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I only read moege

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that is a nice butt


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I don't even read VNs.

me too

What a coincidence. I just got to this part


Irru/Trip, you are good guys

I love 12 year old french bunnies.

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I only read imoutoge

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Whoever willingly chooses to come outside is a fucking homo

I love Suzu

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every single one of then

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Renna's route is giving me multiple heart attacks, I don't know if I'll survive /vn/

Suzu's so damn cute and sexy at the same time. I want to impregnate her.

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I fucking love VNs!!!

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lets fuck

Maya append when my man

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Fuck off.

If you don't like VNs then what the fuck are you doing in /vn/?

>breaking me up

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About a week

what was the game where you fuck some cute trains called again?

shitposting, loliposting, ritual posting
you name it - I do it all bro, no one besides you likes vns here

Maki's route

>I'd like spend time

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Not soon enough

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Well I expected more, Yuuri was a cute as I thought, but I can't help but feel like through the entire route I was thinking 'something BIG is about to happen', then the scene ended and nothing happened, and the next one would start and I again was expecting some crazy drama to go down, and again it didn't, then the credits start rolling and I'm asking myself if this is really all.
What I'm getting from these routes is that they seriously could use a fandisk, none of them really feel finished, with maybe the exception of Mio's, I'm pretty sure if Yuuri wasn't so damn adorable I'd have enjoyed this a lot less.
Only missing Tina and Konami now, but desu not really sure if I want to do then, both of them are cute but I don't feel I'll really enjoy reading either.

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Please Take A Seat

what is the gayest moege?

>shitposting, loliposting, ritual posting, chuuniposting, kakeposting, memposting, etc...

user, turno your hiki-mode off. /vn/ without shitposting ins't /vn/

Does /vn/ even exist anymore?

yep. That drama felt either incomplete or unnecessary. I still cant tell if the whole thing was a prank.
> pretty sure if Yuuri wasn't so damn adorable I'd have enjoyed this a lot less.

The fuck truth, but jesus christ is she the cutest anime grill in a while.

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is Mio's route good?

Hadaka Shitsuji

Nah, this is a thread from redit with the /vn/ skin mode.

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>leddit is filtered again
based notmoot

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>when you don't know if the grammar is supposed to be bad because children

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Konami route is weird man
>I rejected my sister yesterday
>I guess I'll let her suck my dick so she can cheer up
Oh shit nigger what are you doing?

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Ao patch soon?

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? It's just this one time.

I wouldn't say is good but is not bad either, the drama was dumb and it felt like they shoved it there so they could finish the route, it's okay but I'd prefer if they made it longer and actually developed Mio's phobia and the steps to curing it

Seriously, I think she just became one of my top 3 cutest VN heroines

Whos your other two?

Elevens btfo

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Ai's mom says "Young Fisherwoman" in the backlong but it just says "Young" in the box yanno

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>reminder that no matter how hard you believe, SukiSuki and Tsujidou WagaHigh FDs are never coming out in English

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My dick hurts guys

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SukiSuki is comoing next month my man

I'd marry a dude for money desu

I've never read any fandiscs, how do they work? Do they continue from where the original VN ends?

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>SukiSuki suck, Tsujidou doesn't have the best girls in the FD and WagaHigh was funny but boring.
Why I would care?

I don't want /vn/ to bully me for my shit taste
Ritsuko(PE) and Kotone (boob wars)

I heard VNs aren't doing too well in Japan, this might be the last year for them

no shame there nigga. I can respect both of those choices.

Just keep fapping lad. It stops hurting.

They are usually after stories for the main game's heroines to give more H-scenes and lovey-dovey moments and will typically have bonus routes for popular side heroines

I love Kings especially Arthur!

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yes user, after 2018 all of the companies will collectively close down.

Ritsuko is best PE

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Just like how video games haven't been produced since the "Great Video Game Crash of 1983".

Can't beat the cock

What other girls would you want in a Tsujidou fansidc? Only one I can think of is maybe Hanako and the nurse as a joke route, not a real one. Kumi's too gay and Tiara lel. Who else is there?

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>Married through the whole FD
>Doesn't call Masaia anata or danna-sama or any other variation
>Not even a single housewife roleplay
I'll never not be mad

Hanako, Mii, Makoto

I like Renna but I don't know if I can forgive her for shit talking Monshiro

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cheating whoooooooooooooooooooore

If that wasn't enough, immediately after is when I just couldn't continue the fucking route
>Ok, I'll give you a chance
>horking my dong nonwithstanding
>but we have to keep this quiet, got it?

And after that I read Mio's route and got pissed at there being 3 h-scenes in an hour's timespan, And this is like an hour and a half into the route, and there are no scenes further on, and then didn't want to bother with Tina's route if this was the way its going. I liked Ann's and Yuuri's route nonetheless.

I nearly got admitted to the hospital at that last scene.

She wasn't my favorite in the vanilla game, but her fandisc route was exactly how a fandisc epilogue should be. I couldn't stop grinning while playing it.

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very excellent taste

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It's cool, she's just jelly

Tina's route is fine if those were your issues with the other ones. If there's a real issue with it, it's the ending but it's fine.

Lying to yourself is very unhealthy user

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I should really get around to doing the after stories in PE's fandisc

you realize their marriage wasn't official right?

Yeah, the MC makes that kind of comparison several times. How she sounds both dignified and cool but that at the same time it's an adorable sound.

Hanako, Mokoto and the class rep.

That's interesting because that's how I felt about Chiho. Had no strong feelings for her in the main game but the fandisc route completely turned me around on her

What are you waiting for, get to it my man

Wanting a Makoto route is like wanting a Yamato's mom or Ageha route

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>spoilers got fucked up with spoiler-in-a-spoiler
Time to die.

I'll give it a try then after I finish rereading Noble Works. Hopefully wont get my finger stuck in a blender.

Does that mean that I can feel in love with a 2D Makoto?

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Most of the anons here have completely given up on 3D, what kind of response are you expecting?

>Wanting a Makoto route is like wanting a Yamato's mom or Ageha route

I want both of those though.
And a Makoto route.
I will be Ai's new papa

Chiho too. That ending was adorable, and her H scenes in it were great.

Real fucking shame Rise's epilogue was hot garbage

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looking for a better data extractor. also looking into ways to better myself in general.

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Superior butt

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I think most of us here are also being ironic

>Wanting a Makoto route is like wanting a Yamato's mom or Ageha route
Make it a prequel story about her and her husband and how they fell in love. I'd read it.

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But Hadaka Shitsuji has a het ending.

I'll just sit next to these elementary students.

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Drink beer!


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even better butt

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