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Finally got my last legendary...and its the bis one.

Nice system blizzurd.

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Oh, hello

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I dont understand the pocture in the op.
Please explain

I think it means that they got to 2k with those classes and that other chasses have an easier time doing so

having a rough time at it makes them tougher

I want to replicate Brigitte in WoW

Should I go femHuman or femDwarf? Warrior or Paladin?

intentionally limiting yourself makes you a retard, not tougher

just saying what i think the image is implying user

so which classes are the easiest

Definitely human
And I'd say paladin considering she's a support hero

After three... long... years...

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Got it on first elegon hc kill back in the day.


Oh well I'll post here too so user can see the Boss!

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hey boys

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you're mom gay

>get 110 mythic antorus geared tank in a leveling dungeon
>expect fun run
>pulls the entire dungeon at once and cant hold aggro
>wonders why everyone in the group is dying
>"lol arent you here for exp?"
>locks us out of every boss fight

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what the fuck lol
that's funny and infuriating.

i'm going to do that my next raid
"aren't you guys here for exp?"
fucking brilliant

>2 seconds after this post
>starts a vote kick on our demon hunter with the reason "im 101 and beat him"
>im the only 101 in the group
>trying to frame me for a shit kick
>leaves group

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Honest thoughts on this log bros?

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Depends on your ilvl.

goodnight /wowg/

>tfw spending too much time to prep for mage tower on my unplayed alts


Darkness consume you!

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I wish I played before Legion. I now have to level half a dozen more 110s then gear them for the Mage Tower.

Elf supremacy

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Hi KHF friends, I'll be teaching you meemers how to raid soon.
Please look forward to it!

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For me the worst part is gearing them up, I am not comfortable unless I am going in with at least 72 artifact levels and around 930ilv.

It takes me about 2 weeks to reach this point and I just want to play/do something else, but I am really autistic about things that's going to be removed at the next expac.

>try to start stormheim intro scenario on alliance
>dcs me 4 times as it initiates
>have to abandon the quest twice before it works

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You're awfully big..

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you idiots don't raid you just erp and post shitty screenshots all day

But i already know how desuwayo

Are you implying Warr/DK/Locks are hard to hit 2k on?

We /wpsg/ now

stop appropriating ojou culture you swine

They don't raid yet, which is why I'm gonna learn them some raiding.
its the demon hunter costume.
oh. okay.

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Death Knight is weenie hut jr. and that's coming from a Death Knight main.

Yeah that one is still fucked up somehow

Blizz you there? Has none of their employees done stormheim?

>Mage that high

But its fun desuwa

I did the starting scenario twice and it works on my machine™.

>the absolute STATE of low level pvp
baka desu senpai

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bros how do i optimize class hall missions for gold?
is there anyway to influence what missions pop up?
how much gold should i be making per week on one toon?

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I have an addiction to female humans, nelves, and pandas.I literally need to jerk off each time I see one

man your ui is awful
how do you play like that

Why do we need fat humans when we already have fat pandas, fucking nu-wow just wants fat people

I am getting around 5k gold every week but it seems that gold missions have been completely absent on my DH ever since I stopped doing WQs on him and just using the 100 resources to clear a WQ per day thing.

You should do all argus chapters, 1 questline in krokul hovel to unlock the mission to get upgrades and then you unlock more missions to get lightforged gear for your followers. You should look at order hall optimization doc to see which equipment is the best for your followers
Also you can't influence which missions you get.

Anyone else have problem whit dungeons lately?
Some reason kick out from dungeon and group. If If I´m lucky, I get back to group automatically in 2-5 min.
Internet works fine.

Thoughts on Tauren or HM hunters anons?

I have a worgen I want ro race change and already have to many orcs Horde side

And wowg offers a lot of material?

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i hope those two things aren't related...
that's exactly what im doing

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>Join bg or instance
>x-Ragnaros has left the instance group
I mean I'm not complaining, but why?

Mage or hunter in BFA?


Yes, but I also play one and it makes things a lot harder


Do not play a mage, that is my class and you can't have one

The thing is, my druid is still getting gold missions every week and I have been letting him afk in the order hall for 2 weeks now; Druids also don't get the instant-WQ-finish button.

Make of that what you will, I will try to experiment a bit on the DH this week and see what the minimum is.

You would think If it were a serious addiction that you'd avoid playing those races

I can usually hold myself back, but once my gaming sesh ends...

>give allied races access to 3 classes
>wonder why they keep showing up in low level content

>Just leveled an elemental shaman
>Same rotation between 12 and 75~
>The 75 ability is now given at 15
Well, fuck. Switched to enh anyway but still

user-kun you need to show more restraint desuwa!

Jerk off as much as you want, it is good

Who ordered up an extra large can of whoop-ass?

It was him.

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Wonder (((who's))) behind that post

the issue with the standing isnt the fact that there isnt a curve, its that they forgot to give orcs necks and made them default to standing diagonally

do raiding guilds exist at all on roleplay servers or am I better off switching to a straight pve server
I'm kinda convinced that raiding is dead on moon guard so I'm asking more specifically about wra

Yeah there are some on Argent Dawn, not sure about other realms

moon guard only downed mythic argus 2 weeks ago for the first time

Hunters are getting a shit ton of new pets and new textures for old ones, if you're interested in that sort of stuff.

I don't really care too much about mythic raiding, I feel like I'm too old and slow for it nowadays. mostly aiming for heroic.

There are but dont expect them to be cutting edge guilds or something, people on RP realms dont take the game that seriously (and that is a good thing btw).

>have to wait over a year just to get the pvp transmog complete
this new system is so fucking trash just let me buy the mog with my 100 marks right now please

I do show a lot of restraint but that all goes out the window when I log off.

Sometimes I'll do it after a dungeon or something

if KHF raids i want to be there to see how much of a shit show it is

Are you EU or NA?

As long as you're at least 920 and can learn mechanics you can go.
But seeing as how I plan to start everyone off with normal mode it shouldn't be too awful.

oh yeah I'm on moon guard right now and have been on moon guard for at least 5 years
I progression raided in Rift and while I know that it was nothing like WoW, what I miss is the camaraderie and getting together with a bunch of other players and downing bosses and feeling good about doing so. nowadays it seems that all of the guilds I join have to pug at least 10 players, then the group falls apart after the 2nd or 3rd boss. I don't want that shit anymore.
I don't care about progression, I just want to raid with a bunch of buddies again

>open trade chat
>mage and demon hunter arguing that pokemon stadium was shit because "the console is obsolete"
>bring up that wows engine was obsolete on release
>they start saying that the graphics make up for it

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Dammit this always happens. The EU wowg guild does heroic weekly aswell as normal.

im a 965 ELITE mythic raider

Lol, we don't have a single guild even in mythic antorus yet on my server

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what would your character look like with no transmog?

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yeah but ur also a big fat panda shitter so it does not really count as much

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>no twintail or ponytail
why bother making a panda

i think im going to be sick

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But it is a ponytail?

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It's easy being green!

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Should I play ret pally, unholy, or frost? I want a melee DPS class and those two classes are the ones that are closest to 110. I've never played DH, are they fun?

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It was a bait to show your ponytail. Thanks

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>wow will never have ffxivs music graphics customization(dyes, player housing, more than 2 hairstyles, voices etc) or story
>ffxiv will never have wows transmog system amount of raids race variance or a leveling system that doesnt make me want to kill myself (the first time in wow its fine, its only shit the second time)
>neither will ever have the amount of gear dyes that eso wildstar or warframe have
>wow will never have interesting quest mechanics
>ffxiv will never use interesting quest mechanics for more than 1 quest per expansion

why the fuck even live

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