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Cat thing-thing edition.

>Patch Notes

> Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks mostly correct and valid until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

>Information about chests and when to open them

>Book locations for dumb people.

>Performance guide

>Mega of shit:

>Vermintide lore


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Reminder that drakefire pistol niggers are shitters and should fucking hang.


is sienna teaching kruber how to fucc?

is that why they're not in the image

t. ass hurt elf that got his ranged kills circle stolen
Hows that fire in your ass? Bet it feels like grudges repaid, you friendly firing faggot.

Nobody plays Sienna and Kruber charged off the cliff like usual.

What are the best weapons for Foot Knight?

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> Use my ebin drakefire pistols to deal with Hookrats when they grab my teammates
> Use my ebin Draykon Flaym Peestols to keel assassins when they throw hump at my teammates
> Team gets mad at me for friendly fire
> Fucking elves.
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys


I feel like little can best the 2h hammer in power and flexibility. Bop the chunks, swing at the chumps.

What I want to know is what melee weapon should Sienna use. I've been working with the nonfire sword so far, but I hear a lot of people are using mace in this game.

I want to cum inside the elf over and over again until one of us passes out.

so where do I sign up for players who are better than bots on legend?

Hammer or halberd. Ranged weapons don't really matter, pick whichever you prefer.

>t. ass hurt elf that got his ranged kills circle stolen

>dwarf is more useful than me waaaaaah im the special snowflake princess the circles are mine stop being useful meanie :(
t. (you)

> Fucking Elves
> Fucking Elves
> Fucking Elves
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys

Never forget.

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why do huntsmen, bounty hunters, sienna, and dwarves shoot me in the back 100% more than elves do

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Drakefire pistols are garbage and not useful at all.

What's wrong wutelgi, can't stand losing your circles?

you actually saved that stupid shit rant from however many threads ago? you really are ass hurt

How often do you think Kruber rails smug elf? I bet she's a screamer.

If Sienna is using the meme beam at least you get barely any damage from it so there's that.

Hello vet shitter.
Here's something you probably didn't know, being locked in Vet, and being a shitter, probably makes this hard to tell.
Drakefire pistols do AoE. This means area of effect. Which means they do damage outside of the bolts.
Drakefire pistols also do DoT. This means damage over time.
I know that this doesn't matter in Veteran, where shitters don't have to worry about friendly fire, but in champ and above it's very annoying to have your teammates constantly shooting you and doing damage over time to you because they're too shit at the game to use a good weapon.
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys.
Drakefire pistol dwarves kys.

Because elves run ahead to shoot everything before everyone else even reaches that area.


agreed. last night had the most insufferable piece of shit who would ONLY use drakefire pistols on champion and fired into peoples backs constantly causing FF, i'd be in front of the retard running towards a special and he would just unload into my back

Well here's a tip for you, friend.
You don't take FF damage when you're incapped by a leech, runner, or packmaster.

Drakefire pistol dwarves kys

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halberd or 2h hammer and handgun for sniping specials
i like mace on sienna for bopping chaos dudes when my beam staff isn't cutting it

I cant tell if the class is shit or if I am shit.

Are you really so bad that you can't avoid shooting your team? Classic elf.
Pistols are the best weapons for IB, period.

Got one today who didn't even try to avoid friendly fire. He'd just get behind me while I was killing a horde and fire while I was straight in front of him.

Drakefire pistol dwarves kys

>lot of people are using mace in this game.
I want to know why?
That weapon could be best-friend for Sienna but only if you swap order of swings.
Right now IIRC light attak is one target-wide swing-wide swing
Heavy is one target-wide swing.
Great weapon for stormwermins and other hard shit but horde will fuck you up.
If they ever change order on this so you can deal with both types it will be golden.

it's a high skill floor class
so you're shit
and so am I

Can the butthurt daggerear please put on a trip so I can filter your stupid replies.

does strength potion increase ranged damage or something because people always give me it

It literally is siennas best weapon specifically because of the order you shit heel.
Use a fucking staff for swarms.
Use a mace to bop hard motherfuckers in the head.

Hammer/Off Balance or Halberd/Swift Slaying, Blunderbuss with Scrounger or Handgun/don't actually know since you shouldnt use this because others deal with specials much better and the handgun fucking blows ass

Mace is good for bonking fuckers on the head for a lot of dmg. Its cleave is OK, its dmg is lower than expected but where it really really shines is the push attack. That thing hits hard and wide. Spam it on Unchained and everything dies while falling.

Fire Sword is amazing for permalocking stuff down while applying DoTs to them. Pretty good for general cleaving and honestly I find it the best all around general purpose weapon for Sienna.

that's what meme staff shotgun blast is for

Why are so many of you aroused by the thought of being gang raped by a horde of skaven?

I wouldn't call it that high, just you gotta know when not to fulfill your oath.

> Fucking Elves

use the hammer as a secondary backup 'oh shit' weapon because axes have shit stamina

use the stacking cooldown and you can have 99% uptime on your F
use uninterruptible attacks and you can hit the hordes faster than they can hit you

your block push attack move pierces armour just like your charge attack

>fucking dawi stealing my circles
LMAOing at your LIFE knife-ears

> Fucking Elves

stop bullying elves

str pot increases all damage done, unless something changed from vt1, but as far as i have noticed in over 250 hours it works the same

Tell me about Hammer VS Halberd then. So far I like using a Halberd due to it's long range and excellent cleaving potential. Tell me about the pros and cons of both and how they compare to each other.

So is there any reason why the beam staff burst does as much damage as a fully charged bolt while causing less heat and being way easier to land and infinitely more spamable?
This is not okay.

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Don't forget the best webm.

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Easy, because you're playing the elf.

Is there a minimum range for melee weapons to work? or is my FoV causing this shit?
Enemies always clip through my hits and hit me from behind.

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Would you rather beam sniper shot be worse or bolt sniper shot be better?
I would rather the latter. I'm not super okay with there only being a single weapon worth using on sienna.
I'd still probably use the beam though, the combo shotgun/dps/sniper mechanics is simply too versatile.


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I moved my FOV up from default to 100, best setting imo. What do you run?
BTW melee weapons have different ranges.

Kruber is best team Dad. Bardin is the cool uncle.

we're not the godly society we use to be

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Isn't the extra stagger worth it at 25 better value because it even knocks back rot helms?

>IB on team
>shield and axe
Why do people do this? We are effectively playing with one less player because "me tank me jus push wif sheld" isn't beneficial at all. Why can't they use proper ranged weapons like the drakefire pistols/gun or even the raker. Same thing goes for melee, why be a complete waste of a spot when you can use onehanded hammer, twohanded hammer or even the twohanded axe? Slayers are unironically more useful than these "people".

Post webms

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So a friend of mine is going to start playing the game, how do I play with him without making the game easier? If I open recruit chests on an alt character what gear level will they be?

I like how she teases him

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I would rather a warm body that is alive to bait attacks away from me than compete for de-aggro with a shitty non-element against specials and the majority of bosses
> But some players are good!
Yeah. Some.

Pick a shitty class on purpose.

>drakefire dwarf in the game
>spend the entire match ablaze

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try playing slayer or some other meme career
you can try not being a spoon feeding little bitch as far as recruit boxes go

Someone post the youtube video about slayer bardin.

I just cant win legend with pubs, please help

1. Axe+shield is great
2. Yeah, drakkfire pistols>handgun on IB every day

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>walk in front of guy shooting
>wtf why am i getting shot

But I'm talking about enemies being right in front of me. In this case it would be minimum distance range as in enemy needs to be x units away from me to get a hit registered.

>kruber dies
>elf says for Krubers sake, I hope Sigmar is real
Is this new? Or is it just a rare voice line

>off balance


Fast, long range, good damage, pierces armor well for how fast it is, excellent when using light attack > block and repeat that for good cleave, decent boss damage, low amount of crowd control, slightly prone to phantom hits

Slower, infinite cleave on small enemies, amazing damage on light attacks vs armor, good crowd control, bad boss damage

Both weapons are great and it mostly comes down to either preference or what the team is lacking. If you're the only tank you should probably go with the hammer so you can crowd control better. I tend to use the hammer because I find it to be more reliable.

> teammates holding a chokepoint against a swarm
> start firing my AoE DoT weapon into the crowd
> user posts his frustrations on 4chins
> Fucking Elves

besides you don't even need to be in front of bardin to get him by his fucking drakefires
and he also makes it much harder for actual players (elf, saltz, sienna) to actually clear more than the couple rats he does

A little bit of both probably. Right now the beam is just way too good. It would've already been the best horde killing staff in the game trumping both the conflag staff and burying the flamestorm staff under a pile of shit with the shotgun blast alone. The beam burst also makes it both the best special sniping staff and the best boss DPS staff on top of it. There's just no reason to use anything else.

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I'm p sure that was in the first game.

its used to make up for the shit boss damage and works very well
>walk up to boss and let him hit you
>boss now melts because of the trait
if you think another trait is better please let me know because this shit is really good

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why do people quit when the party wipes? you still get exp for failed runs.

I think that was in the first one.
As for this game I like how she goes
>Kruber, keep going like that and I might lose my bet~
when Kruber goes on a rampage. Does my benis something wonderful

>legend emperor chest
>3 blue charms
>legend emperor chest
>2 blue necklace 1 orange charm
>legend emperor chest
>3 blue charms

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She's clearly tsundere for him


>intact fingers version

>recruit's peasant coffer
>two cosmetics and a red

>Hear MINE in the distance
>everyone dies 1 by 1 to specials and the mob trying to chase and kill the loot rat

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I know, right? The accent and the teasing tone is magical

Second most legit way to die after "fuck you - Legend"

There are other enemies too "shit heel" and being forced to use one and only staff is a sign of fucked up class.
Elf 2h sword is good all arounder, light for swarms, heavy for headshots on armoured.

How do you deal with a team that refuses to pick up tomes and grimoires on easy maps?

>break down like 10 weapons
>not a single weapon scrap
well ok

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> Elf gets an all rounder melee and specialized ranged instruments - ok
> Wizard gets an all rounder staff and specialized melee instruments - not ok