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'i want to be miki.' Edition

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why would i want to be miki?

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to molest Suzu

no reason.

hisao could do that just fine

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What things have his eyes seen?

dastardly things. horrifying things. feminist things.

Things you people wouldn't believe.

Is this fucking thing still going?

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>I've seen spaceships bro

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Of course Emi is still going! She loves to run!

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green and purple

too bad hisao isn't still going. he came in his pants

I made it, ma'!

I would too

Da fuck is that picture?

reverse angle of the track shed scene

With a really smoll Emi then.

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emi is smol

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how can a 19 year old be this smol

She needs some supplements!

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only the top two are acceptable.

Trust me, you'll wish this wasn't Emi

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Nth for a happy Hana!

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Eldritch things.

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One for Mish

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misha wants to hump dat stump

>those chocolate thighs

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cпacибo дoктop

>someone saved my crop
i'm glad others share my love for chocolate thighs

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always thought she almost looked pregnant or something here

i didn't pull out sorry

Still only second best at best

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out of miki and emi who would be he most dominant?

hey, i don't blame you

I would not mind having a chocolate baby with Miki

>ywn fill miki with your milk


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honestly a power struggle between miki and emi would be hot as fuck

Was there every a reason given by 4LS why Miki is missing a hand?

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Obviously Emi. I mean, how can you beat the complex?
This user fuels my fetish.
Get Shizune involved.
>muh soon-to-be annihilated dick.

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i dont know where i heard this but i think it was an accodent with her dad's power tools

You would be correct.

>Get Shizune involved
how would that even work

I don't know, most of my willpower is drained into >spring writing contest
right now. Emi-Shizune exists, why not add Miki to the mix.

miki and emi trap her during a student council inspection of the locker room

What is Miki's last name? Asking for reasons.



>Face it Miura. you're always gonna be second best while I'm around. Maybe you could keep up with me if you didn't have all that extra weight in your ass?

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>Not all of us can be blessed with the body of a twelve year old. Does you boyfriend have a thing for little girls or he just in the visually impaired class?

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By shoehorning Shizune in there cause HEY GUYS, LISTEN, SHIZUNE, YEAH, LIKE, DID I MENTION SHIZUNE

I love you Honey Select user

>not realizing the potential
If you wanted literal storytelling, kill off Hisao anytime something could have set him off. Minutes from a hospital won't save him from permanent brain damage.

You're missing the point entirely

Obviously. But maybe you're thinking too hard.

It's 8:40am, I'm going with what my gut tells me at this hour

It's almost 1:00 AM, and my gut is telling me buy it. Thinking at this time is to be subjected to government approval in order to make sure you are actually making rational decisions. Gut decisions can lead to more horrible outcomes than making rational ones, but were is the fun in playing it safe?

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I don't have a lot of time so this is going to be a sloppy edit of my "Not Trimester" scene with Hisao replaced by Miki.
Shizune wins

для Pин

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I'm not awake enough to fully process your post but you posted Emi so it's good

Outside of Suzu, the secondary characters are a bitch to find. This isn't fun anymore.

>no Miki route
Every day it hurts a little more.

>ywn ear Miki's thighs like chocolate earmuffs

>never tickle her thighs with soft kisses
>never feel her fingers in your hair
>never feel that stump graze your ear as she shyly wonders if it bothers you, as uncharacteristic as the shyness would usually be for her
>never reach up and pull it down to plant a kiss on it before putting it back on the side of your head as you continue to feather her thighs with kisses


Go back to Africa

I'm going out of town for a week tomorrow so what the hell.


Good night /ksg/. I'll see you next month.

>never put a condom on her stump and let her ravish the area

Affirmative action

Yuuko naked

>Shuzine will never smother you with her ass

someone already said that

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Bless his poor soul for he has seen the beauty of god


Hanako is the cutest girl ;3

I think you meant Shicchan

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>a bitch

It’s okay to have inferior taste user

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A Shizdrone would know


You're the best example

>tfw never be around Misha's face
or mine

I need a fic on this. Or a full story with lewds or an animation or an anime or a fucking movie, hollywood pls get on that.

doing god's work.
>no one doing anything to Emi
well, Miki will come first, for once.

Were there ever any good fanscans of this game?

Hanako alpha was far and away much much better than her final, and emi would have had the perfect route if she was not a slut

I want more pls, or a VN that is as good as KS but translated

I love Emi!

Goodmorning /ksg/, things got kinda gay for a bit there last night huh? Pretty entertaining.

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Aww fuck I fell asleep and missed it. Was this the rest of the Honey Select scenes? Anybody save them?

>let's get someone else to post them so the whole thread is banned
you know, there's an archive for your lewd needs, anonchan

This is going to sound stupid, but I always assumed the archives didn't save images if they were deleted in the thread. Just checked though and I'm wrong. Thanks!

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