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/sthg/ #1266 - Sonadow Edition

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Mina Milestone Maybe?

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Weakest Hog

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Gonna need you to cool it with the gay shit. We've had at least half a dozen different "sonadow" edition threads in the last 50 or so.

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Reminder that Sonic in Lego Dimensions is the best 3D Sonic game to have come out in the past decade.

Eight for dead blue hedgehogs

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>cool it with the gay shit

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This is so canon it hurts.

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Only half a dozen? Damn, we're going to have to step it up!

Shadow is the cutest!

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Maybe later

>hope, ambitions, and creativity
I miss this sonic

those new hotred pics of sally

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I like Sonic!

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Sally a cute.

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she's a cute

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Literally you

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Shadow is literally Sonic but better. Shadow would fucking kick Sonic's ass.

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>inb4 it's in the webm
It won't load

I do too user! Let's be friends!

Planet freedom!

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It literally is in the webm though. Get off your phone.

I like Sonic sexually!

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>I stop posting sonadow
>the sonadow posters increase tenfold
Welp, I guess I have to start posting more sonadow again.

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>bad camera
>cringeworthy late 90s/early 00s dialog, poor lipsyncing in english
>stages/boss fights provide little real challenge just trial and error of avoiding ridiculous glitches
The physics are just bad. Hitting the edge of some geometric unit (don't know the proper name) can just stop you in your tracks. Also only Sonic's stages (much like SA1) are remotely interesting. Everything else you just kinda endure to get back to Sonic/Shadow

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Think back to when you first saw Shadow, Chaos, Zavok, and Metal in the E3 Sonic Forces trailer.

What theories did you have about them helping Eggman?

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Every post so far has been complete garbage. Even without shitposters this place is fucking cancer.


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>Even without shitposters
Are you implying there's none in this thread?

Sonic has such great music. Even though Green Hill and Chemical Plant have overstayed their welcome, they've got such iconic tracks.


Post good Sonic tracks

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Boostfags literally ruin everything and they continue giving Sega money and allow Sonic Forces to "perform strongly" alongside Mania.

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not even worth a (you)

Every time a new Sonic game gets announced, people genuinely get excited and think it will be a good game for once. The game releases and their expectations are crushed, which is the Sonic cycle we all know. Here's the baffling part: why does it surprise people that a Sonic game sucks when that has always been the case?

Sonic is the best example of a product of its era, meaning that the only appeal it had couldn't survive past the 90's. Yeah, the character still is popular (I recognize he has an iconic design), but the concepts and mechanics of this franchise are obsolete nowadays. Every Sonic game I've played before the recent garbage ones is just bad. Sonic has always been trial and error game design, which is the worst. Going fast and falling into pits, hitting spikes, bouncing around like a pinball ball, losing your rings, that is not any fun.

A lot of people say that Sonic 3 and Knuckles and the recent Generations are great games, so I played them, and they are still the same shit it has always been. It doesn't surprise me why the developers of this poor franchise keep adding new elements to the games to see if they can inject some life into it, but is just a lost cause.

People say that in order to have a good Sonic game, the developers have to go back to the basics of the "good" games. Ask yourself this, even if they do that, nowadays, would they be able to produce anything above an average game?

As a character, I think Sonic is pretty nice (except the Boom atrocity), but the mainline Sonic games have always been bad in my opinion.

Do you think that, nostalgia aside, Sonic was ever good?

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Think back to when you first saw this, what were your theories?

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Man, the Sonic series really needs more non-Eggman antagonists.


My first thought that Shadow & Chaos were mind-controlled into fighting Sonic.

Do you think Amy will love Sonic until her dying day?

Please Naka-san, come back. This fucking franchise has never needed you more.

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xth for who made this

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Not canon

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makes you think

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How is this picture Sonadow? He's holding a gun up to his face.


>was sonic ever good?
maybe. I don't know anymore.

Thanks captain obvious

Virgin hedgehog vs

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how do we fix this character?

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but Sonic has one of the best story of the games user, see Sonic forces

Don't bully Amy

Who will stop General Buzzkill tomorrow?

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Take your shitposting back to idiot.

Has there ever been this much image reposting on /sthg/? I've only been here for a month or so.

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I said I'd start posting it. I never said that that post was me starting. But this is.

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Good night /sthg/

>sasso studios

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not surprising.
most older sonic gamers dont really find the games too fun anymore and just look forward to the lore + more shipping material

I wanna see a fight between those two

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Why not? Sonic bullies her and he's the main character.

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Well, I'll tell you one thing: my theory was not
>You don't actually get to fight Shadow, or Chaos

The answer is no. But that's because /sthg/ is currently the worst it's ever been.

Just do shit with him. They're gonna make the effort to add him in, have him do things beyond crying for Sonic.

Replace him with based mole girl!

Best ship coming through.

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What's wrong with them?
Are you one of those people that just hate everything fan created?

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>Sonic was never good
We can only really know for sure if a studio completely separate from Sonic Team makes a Sonic game. Then we'll know.

rip Sparky's siblings

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Negative. Rouge is for Omega only.

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>and then I am going to murder GOD

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All his posts were deleted in that thread. I think he finally got the... well, the pic related.

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More boops!

>goes on the sonic general to ask if anyone thinks sonic is shit
I think you might get some biased answers. Just a hunch.

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>The answer is no. But that's because /sthg/ is currently the worst it's ever been.
They said /sthg/ would get better after SXSW. hahahaha

Holy shit FUCK special sages in mania. I usually never cheat but this shit is the wors doing this 7 fucking times for each character sounds like hell.

I just said fuck it and downloaded a save that shit is not worth the trouble.

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Sonic is kind of an asshole.

His whole plan revolves around 3 things happening simultanouesly
>Archie allowing IDW to have their rights
>IDW wanting those rights
>Sega allowing anything of the sort

And even if so, what will most probably happen would be IDW reprinting stuff from 252 onwards, literally nothing from before then.

So even if the extremely unlikely above happens, he still doesn't have a case.

The reason Archie are still fighting is cause they personally don't want to lose money.
Sega don't care.
IDW are just seeing if there's any way to profit without losing money themselves.

Sonic the Comic has a better chance of coming back than Preboot Archie and he's pinning his entire livelihood on it.

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g__ g__

>generic sonic fangirl
>makes 50 fan characters just to ship them with MCs
>shit talks her colleagues on public forums
Not a fan

Listen, no one likes Sonic anymore. When was the last good Sonic game? Whatever you're answer is, it's likely a terrible game too. Sonic isn't good, it's a memory you're holding onto that you need to let go of. Sega isn't capable of making a good Sonic game. It makes you wonder if Sonic was ever good in the first place. Chances are, it may not be,

The series is more popular with furries than normal people and that's a bad sign. The franchise has always stressed SPEEEEED over well-designed calculated gameplay and that's its anchor. These games will never be good, if you stop buying them, they'll stop making them.

Its embarrassing to keep anticipating these games only to be let down every time. Like a dog waiting for his long gone master to show up. It's not cute anymore and it's leaving poop everywhere. Not worth the disappointment.

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People hoped it would. But truth is, this place has become infested with so many shitposters, the anons who actually try to have any decent discussion have become the minority.

It fucking sucks, but until they get banned (which is unlikely, even though the reposts are breaking the rules about spam/catchphrases) nothing's gonna get better in here.

To be fair, some people in here may not be fans of Sonic.

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she literally said this in sonic x ending, yes.