

4-stars is the best you can pull from gacha as 5* is gated behind upgrading girls.

I did a forced and I pulled another one just now. So you get a free 10 pull for finishing chapter 1?

I blame people joining the Red dit discord and stop posting for the general death.

Homura has no friends


10 packs are better than 10 regular pulls, so get 10 packs whenever you can (mitama sells a discounted 10 pack for 200 gems that you can buy once per each month; for reference 10 pack costs 250 if using gems).

They basically have a guaranteed magical girl and guarantee at least one 3-star pull (though it can also be memoria).

10 pack is about 1% more likely to have a SSR than 10 normal pulls.

You can theoretically reroll thanks to this free 10 pack but even if you know what you're doing it will take probably half an hour, more if you don't know, since chapter 1 is 12 battles to go through.

i mean 4-star for reference; gacha terminology.

Anyway remeber to always save gems for the mitama deal as you pretty much save 50 gems every time you do it.


Homura gave up all her friendships when she became the devil.

Also for reference, you claim the 10 pack manually, from quest list (the scroll button on the main menu)

Cross over when?

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Ah, I see.
So it's after all the chapters in part one?

Another cross over I would like is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

I still love her.

Okay, here goes...

Here's something for reference.

reddit also has "how to play magireco as a poor college student" which is basically a f2p guide.

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Give to me straight, bros.
How am I looking?

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No 4 star, it's shit.

>no 4 star
I mean you can try going on without 4-star for now, but they help a lot.

oh yeah let's not forget about the pity counter.
pulling 100 times on a banner will guarantee a 4-star
the thing is, it's banner specific so it doesn't carry over between special banners; once the banner ends you're back at 0 (pulling a random 4-star will also reset the number). meaning that you would have to hoard jims.
if you don't want to hoard them, roll in the regular gem gacha since that banner is always around so it never resets.

Konoha is a cute father.

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For reference, ピックアップ is the one that frequently changes and resets the counter, while レア is constant.

What kind of things are Felicia and Sana exposed to while living with Yachiyo and Iroha?

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Yes and since you are new would suggest rolling on the story banner because of the counter. Magireco has a pity 4* system being on your 100's roll on that banner you will get a 4*. If you roll on a event banner its going to be reset and now counted towards anything.

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Sana is so invisible that even the things she touches start to become invisible.

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love homura

That's a good question, my question would be everything she touches turns invisible. People would panic if they saw some random object flying around.

Cute things, obviously. They are cute girls, after all.

What would happen with Kyouko and Nana Abe switch places for a day?

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Felicia needs more cute things in her life!

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I love Konoha and Homu's faces here

But she a tomboy , she into guy things like dragon ball.

Tomboys should bake cakes and wear frilly dresses

Tomboys are for
Getting in fights with her
Playing sports with her
Watching kung-fu movies with her and trying to copy the moves
Teasing her and laughing when she gets mad and pouts
Letting her pin you so you can feel her body pressed against yours
Flipping her back over so that you can stare into each other's eyes
Protecting her from bullies even though you know she can handle herself
Walking home with her at sunset after a long day of running around and getting into trouble
Cheering her on and always supporting her, win or lose
Throwing her a victory barbeque where you make all her favorite foods
Massaging her legs, shoulders, and back
Holding her close and telling her you love her
Reassuring her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world when she gets jealous of the more feminine girls
Accepting all of her girlish sensibilities, no matter how much she hates you finding out about them
Patting her head
Getting caught in the rain during a cross country run and having to huddle together with her under an abandoned bus stop waiting for it to pass
Holding her hand in public
Making her try on cute dresses when you're out on a date even though you know she'll never buy one
Buying her sexy black lace lingerie, only for her to wear spats over them
Tracing your finger over the tanlines she got during the summer and feeling how warm her skin is
Having her jump into your arms and kiss you after spending time apart over vacation
Introducing her to your parents
Carrying her over the threshold of your new home to start a life together while she punches you in the shoulder and pouts that she can walk just fine herself
Gently laying her down on the bed
Whispering into her ear how much she means to you while caressing her toned body
Spending an entire night making passionate love to each other
Raising a new generation of tomboys with
Loving unconditionally as you grow old together
These are the things that tomboys are for

Are you prepare for the upcoming event? What do you have planned for the 150 battles everyone?

But guys like cute girls doing cute things.

I'm lost without my strong whale supports

Double Dokes

I've got a few 5 stars, Madoka and Iroha for healing, but most except Iroha have only one memoria slot which will probably go towards HP regen.

Just using my mirror team and changing the memoria for healing should be enough. Pretty much nothing can kill anyone if we start harder missions with 5 doppels.

I have NY Madoka and 3 healing memoria, emergency leveling up Manaka as well.

I have both Madoka's and Madoka's 4* memorial. I think I'll be fine.

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>tempted to roll for the Bygone Time reprint
>the new girl is really cute too
>but I need to save to multi slot the next god tier limited

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I am going to use Sayaka +1 team. The support could be Rena, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, or even Kako.

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Tomboys are for convincing yourself you're not gay

You must use Sayaka alone

Kind of makes me want them to do some "choose your 4" ticket for the anniversary even if it's paid.

I don't thing Magia effects will remain after you finish a quest, so going with solo survive Sayaka will leave you with 1 HP for the start of next quest. If you don't have your magia bar full, you're fucked.

It's her punishment

I could try, but it is a bit waste not to use any connect at all.

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I love you, /pmmm/!

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You guys are just fucking retards who only care about posting stupid pics about that I'm so sad so pity me shit Homura while all the discussions are ignored

MadokaHomura OTP

Excuse me but you have it the other way around. I ignore Homura pics.

Homura did nothing wrong.

Yes, she did do something wrong.

Homu made everyone happy except herself.

Who is going to do all those things with Akira?

I love you too!

more than sure the images are just for bumping the general because we never reach image cap.

I fucking hate Akira, she spooked me so many times.

Just a friendly reminder for anyone who didn't see it.

Please help with name suggestions.

Looking at back suggestions so far.... Fate guessing either general, /yyy/, and /llsifg/. /yyy/ and /llsifg/ managers have both message me.

Forgot to add but I will be giving moemura a horn being Magia and feel free to ask me anything.

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>spooked by a 2 star
It's your own fault for not being able to distinguish the animation for a 4 star.

What if he wanted Queen Nanaka?

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I always skip the first the first animation.

Me too, it's more disappointing if you already know it's not going to be a 4*.

Reposting user's list of girls with HP recovery.


You are like me but I don't look at the video when you first pull. Don't wanna see the images and get upset on the spot.

I'm talking about when the card itself actually appears on screen. You can differentiate between a 2/3 star versus a 4 star quite readily.

Yeah, don't wanna get too disappointed.
What was the difference again? I don't roll often.

4* has rainbow lines while 2/3* dont.

I don't get it.

I leave for 1 week and you guys let a thread die.

No more.


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Are you leaving for real user.
The effect of Homura's (supercute) memoria is called Mesmerize (Mezumaraizu in katakana), Hazuki and Achishi call it Meshimazuraisu.

Meshi as in food? Is it some kind of reference to Konoha's lack of cooking ability?

Not really, I lost the link but I saw the pic in the artist's twitter. He commented that he initially misread the effect.

The artist just says they always have a hard time reading it

Coincidentally enough, I actually have that memoria equipped on my Konoha.

Don't die /pmmm/

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