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I love Alisa!

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What characters do cool floaty air combos? I really like Laws double backflip kick combo but other than that I dislike Law

bruce lee was a fraud

Jimmy J, saviour of the West

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Why is aris so autistic about no customising? he often mentions that he likes this or that thing but then goes "too bad it's a custom" like some kind of retard.


Alisa is the best!

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>TFW we will never have Doctor Bosconovich with this moveset in tekken 7


>Play JIN

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because no customs in muh tournaments

People either underestimate the difficulty of doing DSS consistently(especially in a tournament setting) or overestimate their own ability to do it consistently despite not even maining the character.
When a guy who's played Law his entire life still drops DSS from time to time you really have to factor it in.

But maybe you're all just hitbox users.

I saw a few yoshimitsu moves, a heihachi parry and crazy BT stuff. Looks fun as fuck.

I wish Lili's titties were that fat

Because customs are gay and will always be inferior to costumes

I'm trying him right now and I can't even get his fucking slide down

This black arrow shit is really fucking me up. I got it on dpad once but on pad stick I cant fucking do it

Law and king moves aswell, lmao. Is he just a mashup of other character's movesets?

Jesus christ noctis sucks ass. I'm getting killed by blue ranks for christ's sake why is everything so punishable fuck this character.

literally a million years in development and they still didnt fix his shit hair or give him a walljump wtf is this shitty dlc quality.

hold down and do f f3

Lots of Yoman moves, and what seemed like an OTGF

nah i'm talking about things like legacy costumes.

It's a matter of getting the motion down. Just try to wiggle a bit and try to get d/f,d,d/f on its own consistently first, then start trying the 3 when you do the second d/f. If needed you can hold the d/f and it'll still count IIRC.

Slide isn't an easy input to get consistent either. You see pros accidentally doing FC DF3 all the time. but of course every yellow rank here will tell you it's the easiest shit ever because on their hitbox/keyboard they just hold d and press forward twice.

>Law's dss parry
the fuck

damn right son

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Because it was great when they were costumes readily available, useable in tournaments, and didn't need stupid unlocks. Making old costumes into customs means you will never have any chance of seeing that on the big stage

It works when I do it on dpad
Should I just be using dpad over analog stick anyways?
ty anons

and this stops arnis from using them because... ?

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>That weird backwards run thing at 3:54

>they just hold d and press forward twice

How else are you going to do it? You do it the same way regardless of your peripheral.

Literally no reason why they couldn't be both. Aside from Harada being a dumdum, like for a lot of other things.

>Lost 25 games in a row against Yellow Paul

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dont feel bad i just lost 6 - 0 against some guy clearly toying with me the entire time. it is what it is.

What does everyone think of Noctis? Is his frame data available?


Because the input is flawless on hitbox/keyboard. You'd have to be retarded to fuck it up. On pad and stick it's not nearly as consistent or fast because you can't press two directional buttons at the same time, df is one motion.
It's why kbd and wavedashing is so stupid easy on hitbox. You'll almost never fuck it up.

garbage character with 90% of his useful moves easily block punishable.

wont be using him.

I miss the old Y3 character voices

Is Noctis db2 seeable?

Lars but actually good.

his best moves outside of generic good ones (jab, df1 etc.) df1+2 (safe wallsplat mid that hits from mid screen), ss2 (21 dmg, 0 on block mid that knocks down on ch for great oki), wr1+2 (+11 on block natural hit launcher), uf3 (17 frame mid launcher similar to a hopkick, 13f punishable but if it lands you can get 75 damage in the open from it). He also gets a bunch of good lows, d3 is a good poking low, db2 is a chunky launchable low and fcdf2 is amazing (+3 forced crouch on hit and +13 on ch).

whoever made this needs to fucking freeze the first row reeee

>Asukatard thinks noctis is bad because his gameplan requires a functional brain

it's a meme for his channel

>playing tekken on analog stick
are you insane?

>implying i use that shit character optimized for 10 year olds

>but if it lands you can get 75 damage in the open from it
crouch canceling from that and doing the f1, dash f1, is not easy at all
wouldn't consider it a staple by any means

Also his hopkick is kinda trash. It's a 'mid' but it hits high as fuck and will go over snake edges and whatnot

it still does good damage even with a different combo. great for high reward medium risk mixups.

Dont use analog stick for tekken

I want to turn honest. Would switching from Dragunov to Feng achieve that? I tried the bears but they were full of gimmicks.

wins tekken

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Feng isn't that honest either my man

if noctis does his teleport after his jab string you can launch him even if he hits you.

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I still don't understand the point of that teleport.

Anybody up for some fun lobbies?

the use for it is to beat out people who are immediately taking their turn after a 1,2

use it on people who are mashing dickjabs or some dumb move during your 1,2,2 or after conditioning them

>makes you guess between demoman and hopkick
>whiff punishes your jab from 50 feet away
>spams 30 range unseeable low
>launch punishes your 'safe' pushback move
>parrys your unga
later kid gonna go hook me a whopper

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>spam IWR 1+2 that's +11 on block and a natural hit launcher

Is Noctis broken?

nigga those eyes are the wrong colour.

f2 shouldnt be safe

a lot of things in tekken shouldn't be the way they are.

you get a free mixup on block and it's super linear so you can step predictable ones.

Depends, he is very linear, both Dragunov and DJ have less weakness than him while Noctis still doesnt feel like TT2 Lars is still retarded

soul calibur guest to create hype when

No more fucking guests
aside from Noctis' 3 boyfriends of course

>spam a linear move

He is not, He is not DJ or Drag level of retarded, he seems linear but his tools are pretty strong i think he'll fight for a spot with characters like Kazumi, Jin, and Jack 7

Nice user if you can sidestep Claudio IWR2, Draguno IWR2 and noctis IWR1+2 at point blank You surely will be winning evo this year

>posting inaccurate pics of your waifu

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>comparing noctis' wr1+2 to drag wr2.
>comparing a slower, much more linear move to the best running move in the game
beat it kid


Post yourself sidestepping Noctis IWR1+2 in a real match then

Oh boy, here we go again...


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Name 1 (one) thing broken about him
And if I see U4 once in your post your done kid

only one thing? his oki.

I don't actually disagree with you, it's just that this post always creates a shitstorm.

>play noctis but still only in silvers
>only other person online i get matched with is an actual new player
what do
i feel so bad stomping him over and over

if its not efficient for ranking up then just find someone else. otherwise fuck him its the streets

So is most of the cast

most of the cast can infinite you if you don't tech anywhere on the stage and if you do tech force a mixup between an unseeable low launch and unseeable mid launch?

Yoshi buffs when tho?

Why tf are you even looking at her eyes? Are you gay?

Is that icing? Or mousse of some kind?

>f+4,1; u+3; qcf+3,4; qcb+2,4; (S!) b+3~f+1+2
Are you sure about this? I'm no gonna play again today, but it seems a bit too much stuff before the screw.

you dont have to do any of the jabs and you still get 70 damage. crouch cancel isn't that hard once you've got it down.

no one is actually doing iWR12 with noctis tho

Why should I sidestep Claudio when I can just fucking duck and launch him for being stupid.

*runs up and hopkicks you*

>+11 on block 76 damage natural hit launch
nice game keklets

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>Nevermind its literally capital punishment. Pray on your opponent not floating for free

Ok and? Or you could make use of his F+3 instead of continuing to be a tad and making yourself -13 for no reason.

honestly i can't manage to get the cc consistent, at least not on Ling

I love this picture so much

>What is a slow, linear floatable jumping attack.

Did I mention that if you fuck up the input you get F1+2 and eat a launcher regardless? Yeah totally no risk to it.