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Here comes T.Racer!

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Where is T.Racer?

sinatraa waiting room

>"Show me ya S4!"
>in before too young


Thanks for posting it I'd lost it

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How short is Soe really?

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i like how blizz went from like 10-20 people spamming TriHard7 when malik showed up to almost everyone spamming it now

Thanks to the user who posted the Soe imgur albums last thread. :3

why is the nigger doing the interview, he clearly doesn't give a fuck

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Soe is 5'3 iirc

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>Everyone spamming TriHard7 in chat

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hydration do NOT like camera

Yo why are all the FUCKING killas out today in quick play

malik was actually rly good in that interview

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>interviewing hydration
>the most boring, apathetic, uninteresting humang being in the League

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Small, cute girls are the best

hi twitch chat

YO *fistbumps*

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could be bean man

gotta sit him in a bean bag chair

There goes T.Racer!

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Your welcome user.

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>Have a few beers (not "lmao so drnuk guys")
>Aim improves, as does my general awareness

America explain?
Only thing I can think of is I'm more relaxed and don't panic as much

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tracer genji winston dva zen lucio vs lucio zen dva winston genji tracer!

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I want to marry Fareeha.

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Where is Surefour?

because muh diversity

Who could they have benched instead of Surefour?

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imagine if fusion had fissure or gesture level winston

EQO is seagull tier



cliffwalker is shit
probably the worst korean dps in the league

they do hes banned though :^))

how did he get banned?

>tracer genji dva winston zen AGAIN

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I like talking about my e-sports personalities

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Is BigGoose a jew?

He ran a boosting company in Korea.

Why wouldn't you pick the best characters in the game? Dva, Tracer and Genji don't have any counters either.

>Gladiators have five ultimates
>Fusion only has one

he's a little inconsistent but has playing really well the last few games.

reddit got upsed he had a boosting corporation in korea so blizzcucks temporarily suspended him

>legenday skyscraper-shattering fists collide with eachother
>both wielders just fall down on the ground
it had so much potential blizz

eqo is a fucking idiot

how is that not a perma ban?
also how did fusion lose that last one

>EQO wastes every blade
>ends up just dying with ult at the end anyway

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Asher is the most improved player on the team because he used to be hot trash.

>Hydration murdering

>been trying to derank my other account to silver
>sometimes get banned for griefing when I'm feeling lazy and just press W+M1 while watching a movie etc.
>the griefing bans are always only 3 days
Lmao is the system broken or is Blizzard really this retarded? I've gotten like 4 bans and the penalty has always been 3 days. As far I know even mutes always double with concurrent offenses.

>no dallas getting btfo today

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well at least he's not making silver mistakes and singlehandedly costing series now

maybe they will sub this hothead during the break

Are the casters on a 20 second delay or are they just dumber than usual?

how the fuck are they gonna push into pharah with no hitscan?

Sinatraa's first OWL game today. Also Shanghai's getting two Koreans today after losing both their DPS. Get hyped.

Give Carpe his russian soulmate back

dive her in the air with d.va and winston

fight on the point and force her to come down

remember there's nothing racist about it at all though

>eqo in charge of using blade to get an extra dash to run away with

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good ult from fraggi there

>hitscan counters pharah
here we go again

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This main caster is unbelievably shitty.

wow that bad huh?

>"This has to be the best Blade in history"

>eqo playing like shit but won't be subbed out
gg glads

hydration is ok at pharah

>dat la qt

>/owg/ keeps saying genji ult is a free team wipe
>in pro games seeing genji kill more than 2 with ult is rare as hell
>often they can't get anyone



the script is tense today

But for real though why did they stick with Tracer Genji when they couldn't even get to the point with Pharah in the way.

Odds shadowburn gets subbed in?

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>no eyebrow hero

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is it easier to kill bad player or good players?


What is up with this spooky Inception-like music they're playing?

>Used to be really bad at OW
>QP MMR super low
>Always matched with silvers/bronzes
>Spent a lot of time playing arcade modes and got a lot lot better
>Now when I play QP i'm a god among mortals
>other team tell me to stop smurfing/go play ranked
>having a ton of fun just crushing shitty players and getting PotG after PotG
How long does it take for my QP MMR to be adjusted because this is too much fun. I don't want it to stop.

0%. My guess is this late into the stage, they've put all their chips on Eqo and SDB hasn't been scrimming at all.

Fine. What show is this?

I hope s4 gets to play today

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surefour fangirl
there are a LOT of them

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pretty cute

someone tell her surefag likes dick

the kid sitting behind her looks like the haHAA emote

that "kid" on the left looks like PS3 graphics.

Looks like Snillo's being subbed in.

yeah, she's a fujoshi.

You must be 18 and over to post on this website honey

So is the triple Korean playoff virtually confirmed?

Sugoi Eyebrauru-chan

I love Lena

Based Fissure

so is eqo actually good or was he just playing against the shitter teams?

poko is pretty weird
nice legs though

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