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>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>March nerfs/restrictions - No cards
>Rotation, formats, new class

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Nice GP run you have there. Would be a shame if the server suddenly went under when a dragoncraft legendary jinxed it.

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My card draw engine can't be this cute!

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>intentionally promoting dragon as a business incentive
>backpedalling on the queen nerf despite its necessity just to avoid giving out vials
>ripping half the expansion out to sell again later
nice game shadowbabies

Cygames should have used this art.

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Rmao. Enjoy Shadowverse. NEXTO.

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What if you haven't logged on since the release of CG?

But user, you intentionally terminated connection. :^)


If they had any sense in them, they would gift everyone a free GP ticket.


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It sure is with players raging in the official twitter.

>you already used your tries for the day
Won't matter.

Thank you.

please concede

You deserve it.

>check your crates
What the fuck is this?

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>distributed dragoncraft lego
>server got error due to how broken she is
>GP run ruined for most Tanaka
Just another bad move by KMR

KMR giving you a random card of one of the twelve decks to help you win games. Aren't you thankful?

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Is it a free card? I guess I have 3 queens now.

>tfw based Shadow escapes the censor police

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This is my beautiful dragon wife. Say something nice about her.

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>caused a loss to every Tanaka playing at the moment
I won't personally call that "free", dude.

Man, I want a free Daria Leader instead. What's wrong with Cygames?

shes fat

it would be fatphobic to censor her

That's Anne's wife

Hope you fucks learned your lesson. Never cross dragon, or we'll crash the game while you're playing.

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>excited for expac
>boot up the game for the first time in over a month
>Saha-Isra dragon
>Saha-Isra dragon
>Saha-Isra Dragon
>Log off
Balanced meta btw. No nerfs necessary btw.

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Nah, they're just friends.

fuck off anne

Why is it always tanaka

is that the most generic japanese salad man name

Made for piano playing.

I was on a perfect curve on game 4 with Aggro Blood
Fucking literally seething right now

She's perfect enko

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go back to gay butt fucking general with youre shitty secondary biat
you and medu/orchidshitters that do not belong here


>gave out dread queen as a gift
>the server didn't accept it since it was not nerfed to 5/5 as intended
>server crashed
Fucking Trojan Horse of an octopus

>he finally learned how to quote
good job autism-kun i'm happy for you

>4th dread queen
T-thanks KMR for the vials

>Everything I don't like is GBF REEEEEEEE

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This game is trash

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me on the left

>one loss for 3500 vial

Me on the right.

his concede animation is the best thing the game has to offer

>secondary biat
YOU are a literal tertiary, dipshit.

>hear the dragons roar

???????????who the fuck translated this game?

>he is not viewing the official nip twitter with popcorn
It's a riot right now


What are they saying?

>vampy this mad

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Post your hopes for last blood gold.

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Localization a fuck. So many sword cards had great Japanse phrases that just turn into half-hearted grunts in english.

Imagine being Tanaka-san. It's lunch break over there and you were playing GP when they suddenly pulled the plug and that match counted as a loss by default

good post

>No nerfs for months
>No proper unlimited banlist
>Stolen artwork
>Tourney mode instead of fixing the game to keep it active
>Take away cards from the new expansion until next month
>Destroy servers with a free card

>Most of this was in this month alone

How deeper will Cygames fall

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you didnt even translate that for comparison
i doubt it can beat hear the dragons roar anyway

I want this for one of the remaining sword reveals. (The SV version will have a "bodysuit" of course)

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I'm so fucking pissed right now, maintenance ruined my forth win. fuck this lego i'm vialing it

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Why would they nerf anything user? The meta is balanced.

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No you aren't supposed to criticize the game!

Everything else is a terrible mess but to cygames's credit, they took full responsibility for the stolen artwork

>crafted a third Queen for Grand Prix
>now this
1k vials is 1k vials but still.

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>third queen
you're not supposed to do that

I pulled a second one today. Now I got a full set that I'll probably never use anyways.

>all those 3-2s thanks to the loss
It's over guys. I doubt KMR could worm his way out of this

What deck would you use a 3rd queen anyway?

Why are they releasing cards later in the expansion when the meta will barely be forming? Why are they doing it when tournament finals are happening

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I got annoyed at never drawing queen in windmill.

With enchanted blade daria you can deal enough damage without actually pulling daria. sometimes. It's not "meme" by any means, daria with oz and chain lightning is much worse brick city, can't say about g chimera but it should brick more often too and good luck to survive until 9 turn. The fact that some guy played it on Rage doesn't make it secret tier 0 deck.

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you don't need queen to win, bahamuts and israfils are usually enough

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Apology Grand Prix entries

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What a great meta.

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>3 bahamuts in the first 14 cards
I sure do have premium draw.

How am I supposed to allocate my rupie funds for the new expansion

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>adding another try for these 2 days
>giving a ticket
Will those be enough for tanaka-san to get lucky in GP again? Join us next time on Shadowverse!

At least translate it before posting, not everyone are hardcore weebs here.

One additional entry today and tomorrow for both groups and 1 GP ticket will be sent out to everyone.

Is it true that hyper aggro dragon doesn't need any legos? Anyone have a deck pls?

Leaks where?

openrec.tv/live/rqmurSlopK0 in 6 hours

I'm still mad that I have to try again even thou I would of done lethal to win my forth win and not have to bother with fucking neutral forest and rune for the sixth time in a row fuck this game

can I save this ticket for the next gran prix

yes that's the idea I guess

An user posted this list some days ago.

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>was at 20
Should have played around that.

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>get that 2nd dreadqueen out of my box
>already climbed 1000mp
thanks kmr, i'll be sure to take it into the final round and brick

Agni\s list. Some user claimed that evelisia is better than matilda with 2 more dragon hordes instead of 1 purehearted and 1 basilisk rider. I am not sure which one works better but this list works for sure.

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The rotation version is pretty cheap, unlimited you'd definitely need Fortes. I'm not sure on calling it "hyper aggro" though, in many cases you'd have to make valuable trades to keep a board for Hippo. Some don't even use breath at all and others take out matilda for other things. A third Aina is mandatory but I'm an idiot.

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the #1 mp guy plays azi in his list now btw

I don't think shadow has the right to complain about dragon. I mean you already have decent chance to beat him, one or two highrolls doesn't change it.

How many, 3? I could see that working thanks to the evolve cheapening, though that risks the brick. I know one of them used Ouroboros at one point.

>spoonfeeding retards only to shitpost about dragon later
i also saw him use ouro but that doesnt mean theres a definitive list