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The one true goal edition.

>Patch Notes

> Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks mostly correct and valid until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

>Information about chests and when to open them
pastebin.com/4tpB97Kb (embed)

>Book locations for dumb people.
pastebin.com/mKeD7t6T (embed)

>Performance guide
pastebin.com/BKH7pNMy (embed)

>Mega of shit:

>Vermintide lore

Last quick play:

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Zealot is the patricians choice

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first for elf

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The elf failing again, as usual

>Good day, and so far, it actually is!

Truly an elf post.

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Wasn't aware salt was a minion of chaos.

i just wanted to play a melee class that is aggressive and deals damage

>foot knight is fun but kind of hate the feel of the halberd and he doesn't deal much damage anyway
>zealot is janky and eh
>absolutely loathe visual the design of the slayer, even though he would fit my playstyle perfectly

i guess the only character left to play is unchained. is she any good? isn't her ult cooldown like 3 minutes for literally no reason at all?

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>Bardin was my favorite in VT1
>tfw the most useful career, IB, is the most boring
Kudos to people who enjoy the tank-like gameplay but his skill and passive are just boring in my opinion.

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>doing empire in flames on champion as pyro
>get to just a little before the second grim with little trouble other than the usual braapstormers casting from behind twenty walls
>come across a rat patrol down the cheese trader's alleyway you're funneled through
>have no choice to engage, start picking them off well enough with bombs, beams and arrows
>suddenly leech gives me the SUCC
>don't feel too concerned, WH is right next to me
>SECOND leech teleports in to SUCC him withing seconds
>Elf turns around to help
>pounced by gutter runner

We went from doing great to total wipe in the span of three seconds

>zealot is janky
what does this even mean, also play slayer

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>Pyromancer joins
>Whines about low levels
>Constant friendly fire to try to kill every rat
>Constantly running ahead or behind
>"P-Protect me!"
>Whines about Dwarf not being IB so she could have peel
>Gets kicked at the gate of shadows

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>i just wanted to play a melee class that is aggressive and deals damage

>Bardin, you probably have that beard just to cover up all of your scars
>well then maybe you should grow one

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>reach 200 power
>start playing champ
>get friendly fired all the fucking time
My IRL friends got bored before we even finished recruit, am I unlucky or is this just the fate of solo shitters?

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This is the fate of anyone that isn't part of a 4-man.
Upside: "It's only 1hp" per hit.
Downside: The only way to not get shot in the back is to be the one shooting people in the back.

There's a real "gaze ye not in to the abyss" thing going on.

You do realize you're playing a first person game right

>play elf for 100 hours
>STILL haven't gotten bullied
this sucks.

Welcome to hell, user.

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can I get some tips for the first vermintide game?

Unironically jump right into nightmare

>don't care about grinding/framing
>don't care about greens as long everybody makes it
>Stays on vet
Feels pretty great

I'm like level 4 senpai, I just realized characters don't even have individual levels and loot seems kinda generic.

huntsman it is

Y-you too

Just bought the game, what's the best toon for begginers?


it's not really a rational thing, i just stop enjoying the game because the character i'm playing feels stupid

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>upbeat version of the first game's main theme playing as you escape from Skittergate
I wish this game wasn't filled with complete fags who instaquit as soon as it comes up.

why is she puking?

I barely remember what it was like when I was bare level desu, it's very time consuming to get good (as in knowing the levels, the weapons, what traits suit you better, getting good trinkets)
With VT2 already here I don't really see much of a point desu

guess I'll just finish the game and move on.

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Post your games with Kruber

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I want to sniff Kerillians sweaty asshole after a long hard day of killing rats.

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I would if I was retarded enough to take screenshots of the scoreboard.

>blocking names
nigga u gay

this but unironically

>20ish emperor vaults
>Not 1 red
They might as well not exist for me fucking hell. Who else is getting fucked by ranald?

How do you do anything with glaive? It's so fucking slow and has such a narrow attack angle you can only kill like 2 rats at a time with it.

What's an emperors vault?

Can I musket huntsman or will I be ridiculed by my peers for not using a bow?

i got a red from champion lol

I did 50~60 before i dropped my first red.This grind is not normal.With this speed of reds dropping i might as well focus on only one hero since i am never going to drop enough gear for 2.

use the bow or be forever ridiculed

ok thank you user

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The bow is basically handgun tier damage but without the stupidly long reload

get more power nerd
block cancel nerd
get swift slaying nerd
destroy hordes and armor nerd

>sniped by leech
>team does not even turn around as I'm pulled across the entire wall
>they continue on until they cross the barrier
>"wtf kruber"
Do people play with no sound?

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Just play whatever you find enjoyable for fucks sake.

>tfw can't decide between BH and Waystalker
I just want to be a ranged fag who can breeze through Legend

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This is a very fun game. Look forward to playing with you bros in the future :)

waystalker is the way(stalker) to go


Take it from someone who mainly plays waystalker, you DON"T breeze through legend. You are relegated from carrying hard to being strictly and low-hp special sniper with a "fuck not too armored shit over there (sometimes)" ult. If you wanna breeze go BH or Sienna.

I actually think Ranger Veteran is criminally underrated, with the right talents and traits you can be a bombardier constantly generating grenades.


what makes her fall off so hard compared to BH?

So anyone knows what the extra crit chance is on Huntsman aura?
Also the base crit chance for the bow.
I can get 20% crit chance with 10 on items and 10 on crit chance on headshots talent but I'm not sure what the other 2 percents are

Why are all the Huntsman ranged weapons so bad? Is this just a meme class?

>chase after lootrat
>get hooked
>leave game

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The Longbow one shots stormvermin, and just about everything else outside of leeches/plague wizards and bosses obviously

>strangler grabs me out of my shade invisibility
>downs me because teammates distracted by rat ogre
>the very moment I get picked up an assassin jumps me and kills me.

>teammates take longer than .1 second to rescue you from a disabling special

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i play with a group of friends and none of them play sienna

should i start leveling up towards unchained

Anyone else get this bug on Skittergate? Is it caused by a specific setting?

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>here MINE in the distance
>everyone dies one by one to specials or the horde in the rush to catch and kill the lootrat

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I think BH does ranged better than Waystalker but Waystalker does hybrid and sniping elites the best.

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Getting a deaf team is the fucking worst, I don't understand how people are so oblivious to which direction hordes are coming from.
>hear warhorn behind the group
>find a good spot to funnel enemies through and dig my heels in
>mob of chaos niggers approaching quickly
>turn around to make sure the team is with me
>they're 200 feet away pulling a rot helm patrol

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BH xbow is THE armored special sniper/SV horde clearer because it does stupid damage and pens a ton. Plus, 3 arrows on aimed attack so you don't really need to aim too hard as opposed to WS where either you land a headshot or you're wasting time that you don't have 2 shoting 1 out of 12 SV.

The falcion is also an amazing weapon that's fsat enough to handle hordes and fucks armored shit, which there is a lot of. WS has either spear or glaive really: one is slow at horde clear and means you need to play much better not to get 4-poked to death, the other blasts hordes but does little against the constant armor threats.

BH ult murders Chaos warriors, and they can spawn in groups of 6-8 now. BH also does much more boss damage.

WS is still important to a team, but BH is the one closer to "breezing".

Get crit chance on the trinket instead of CDR. Get attackspeed on the charm.

how the fuck do people still manage to wipe on vet

>me and the dwarf are the only things holding back a tide of phantom range nurgleniggers
>bw and elf have left us behind to trigger a boss a mile away and die to assassins

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I didn't get it, then I did after 1.0.2 patch and also in Sigmar's Temple in Act 1.
I haven't been able to fix it by messing with graphic settings, I assume it's a bug that will be eventually fixed.

>QP Champ
>get Festering Grounds
>die in the swamp just past the third tome because team insists on running out in the open when the horde begins instead of hugging a wall/corner
>add a boss spawn for extra fun!
I feel like this started happening more in the past few days but with the Halescourge and Skittergate nerfs, Festering Ground is now my deadliest mission.

Yep, biggest retards in the game are those who run ahead while there's a mass of enemies behind them that only isn't stabbing them in the back because allies hold them back.

Then when confronted about running off they go
>just don't linger around
>you could've just ran like me

No you dumb nigger mobs are faster than players

>finally get a cosmetic
>its the JUST haircut for slayer

nothing wrong with being respectful, idiots

The double mohawk?

This is my biggest fear, I know it will be like this I always get cosmetics I don't want in every game that has them

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Best melee weapon for shade?

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So who do you play if you cant aim worth a shit?

The elf, obviously.

drakegun IB

they don't understand because they've always had someone covering their ass

I'm deaf and with subtitles and the onscreen prompts the game does a good job telling you what is going on.

then what makes her important if BH just does what WS does but better?

just tried the longbow and it's absolute garbage. worse than elf longbow in every way

Honestly have no idea what the point in having 4 people on a team is, when BH and Sienna just kinda play the game by themselves. All you can ever do if you're neither of those is just camp behind them, and wait to push up, killing the scarce five rats that might occasionally come up behind you. If you're waystalker you can occasionally snipe a special for them I guess, but otherwise you're not doing much if both of them are on the team.

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You have absolutely no idea what you're doing then

> Elfs afraid somebody else will steal his circles
Your tears are delicious

>he doesn't know how to press W or S while left-clicking

>Move into a cramped area past a point of no return
>Horde, boss, multiple specials
>Patrol climbs out of a tiny hole next to us
I never once felt like Cata was bullshitting me but this crap happens regularly.

The voicelines in this game are kino.

it seems like that at first but it's actually really good even though the mechanics are retarded
if you shoot before you zoom in while holding rmb it's pinpoint accurate, if you zoom you actually lose accuracy

how do i play my man saltpyre well