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that is one long boi

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thoughts on fighting games?

Stop posting anime porn all day, you fucking virgins

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Year of the dog!

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Urien always makes the face I expect Ken scrubs and Bison spergs make when they play online

What are some fighting games that give a feeling similar to this?

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>Not his retro outfit

Do NOT reply to this post

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Fuck off, underage SJW

Thoughts on escort user?

Boobertag fightan when?

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why did /fgg/ stop playing fighting games together? this was the only decent place because I hate discord.



Autistic, gross, and probably just you posting without your trip. Also, claims to have a STEM degree despite being 35, so he likely is either a retard that didn't finish college in time and switched majors or is lying about how he acquires his autismbux.

See me tomorrow nerd T7 EU PC

wud uber!
Those people moved to discord. Dedicated shitposting general.


>deleting his comment AGAIN


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Name a more disrespectful move to finish off someone one hit from death, especially if they are stunned


He will never stop if you keep giving him attention.

I still like him more than the Sherry poster, though. Not saying much, however.
Pretty sure the mods are just making him pay for off topic shitposting. You know you fucked up when you get modded on /fgg/ of all places.

I don't have that.
>dedicated shitposting general
how awful. it wasn't even this bad just a year ago

Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!

>Also, claims to have a STEM degree despite being 35

Thats the guy i was arguing with, not me.

Thanks dude I try very hard

They are clearly complaining about the size of the tits though.

Will Balrog ever be good again?

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if you play Urien you're already direspecting everyone

So what happened to the Killer Instinct remake?
Did the scene for that game die? Was there ever ACTUALLY EVEN a scene there? I thought Sadira was hot
She makes me miss Zafina more

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I'm not autistic, nor do I have a trip.


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He's still fine.

I'm pretty sure that was the escort guy.

Then again, I think there are like 5 guys on /fgg/ that fuck prostitutes, so it's hard to keep track of which is which.

Don't shame the anime girls. They were just drawn that way.

Thats not the escort user though its the retard that he was arguing with.

If you're EU I usually ask for games in the morning, we can play some time.

make jive its own general, i dont care if fgg dies because of it

Tell that to them.

>driving to work
>suddenly remember getting bodied by abigail
>lose focus and crash into a tree
>post-concussion syndrome
>slowly shift from akuma to abi
>yell VROOOOOOM like a maniac every match
>reach diamond in less than a week
>little sister now runs around like abi yelling VROOM VROOM and punching shit

I am blessed. ty Abigail.

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What makes the other guy retarded? I filter like half of /fgg/ now and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

You do ritualistic posting such as "Say something nice about Carol's partner"

Nah, SF general just dies and they'll come back here every time.
Do you think you're the only one who has come up with that idea?

Redpill me on this character.

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He is just G wearing a mask

Remember that it's ok to like SFV.

>The Ingrid costume for Karin
Was Ingrid just an alter ego for the Lady all along?

Most of his moves dont combo into anything

Why are her breasts and butt so large? How sex deprived do you have to be to draw or post something like this

Or more than likely they both work for the same organization.

>only EU players want to play
I respect the EU /fgg/ so much. US """players""" are fucking garbage and only watch streams.

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I like morrigan, yes. So?

put that trip back on broski

Because her canon design is an ugly chinawoman.

I hope my main comes back for street fighter 6, bros...

I don't like anyone else...

Does this happen often? I feel like I haven't seen it since S1 or something.

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That is a sign of autism.

autstic sperg that casuses natural disasters plays alot like balrog but had a command grab and could make his health go up by taunting. had some of the worst matchups but could pull off silly memes with his supers.

Hi, Toffee.
I honestly don't mind her default outfit that much. She has pretty big tits, at least.

>Ingrid poster actually thinks she'll make it into SF6
kekking all day

underrated sniff

worth learning?

No 3S character is worth leaning but the top tiers.


it's always the other games that splinter off, come back, then fuck off again.

Then what am I supposed to play in the 30th Anniversary collection

Flat adult bodies are the best.

Does Karin have a reliable anti air besides the ex ressenha?

Yeah, but those usually last for months.
SF general lasts usually for a day.

Ken, Chun, Yun, or maybe Makoto.

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nah you can learn literally anyone at the intermediate level.

does anybody still play SF4 Ultra?

broken solved game

Most of those apply to most of fgg.

He has the inappropriate attachment to objects as well. Dude owns multiple Lightning figures.

As for echoes words or phrases, he says "succs" a lot.

Just kidding, I love Cheez

unless you think you can learn to handle 3-7 matchups and become a god at parrying with a character with a large hitbox
everyone but sean,Q,Hugo(actually b tier but he has the same problem as q while needing stuff like parry into standing 720) and twelve is fine just dc the moment faggots pick yun or chun

Just because you love your child doesn't mean they are not autistic.
Let that be a lesson for vaccinating your babies.

I decided to play Ibuki in 3S.

What am I in for?

Broken solved game > boring solved game

>want to create lobby
>remember I live in a third world shithole away from any civilized country

You realizing you'll never pull this off

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what game are you referring to with the latter

Wow. Who's the Ibuki?

Those two examples are kinda vague. If you really wanted to you could make a lot of stuff fit into those categories. Doesn't necessarily make it true.



Are you in SEA?

I'm talking about long before people tried to force """"sfg""""

wow, parrying was such a great mechanic. who needs anti airs anyway?

It just means that the current society is design to make autism more common.

Why would anyone want this and who caused it?

Just because something is diagnosed more doesn't mean it's more common.
It means that we got better at detecting it.

>us fgg