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MOMAM3 edition

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Donkey Kong 64 101% in 5:22:09 by Falconxfalcon1
BioShock Infinite Any% 1:40:48 by Henyk
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Any% (Richter) in 5:08.566 by BenAuton

>Upcoming Marathons
Pixels for Peace, March 23-25
SRX 2018, March 27-April 1
GSM 2018, March 28-April 2
GTA Marathon 2018, April 4-8
Themeathon, April 7-8
Calithon, April 12-15
ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018, April 13-15
Need for Speedathon, April 21-22

>In other news
wq is exposed

God I love Pie!

Yashi the pathetic obsessed freak

how many of these marathons are online

All of the ones worth watching.


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>its real nigga!
When will the next speedrun x fgc crossover happen? is it still real nigga!?

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anyone got that list of tranny speedrunners on hand?

Which is more powerful, the alpha gamer or the metagamer?

sorry i deleted it =\

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that’s a shame. i was about to leak some shit, but i wanted to make sure they were still on the list so they were relevant

don't let it die again already, you dips

why didn't you sage?

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why did you delete?

Ayy wut it is niggaaa i got a message for ya fookin speedboiii

Cran Comin

So watch ya back before ya get BRAAAPT

why didn't you sage?

Ay nigga this shiznit right hurr be propaty of

T3H CR4N CL4N!!! roflz0rz but really nigga stop it LOL


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hottest meme of like 5 years ago

no one asked you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to speedrun kotori

all downhill since 2012

just like vg

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>it's a spike won't shut the fuck up episode

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ded general
ded hobby
ded website

why didn't you sage?

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why does cosmo listen to only bad music and watch only bad anime?

hi. my name is narcissa wright. nicola roberts' "beat of my drum" is actually ahead of it's time.

L.. O... V E
Dance to the beat of my drum!!
Dance to the beat of my drum!!!

I imagine a whip cracking on each letter, she DEMANDS it, she knows she's good, she fucking knows, and she wants you, to now, dance to the beat of her drum.

Sword Art Online develops a pretty interesting world. I liked the part about Yuuki... :(

But Berserk is my fav anime, because of Griffith and Guts.

why didn't you sage?

i don't know how nor do i know why i would do such a thing





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How about you speedrun to page 1

>10 hours
>54 posts