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Welcome to Casual Souls 3, where straight sword R1 spam is literally the strongest way to play PvE and PvP.

1st for my SL1 being over

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>straight sword R1 spam is literally the strongest way to play PvE
>*slapping SSTB noises in the distance*

>knight cosplay down to the shield
>13 str req
>SL 1
did you equip the knight's ring just to carry that?

Someone convinced me to get back into this game by writing a little guide for me, but fucking hell I'm having a shit time. I feel like magic can only ever be a back up and never a primary source of damage. Problem is enemies are gonna start getting tougher than my +10 Astora straight sword can handle. FP was a mistake. Dragon's Dogma did it right with casting from stamina.

>weak as fuck, anything could rape her
>abused wife syndrome, apologizes when you kill her
>will actually convince you to kill yourself
>blind, literally and metaphorically
>will eventually turn into a mad cackling old retired-firekeeper
>strong independent woman
>fucks your shit up if you touch her
>will actually help you become king
>just wants to save the world
>immortal, will be your mistress and advisor forever

Why the fuck do people like the shitkeeper?

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Why doesn't the Bastard Sword have a father?

Convince me to play through this shit again.

Is there ANY reason to go through upper Blighttown, or should I just go the back way every time?

sorcery more like soycery amirite

That's a grass crest shield my dude

FP is a bitch early on but the levels past 18 start giving a lot more FP

There are loads of cheese spells. Mercury can erase a lot of bosses and stealth spells are great for exploring.

Astora straight sword
Let me guess, Raw infused? Because that shit was literally nerfed into the ground shortly before the final patch of the game.

Magic can be a primary source of damage, you just have to minmax towards it and know which elements work against which enemies. Trust me, once you pick up Dorhys' Gnawing, you will wonder why some people consider certain bosses to be hard.

>*Spams R1*
>Gets parried
>Gets horneted
>"Psst, nothing personnel, kid"

in das2 is flame weapon good on a pyro?
pls respond

>will eventually turn into a mad cackling old retired-firekeeper
Please explain.

Oh, got me


If i had a save with characters backed up, reinstalled windows and started new characters on a new save (thinking the old one was lost), i can no longer merge those characters, right?
Can i swap the saves though without getting flagged or banned or whathaveyou?

just play ds2
way better than 3

Yes, if you're not a complete cuck/pussy you'll go the proper way through the Depths and then Blighttown every playthrough. It's not even that hard, people just have horror stories because of frame rate problems and not knowing how moss works.

There aren't very many good Pyro weapons in DaS2, and fewer still that you can infuse and buff at the same time. It's nice to have, but fire damage is only really good in the early game, long before you even gain access to Flame Weapon.

You're encountering twinks, and friendly phantoms that aren't password summons tend to be utter ass.

What did you infuse your Claymore with, and what are your stats and SL? It's normal to do shit damage in the early game but 80 per hit on anything that isn't a fully twinked out invader sounds low.

she fell for the "link the fire" meme like everyone else and devoted her life to it
see the old ds2 firekeepers. this is her future. getting old and ugly and laughing for no reason.

I mean is there any reason other than "hurr play the game right", you cockmunch.

You never specified, you fucking cuck. Play the game right and explore it to find out if there's any loot that suits whatever build it is you assume we all know you're using and thus don't need to elaborate on.

I guess my biggest issue is spells can miss, and that FP is gone. Miss a swing with a melee weapon, just wait a second for stamina.

No, haven't upgraded it at all because I thought I'd honestly not be using it after a while, but I'm at Cathedral of the Deep and I'm still using it. It's been a long ass time since I played so what got nerfed or buffed is lost on me. Last time I played people were bemoaning the Dark Sword.

I'll keep an eye out for Gnawing, thanks user.

>There aren't very many good Pyro weapons in DaS2
there aren't? how do i find out which are the good ones?
so far i'v been useing the fire black knight halberd and fire longsword

the curved sword with rust, thats a fucking good one

I hate naming characters so much

I dont have any refined gems so it's not infused. It's +3, I'm trying to make a 27/40 build because that was my shit in the first game. Don't know how it transfers over to ds3, but I thought with a refined infusion it would be good.

Oh, I see. Yeah, you're right, Yulia is definitely better.

is it better than warped sword? i have that one but haven't upgraded any yet
won't be able to use red rust till late game anyway because i used all of my twinkling titanite on black knight halberd and it's only plus 3

How can I set dscm to run when I launch ds1?

the refined infusion is kinda bad but 26/40 and 40/40 can be optimal for certain uninfuseable weapons

doing a thing, red or blue?

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Petrified dragon bones in ds2 are a pain to get. I don't have enough to upgrade my defenders greatsword so I won't be using it after all. Can't be assed to farm these either. Slabs are falling faster than bones.

What does flame weapon do now exactly? is it the equivalent of great magic weapon or something?

>someone saved my webm


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Where would you trim 4 SL, dsg? Note that trimming str is an option since I only need to twohand the UGS, but the parting flame takes 15 anyway if I want that estus weaponart. Could also trim vig, att, or end.

also gib poise fashion

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That's lame. Elemental damage is for fags, a real man needs nothing but flesh and steel. Are quality builds just garbo then?


In my experience it was better, warped was more for parry and flashy power instance

Buffs weapon with fire damage. Last roughly 90 seconds. Deals less damage than resins. Best used for buffing fire-infused weapons. The buff itself gives plus 50 flame damage and another 30%((fire damage +50) X 1.3).


Blue is more recognizable to me



>accidental R2 after WA
hold the button instead of repeatedly tapping

physical builds are fine, just not refined ones; there are sharp (dex) and heavy (str) infusions you can use

30%? isn't that the same that sunlight blade and etc give?
so shit for non pyros from what i'm getting right?

blue, red would need a good DotD background to be equally good

its basically the same if i recal

CE. Forced farming in a game with SM is bullshit.

Uhhhhh, so if I went 27/40 I would do more 2H damage with a sharp infusion?

What if I went 40/40? Heavy and sharp would still outperform refined?

>Uhhhhh, so if I went 27/40 I would do more 2H damage with a sharp infusion?
No, but you'd likely do more damage with something like 10/57 sharp than 27/40 refined. That being said sharp is a weird infusion, the AR efficiency actually doubles after 60. Most dex builds have like 70+ dex, starts slowing down a little after there. Uninfused dex has ordinary 40 and 60 softcaps though (chaos blade, etc).

Refined is perfectly fine for what it does. 80 Dex and 66 Str builds are for min-maxed PvP duelfaggotry for the most part. But it always depends on the specific weapon, some are better 27/40 or 40/40 Refined than Heavy or Sharp at the same stat distributions.

When does pyromancy become good?
I just finished crystal sage but all ive been doing is just using a straight sword

Does anybody feel like PvE and PvP are almost completely separate skill sets in this game? I've almost achieved a No Hit run, but invaders kick my ass more often than not.

around when you get the witch's ring and enter the area immediately after it

oh okay that's good i love pyromany and just wanted to make sure it's actually good
what weapons are considered bad fire infusied?
i was thinking of picking up some kinda katana and a greatsword to

They are different skill sets. Ever watched Lobos try to PvP? He's atrocious

It's a slow but steady thing, you have to invest an assload of stats but with the right rings you'll see decent returns.

>does memorizing patterns to beat mindless automatons require a different skill set than fighting a thinking breathing opponent?

>what weapons are considered bad fire infusied?
everything because it doesn't scale

>chaos infused?
everything with less than 130 crit because viscerals are really theo nly advantage it has over...

>dark infused?
...the dark infusion, which is arguably the best infusion path in the game. Good infusions are one of the few things pyros have to wait a while for though, but that aside they get most of their shit earlier than other classes if you don't miss the area most of it's all stored in.

I'm talking about the actual good souls game
dark souls 2

>actual good souls game
>dark souls 2
pick one my dude

I really want to do a CGS build now

man i dont like how they changed the pyro scaling from ds1, it was so easy then to be a dex/pyro build, or even a str/pyro build, but in ds2 and 3 its a pain to split the levelling so pyro is basically useless til endgame and by then im just fine with my right hand weapon

That wouldn't be satisfying. I don't wanna cheat in a game that I actually like.

Kill the demon king underground and turn his soul into a spell. It'll take a while

that's just a CS

>realize this is a nice 26/40 weapon like frayed blade
>afraid it'll weigh more
>it weighs 3 units less, 5 total
>frayed weight 8 despite being a literally disintegrating weapon

What are the possible builds you can make in ds1/2 and 3?
I don't know what to do so I usually level my stats evenly in other games.

>running a dark spellsword build
>spells and pyros suck they miss half the time
>getting ganked af and nothing i can do about it
>miss ds1 chain backstabbing, parrying and punishing

fuck you guys


>invading in high wall with a zone appropriate character - no lategame gear, absolutely zero twinking
>aiming to be a neat fight for new characters
>instead its just getting fucked by a million twinks and their phantom friends
I dont know why I expected anything else.


>DotD background
Too much work for now

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So I'm modding darksouls, just did the essentials for now, and the cutscenes/title screen are kind of offcenter, like it's being rendered twice then kind of layered left to right

My favorite pastime in ds3 is ganking at anor londo/ pontiff.

Shit, I'm sorry. My bad.

I look at big tiddy anime girls

The remaster is gonna be a godsend. Fuck these other games and fuck Van Helsing souls. I'm forcing myself not to play ds1 until the remaster so it feels fresh but I'm tempted everyday to go back.

sometimes I can't help myself

I touched myself to that webm of Gwynevere getting licked out by a mimic.

luckily i haven't played it in years

god i can't wait. christ even kiln of the first flame was the best pvp hotspot. why did they have to ruin pop with 2 and 3? BB was okay but nothing compared to ds1 and its forgivable flaws

What polearm is your favourite?
Are polearms even more easy mode than straight swords?

>poise backstab souls

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in pvp a little bit, yeah, or at least they do very well against them if you're smart enough to just backpedal

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I wonder why

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Ive died to prince lothric at least 15 times on my 1st playthrough.

Midir was 1st try tho so i wonder

>miyazaki actually designed gwynevere after after his giantess fetish

git gud faggot

The story goes that it was one of his lackeys who designed the titty goddess, and that the Big M didn't have the heart to say no after seeing the look on the dude's face.

Why are they so perfect?

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>F-for a friend

>He started with ds3
>He thinks poise and backstabs can't be countered by anyone with a brain
Fucking kek, dude.

What he said

I should add
>he doesn't think ds1 backstabs are a useful tool that can balance a 3v1 and punish chuggers
>he doesn't think people should have some incentive to wear heavy armor that sacrifices mobility
Nigga, you ever play ds1?

DaS was broken as shit and the glitches didn't help either.

>>he doesn't think people should have some incentive to wear heavy armor that sacrifices mobility
None actually had the incentive to sacrifice mobility though, if you weren't lightrolling you were almost necessarily fucked. At most you were sacrificing a DWGR slot for Havels, but even that was a bad idea because if you also had favor equipped it meant no swapping unless you wanted to midroll. Poise didn't give anyone an incentive to sacrifice mobility, it just pushed more people towards mugen's armor minmaxer.

Poise also helped fast spammy weapons more than it did ultra weapons. Big weapons were fucking useless in DaS.


Large club is top tier

Damn From. Just got banned.
It seems that DaS3 anticheat policy includes instacurse arrows, bonfire-effect arrows, noclip, invincibility, invisibility, speedhack and bonfire-chan crown.
Can't have fun anymore by hosting fight clubs, I guess.

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What's the best armor for a pyro in dark souls 2?

Half the reason clubs are good is just their damage on instabackstabs. You aren't wrong but their merits had almost nothing to do with poise.

>bonfire-effect arrows
top kek

I really think these games would be better if fat rolling wasn't inherently a punishment and instead had both pros and cons
Like having das3 style poise for fastrolling and das1 style poise for fatrolling