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Kul'Tiran female edition


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Blood of Sargeras to gold:
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First for /ourguy/ edition

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>when you donate your entire monthly income ($5) to your favourite streamer

is there a better feel lads?

Daily reminder that nobody here is worth talking to

daily reminder kul tiran women have an almost impossible body composition and blizzard really should do a pass to make them look actually real

what class do you think /ourguy/ plays
what class do you think ant plays?

Obvious bait but you'll get 10 (You)s anyway

have you paid your respect to your king today, wowg?

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Anthony plays a Troll Hunter with a sloth pet named Gregg

i want to cuddle a cloud serpent dragon

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Have you ever argued lore with someone and at one point pointed out how fucking stupid Blizzard was with something, but then your opponent kept arguing on the lore point without batting an eyelash and you realized there are actually people out there who will suck off every little lore tidbit Blizzard says without even questioning Blizzard's decisions whatsoever?

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>When he says your name in the stream

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Hey guys rate my alliance tattoo :)

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Pretty much everyone I've met and interacted with from /wowg/ have been pretty nice and good people desu

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why is that girl so hairy

you kinda sound like

my head canon > your lore

even if its shit, if blizzard makes it, that means its real and part of the world and the story. it doesn't matter if you like it or not

>its shit

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But are we not allowed to question Blizzard's decisions? It doesn't change what Blizzard does (actually, in some instances, it does), but we can at least show awareness when the story is shit.
Or do you think WoD is the best thing to ever happen to WoW?

>no clipping eyebrows
its shit

can anyone explain this shit? is he valorous or spineless?

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he is a deceitful slut

>its another no loot from antorus episode

>tank runs bombs into melee during garothi
>not dispelled on imonar/someone aims a lazer through the melee pack/someone sprints through tripwires while you're recovering from a lazer
>not healed on coven after getting 3 fulminatings phase 1 and out of CDs
>tank dying on argus adds and you getting one shot

>lol shitter why is your parse so bad, kick
>uploads logs

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>But are we not allowed to question Blizzard's decisions?

its encouraged, but at the end of the day certain things are set in stone until they are retcond

could you give an example?

friendly reminder that blizzard is going to force personal loot in BfA so they can slowly but surely reduce drop rates of items without people noticing

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>Mage Tower at 96

How long until 100 fellas? I want to do my mage tower tonight

>inb4 he hasnt done mage tower
yes i have you fucking nigger dont ever @ me again retard ive dont plenty of mage towers that u wouldnt even know about, agatha at least 6x and the tank one plenty of other times retard so try again fucking loser virgin bitch fuck u dude

i always feel like its bugged or some shit
>chest has gold in it
wtf man

how can you tell

Blue danger noodles WHEN?

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so all this bad stuff happened to you and no one else?


did all this bad stuff happen to everyone? why is your dps the worst?

haha alliance btfo once again

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People are going to be so mad when they don't get sneks.

good. tired of faggots with their priveleged loot system where if u arent fucking the GM you dont get loot

post fem vulpera

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>mage tower will come back up just in time for me to go out of town until monday

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And that is a good thing.

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t. gray parser

>they're probably going to give out the elite set to people who reached 2k these past few seasons
>don't have to wait for this season to come to a close
Well, that's nice of them.

It's sort of the can of worms they opened with the allied races thing.

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it happens to others yeah, but ruins your parse

How do I start playing




Everything after Warcraft 3

There are people who do that with everything a company does. There are blizzcucks among us right now that love the new leveling changes.

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>men are all 7' 200kg hulking muscle beasts
>women are some impossibly fat with weird allocation on their stomach while having muscular arms
It's like they originally had Kul'tiran women built like Dwarf women were but decided they needed fat female representation so grafted a belly to their skeleton, and replaced their leg models with two drumsticks and no ass

honestly i agree with what the article said. it's fine for there to be different body shapes in the game but it should be a slider rather than a separate race of fat people.

and there are also people why love some of the leveling changes but hate how fucking slow it is

Just like allied races, good idea terrible execution.

>Natalie Clayton

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male orc warrior

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We should have sliders for nearly everything 2bqh

If your wife looked like that you’d tie an anchor around yourself and jump overboard too.

I won't get into what it was specifically, but I was watching someone in guild chat today arguing with someone over a simple aesthetic thing that affects players in the game and three people ended up arguing from a lore perspective while the person was arguing "but this is what players want". It was a disconnect between someone arguing from a practical standpoint and a whole group that were arguing "IT'S NOT SUPPORTED BY LORE," even though there were instances of it supported in lore and Blizzard just doesn't do it often. I also had an argument at one point over another thing that affected players and I was trying to argue from a standpoint of the players and their role, and the same group was content to let Blizzard dictate how it should be. There were also a few other times of argument. It involved varying degrees of lore discussion, but it was all there.
I know I'm being vague here, but it was just ridiculous that there are people who can't for a single second think to actually say "you know, that would actually be better, not sure why Blizzard doesn't do it." Like they can't think for themselves and have to let Blizzard do everything, then afterward they spout exactly what Blizzard wrote without offering their own opinions or input.

Would it be too much horn to use that hammer with that helmet?

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wow's ancient spaghetti codebase is probably too fucked up for sliders

>literally a fucking tranny

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i think some of the allied races are fine desu but some of them really should have just been extra customization tacked onto on of the existing races.

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Fat ugly gamer gurls need be able to self insert

This is what the ideal male body looks like, you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

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buy base game
pick class you think looks good
pick dps spec
do every quest you come across

It's because people tend to (for over a decade) go off on lore theoretical tangents that they think sound super cool while saying that blizzard are absolute retarded for not doing what they have.

People get over this, and so tend to err on the side of what Blizz says


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That's the problem desu.

This is why they should just make a WoW2 already, this game is running on an ancient modified version of the WC3 engine, it’s amazing they’ve gone this long with it.


It's what people have been asking for ages.

>the expansion supposed to be focused heavily on classes, they didn't use it as an opportunity to massively expand the minor glyph system

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unfortunately history has shown that making a sequel to your mmo when your current one is alive and well still will permanently fracture your playerbase and neither game will end up with much of a playerbase anymore.

Most people are fucking stupid.

>I know I'm being vague here

ye, its kind of hard ot talk about it if no one knows what you're talking about user

is your guild also on Veeky Forums? do you not want them to see what you're typing because you might be outed?

>gay trans woman

3 lies for the price of one

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>no way to complete this shit "kill 500 of a race" garrison garbage without using an alt account
>can only get credit two or three times before rez timer cucks me
>rez sickness cucks me for 10 minutes
>have until BfA to complete this
>have to kill 100 more worgen, then 500 gnome and pandas
i did insane in the membrane back when it still required shen'dralar and this grind still makes me want to fucking die

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Hey guys, it's that user trying to get "Ritualist Who" for my Skyscreamer mount from ToT.

I started at around 3pm, it is now 11pm.

The mobs reset every half-hour, so that is a total of





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I bet she's working for Blizzard now

>gay trans woman
isnt that just a failed man

Is now a good time to start or should I wait for BfA?

This, nothing wrong with the idea of different body shapes that you can do in other games, but it should be handled way differently. Too bad WoW's engine is utterly outdated shit and will remain that way until the game shuts down. If Kul Tirans are the same size as regular humans, then there's nothing worth it about them because their only selling points at this time are A) practically half-giant men and B) human druids, and if one goes, then there's nothing more to it, no one will want fat humans that look ridiculous.

the absolute state of alliance

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If you want to play as any of the allied races out now (highmountain, nightborne, void elf, lightforged draenei) you definitely want to play now, the longer you way the more painful it becomes later.

if you like any of the elite pvp sets, the title "the chosen", the current raid tier free heroic mount, or any of the mage tower appearances. then yes right now is a perfect time to play.

what is that? a pvp chiev?
cuz you know
you could do battlegrounds to get it

should've done this in the twilight days of WoD when people were trading kills in a mushroom to the west of ashran
but doing it now and like this? user, it's time to let go. get worgen out of the way since you're so close and then just call it a day.

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Why is that?

you can only get credit in draenor i.e. have to do ashran
and these days, nobody does ashran, ever

I do tend to err on the side of caution when I post something that others might recognize. You never know who's browsing this general. I doubt most of them are on here, but you might have one or two that might browse here on the off-chance. I know some people don't give a shit about posting here, but I've been in normie RP guilds.

SO what will be of Orgrimmar when the Vulpera join the Horde ranks?

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>his hearth isn't set to Stonedark Grotto
NEVER going to make it

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yikes. good luck with that, man.

>need the 5k kills on road ashran achievement
>no one does it anymore


somewhat unrelated but
>be forsaken
>alliance get "Deathstalker user" title for killing 500 forsaken

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wait, for real?
that's so fucking ass backwards waht the hell now i'm seething about that.

that's pretty fucking dumb

>he doesn't have his hearth set to Greyfang enclave
oh shit what are you doing

holy shit does every thread have to start with some kind of meme/sexual picture. what the fuck.

i'm alliance and even i think that's retarded

Reps are easy to get but time gated by the world quest system (4 quests in each zone a day for a randomized zone). There are also weapon appearances tied to this expansion as well, think back to challenge mode gear from WoD and MoP.

If you don't care about cosmetics or those 4 races though, don't bother with the game until BFA launch.

oh no no no no look at this dude, look at the top of his hearth! haahahaha

I sure hope you see OP's picture as a meme, and not the other option. So help me.

How is that either of those


was it not changed