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Bullying cats edition

>Monster Hunter: World
Deviljho, weapon balance, and more coming March 22nd.

>I have a question! (embed)
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Lavasioth - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Who here /bored/ already?
When's the next patch that will add content that will give me at least more than 2 minutes of enjoyment?

Inb4 lance defense force returns


Xbox One /mhg/ squad is open and recruiting! Will post this twice a thread! Session ID: 6jptrvxxzxYv
Join for tempered hunts, the /mhg/ squad, arena quests, arm wrestling and more!!
>inb4 "lol no one joins"
Probably right. Just trying to fill the /mhg/ squad to start having squad sessions open

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i'm tempted to use the free character edit just to do this

>Jho keeps spamming this long sweeping jaw attack that also tracks you
I assume you just superman dive to avoid this shit?

It's starting to look like Deviljho has turf wars with all the big dog monsters. We already saw Bazel and Diablos. Here's Legiana jobbing.


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Well if he's not doing that he's nonstop tail swiping.

we really gonna call legiana big dog now
its classified as rank2 but its essentially a mook.

LS foresight slash window is huge now.


Yeah I've noticed that as well. I'm not even sure where the super armor takes effect now because I've been knocked out of helmsplitter several times already at all sorts of different moments during the animation. You're actually still very vulnerable with helmsplitter it seems. But, foresight slash is much much easier to use and being able to turn for the counter slash is really convenient.

I was moreso going off the fact that it's the top predator in its native environment. But you're right.

I can't believe we've hit a point of raw dominance where a weapon having anything but pure raw is considered a detriment

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What Jho weapons are good or among the best in their types?
Lance and HBG(cluster, normal) seem good, while GL an HH not so much.
Opinions? Maybe someone who plays all weapons can do a list too.
I'd love to know more about how it ranks in the weapons I don't play.

>HBG gets nerfed
>then doesn't get buffed
>then the Jho gun is shit

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my character has a male name unfortunately so it wouldn't be worth it in the long run

Why does there seem to be so many bootyblasted GS users now that crit draw is on par with TCS? You'd think now that there's more than a single way to play the weapon that more people would just be happy.

HBG was broken as fuck in XX so Capcom's decided to nerf it to hell in the subsequent game.

Yes. Huntresses

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Now you're just making sense. You know better than to do that here.

>Guild Card lighting was changed
Post updated guild cards


>craft negrogrande hbg
>shotgun everything

Jho HBG is the new cluster king.

Remember to bully Deviljho as best you can!

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So in other news, the IG buffs are pretty nice. Feels like they added about 30 seconds to the duration of extracts, and the red+white buff is pretty good.
I always measured the damage of the final hit of the circle combo on the target dummy. Final hit before the patch for me was about 140. Final hit after the patch is about 160.
Haven't made the jho glaive tho yet.

I mean its the games fault for claiming its a bigger deal than it actually is.
Also shows how lacking the roster is. Coral Highlands needs more monsters.

Or less, fuck climbing.

why is her mouth so low

Reminder that
Is the real ID of the room and the fapper thing is no jhoke.

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Deviljho IS the bully.

Well, I also have a set for both so whenever I get bored with one playstyle I can switch to the other.

What the FUCK did they do to my Guild Card?
My huntress used to look cute in it.

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>Ignoring the lack of flashes, squadmates not attacking while in range, and everyone just following the monster
>wasting items and risking a fight with a random I've played with for less than two minutes
Or I could wait 20 seconds and get a risk free cap since Im not a TA autist

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Are you excited to fight me in the next DLC?

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This has always been true for GS though

Room ID 3rmPCAhfJzCm

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Come join /mhg/, fighting Jho!

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nonelemental boost is literally a mistake.

Jho get knock over so easy when he charge.

I don't WANT crit draw to be good though.
It's boring as fuck, espically they really got something right with World's GS. Tackles are super satisfying and TCS feels worth going through 3 levels for.
So if a playstyle where using 1 fucking attack and sheathing becomes better I'm fucking dropping it.

Does Deviljho in MHW have a HR requirement to even see him? I have the message in town saying that Deviljho has been seen and that I should join a quest or expedition, but after 4 quests I still haven't seen him or any of his tracks.

You don't have to play c.draw worldbaby

Is the gathering hall alive now with the new return patch?

>So mad at being BTFO he has to drag it into the next thread

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I also can't make Jho appear. Did a bunch of HR quests, and cleared 3 areas of larges on expeditions and no sign of him.

I want World players to leave.

You can have critdraw and still use true charge you know

Why are you mad? It's just an adjustment

Both styles should be viable. Draw-style has existed since the original. The true charge style is cool, but it's harder to use and was too much better than draw style.

The numbers equalizing is a good thing. It's not like True Charge got nerfed.

Has anyone found a tempered jho yet?

nice against one monster among 20

did you not read the full patch notes?
every charge attack has 15% more damage, so continue doing all 3 charge attacks

jesus christ, why is Veeky Forums filled with fucking retards tonight

>Search expeditions
>Look for the ??? monster
>If none, just go to any random area
>Check map again for ??? expeditions

You'll find him in no time

So you want to be a whining little fag just to be a whining little fag, got it.

Brachydios or bust

If I wanna go for times, then I just might GS geezer.

>Tackles are super satisfying

You literally just go do an expedition, and he is literally on the list of monsters in that area. If you haven't seen him yet, it's a ??? logo on the expedition. If there's no ??? on the list, he isn't there, check another expedition.

No I hate you no matter what color you come in.

Did they literally just invert his colors?

I like crit draw but it's not like TCS isn't still amazing. You just have options now.

Phasing out crit draw was the best thing MHW did desu

Haven't seen one yet

Is Deviljho armor good in world?

I sneered when /mhg/ called LS the new ungablade with the intended buff, but holy shit I didnt think they were gonna give foresight slash THIS much leeway.

Its way too easy now.

I can't make a video for more monsters since the new patch changed it. I hit the same for all monsters except zorah magdros
You said I was lying and I proved you wrong, so you deflect. There's no reason to continue talking with you friend

I have a legitimate question to ask and it's probably stupid as fuck...

I'm on xb1. Im trying to download this update but it's taking forever to download the fucking thing cuz I'm using hotspot to connect. I cancelled the update and disconnected wireless to try and play offline without the update. Load screen is saying could not load save data because version is different from the game. Then it says failed to load save data. Revert save to data to default? Yes or no.

If I revert to default will this fuck my character completely or does it just revert to the previous version? I'd hate to throw 180 hours down the drain cuz I'm impatient.

I dont even believe that true charge is harder to use. Felt super easy to adjust to that.

How do I git gud at fighting Jho with Charge Blade? Do I just forgo the want to break parts and just damage him?

Not unless you're crazy for part breaker. Looks neat.

This is good though, it'll weed out the casuals. Every charge got a damage boost so TCS got one too. Now we just wait if easy mode babies to switch to Crit Draw because TCS is to hard to get to.

>using crit draw when you can get 100% affinity on all weak zones
why would u do this

He fucks up rath to

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>Being this mad that crit draw gs is the new UNGAblade

It will probably delete your save or fuck something up, stop being a retard and just wait out the update.

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>Health Regen augment on bow
Wow I got fucking meme'd on. This shit is absolutely useless.

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Muh utility skills

LS was ungablade from the start, it just flew under the radar.

Crit draw is cheaper. Also gives me the luxury of not hitting the weak spot 100% of the time and still doing damage.

>tfw getting anxious just at reading this

I'm not sure, bro. Be patient. Play it safe. Either way I don't have a good answer for you. Good luck.

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So is there a reason why Jho’s gem isn’t available at the melder? I’ve maxed out research on him and it’s still not there

Of course it's a meme.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and tell you to prepare to lose your save data regardless. You may begin panicking

Anyone know the animations for the deviljho hammer?

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Your fault buddy.
You can fit more skills with c.draw
C.draw takes 3 levels, and can augment for attack over affinity.
Weakness exploit takes 3 levels, maximum might takes 3 levels. And booster doesn't last long enough to build around it.

With cdraw I can get earplugs. 5, attack 7, focus 3, cboost 3, quick sheathe 1 in one set.

What reward(s) do you get from the new Nergigante arena quests?

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That is one cute owl with wings.

>MH team devolopes a GS moveset which incentives timing and skill to get the best damage
>Adds in tackle to further flesh out this playstyle and give you even more options
>Grandpa's are so scared and unwilling to adapt they go back to abusing the fuck out of one move like they did in all the past games

>LS was ungablade from the start
>plays crit draw gs

We saw him using Odogaron as a chew toy, so I doubt they have a turf war. I wonder if he has one with Vaal or something then.

>owl with wings

I saw him after a rathian left a quest and he joined the spot

It needs to drop legitimately first.
I got it from capturing him and now I can meld for it.

Why not do it and find out user?

>jho's armor is trash

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shut up worldbabb