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1st for my waifu

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Is there any way to specifically level up reload in reinforcement? My Graf has maxed airpower at level 100 but is still 85/97 on reload.

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All botes give reload when you use them as feed.

Feed her DDs.

feed her something else beside plane botes

Just feed her a bunch of whatever you have extra of. I generally need to feed tons of boats just to max out the reload.

That's never gonna happen desu.

Wonder why they shafted the previous artist.

German event rerun fucking when

What kind of skins would they give Graf? Her default one looks so good already.

No-pantyhose skin

>No-pantyhose skin
Why making a worse skin?

Has any event boat gotten costumes? Atago, PoW & saru doesn't count since they have always been planned to be added into general gacha and lützow's were from the event shop.

Next month I promise.

Actually I'm wondering who is the artist

I don't think so. Unless you count __neps__.

Me. I drew those. Hello AL players!

He drew the old PoW also. He must have committed treason against the party or something cause all his shit is gone.

Shark from KMS event has a skin. Commie cat has a skin if you count mini-events.

>still no voice for commiecat
There is no justice in this world.

Lützow doesn't count cause her costume came with the event for JP and the slavs are the same with atago and friends.

Nah none of the event botes have skins so far.

What did you name your wife?

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Why blue oni and not pink oni too?


"You didn't mine enough for me yet faggot"

probably didn't drop for them.

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Maya user?

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Because she has a shit scrap on sight tier personality.

Jesus Christ
This one is cuuute.
Cute fatty

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I want to rub my torpedo between those thighs.

Is the thing on her head dead?

That aint me, though he may be referring to Maya. After being stubborn for months Maya doesn't deserve a name.. when she eventually comes home.

It's like a male piranha.

mind control devices are not alive

Do the monthly rewards actually reset once the month is over or do they keep going until you got them all and then reset?

Resets when the month is over.

Maintenance on 27th.


She's waiting for you. How many runs did you do today?

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This one makes sense.
But what about the one on Urakaze? That one looks alive.

Ikazuchi is autistic.

At a guess? At least 20.

I see. So just a few more and you will get her!

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You're not going to fool me again.

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No lies. You just need to have faith! Maya is waiting for you!

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Patch notes where?

Does the enemy type have any impact on what plates drop? Would targeting CV nodes get me more plane plates than BB or DD nodes?


Fug. What later worlds have a decent amount of CV nodes? All I ever see in world 7 or 8 are BB and DD.


>farm my ass off for DoY in the bong event
>get nothing
>farm yuudachi for the past few days
>finally decide to complete 8-4 after getting Jew Cat
>get maya amidst Maya user's suffering


Well, I'll get there eventually.

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DD nodes only drop torp, AA, plane. BB nodes only drop gun, AA, aux. CV nodes only drop plane, AA, aux.

You can do it!

>1000 purple AA plates unused

The only plates worth half a shit are aux plates and gun plates.



It's almost guaranteed at this point. Every time I'm present someone gets their Maya, just not me.

Still nothing but lies and disappointment I see. Thank you for making me waste another 30 minutes on some more runs.

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Might as well stop playing

So a company decided to make a KC Arcade ripoff with nearly identical systems and even enemies in place? Amusing. I hope it's on PC too just to fuck with Tanaka and his jewish ways some more after keeping the garbage flash game going instead of implementing Arcade onto PC.

That's it. The AL killer.

What are you doing? How are you having such bad luck?

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No thanks.

He wants her so much that the desire sensor just decided to never give her to him

Modern boats are cooler than old boats.

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It's okay my dude, Maya is shit anyway

I hope he didn't forget to use maximum good luck charm for his runs. I got my Maya in under 100 runs.

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This. Getting the Z-flag to +10 is essential.

>that gun


>I hope it's on PC too

I was about to post this, is this chink as well or japanese?

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I use her to solely to fight suicide botes, so +45 FP is best.

>Publisher is MorningTec Japan Inc
>Website is so japanese it starts and ends with jp jp.morningtec.jp/
They're Chinese.

Japanese but unsure if it's chink translated to Japanese

>Warspite dresses like a hooker

Confirmed, this is chink

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That's just how nobility dressed during WW2

It's fine, my luck is non-existent so I'm used to it. She'll show up if I brute force the map enough times.

I've tried the granny meme a few times and it did nothing. Admittedly I only have a +6 flag but I'm not going to waste aux plates on a meme, especially a rainbow one.

So many of the camera shots are just plucked straight out of KC arcade. Embarrassing

>Seeing how AL gained popularity in Japan and China started banning and censoring mobages Chinks moved to nipland and started businesses to make more shitty clones without the fear of chink goverment

Seems plausible

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That's a default costume? Jesus fucking christ. That's trying a little too hard to pander.

It's not a meme; it's an investment. You've invested so much time and effort trying to get her, why are you not optimizing your chances? I hope you're not going to say you are wasting plates upgrading her equips later on.

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Are those the starters? They look pretty good.

They changed cat ear to oni horn

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Unicorn ganbaru


This reminds me of MLA I don't know why.


where'd you find that? not on the morningtec site or twitter that I can see

Compared with old design

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>we want the FGO audience

but she's on their website, it reminded me to the sirens when I saw it.

Liked ears better

Was better


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