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Ahri and Evelynn editon

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>ywn be stepped on by new Irelia

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>enemy team crying in all chat that they have to build more than just ninja tabi to beat tryndamere now

Oh god someone try out Udyr

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>Taric is actually one of the most vicious duelists in the game kept in check by his ridiculous Mana needs

>rush banner of command on mid karma
>watch ahri spaz out trying to kill a cannon minion

Well I've had my fun, now to wait for the patch and meme people with GLP

>ywn have Irelia as your dance instructor
>she will never scold you and correct your form
>never prod you with those cute little hands
>curse you and wonder aloud why she tries
>even though you both know
>it's because she loves you

why even live

but can taric ADD roam out of lane to collect chimes?

I'm never going to be able to play Nautilus top again, am I

What in the fuck happened to aatrox. Im disgusted right now who is responsible for this?

nautilus should be fine since 4 seconds of straight autoing is actually a long fucking time, just cc them and disengage

you still win trades

No Taric cannot ADD roam to collect chimes. He can abuse the fuck out of klepto in lanes against enemy tank supports tho

One auto trades I can understand, but MF can't run at people in lane like the other guy seemed to be implying. All of the "good" adcs right now can turn on her and either win the trade or kill her. Draven, Twitch, Xayah, Cait, and Jinx can all massively punish her for trying to run at them. Hell, even Quinn can spank her ass in that trade. The only ADCs who actually lose the trade are ones who aren't good in lane to begin with, like Kog, or champs like Lucian and Kalista who are nerfed to near unplayability,

I mean yeah, MF can force you to not stand behind dying creeps, but her all-in is trash and her only mobility option goes away as soon as she takes damage.

yeah but bard has the best auto attack poke

>ADC behind three tanks every fight
>talks shit about us focusing him all game like its not what we're supposed to be doing
Are mouthbreathers just naturally attracted to botlane or something? They have to be babysat all game and still talk the loudest.

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why are people making such a fuss over frostblade irelia
i mean there is always one or two skins in a rework that look bad and one or two that look amazing

it wasn't even such a good skin in the first place, it just became a meme because her splash accentuated her butt

this is true, I miss Triforce BotRK Bard

Actual proof that league is a dead game. Hardly any new players since 2016.

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because everyone bought it cause it was the meme skin now its just a discount snowdown skin

I dont give a shit tho cause infiltrator looks awesome as fuck now


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>tfw you will never hold Quinn and tell her how beautiful she is

Pain lads.

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youre really underselling MF here, she is decent in all ins thanks to her E and her rightclick in lane is about as powerful as most other ADs during lane, with very frontloaded damage

she is a mean bitch during lane, and then falls off the face of the earth from 2 items onwards. though the base AD increase should help her a bit

Speaking of Taric what do I build on him? His heal scales with max HP, and AP, and heal and shield power, but I feel like I can't build him like a healslut since he's melee and therefore a Frontliner. Is it locket, redemption, then warmogs to abuse the %max HP ratio? Do I build Ardent even after it's passive was needed to shit?

Not an Ireliafag, but I think the reason for the fuss is because, since it was/is a meme skin, people repeatedly asked about it specifically, and Riot assured everyone it was going to be a better version of the old skin. What they get instead is a nerfed version of the ass the entire meme was based around, along with a bunch of strange thematic changes. The weird focus on the scarf and furs, for example, has legitimately nothing to do with the original design.

Fuck you Ireliafags, at least your waifu got 5 new skins. ;_;

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I started last season and have been struggling ever since. This is my first moba and I keep trying to focus on the basics but I am getting completely shut down by smurfs every game and its really making me want to give up. Every game I play either my lane opponent is a smurf and he knows how to starve me and trade better (top lane), and I get dove, repeat dove, and then my opponent is free to roam and snowball the game out. I then get flamed and reported by my team and the enemy team and all I can do is just try to last hit and /muteall. I barely make any progress and I'm scared shitless to even try to do my placements at this rate. I feel like I havent improved at all and its been months.

>darius main
>fucking hate teemo
>some faggot decides to blind pick teemo
>pick pantheon and tell my team that I am going to dive this teemo until they puke from frustration, even if it means dying to their jungle
>12 mins into game, teemo is 0/4/2 I am 5/2/0 (I managed to get the jungle via tower once)
>"wtf, im a gril"
>"Fuck you, im not going to be extra nice to you because of your fucking chromosomes fucker"

This is the only proper response to situations where people expect you to be nicer to women because of their gender.

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all on top

>billion dollar company
>release new character
>hair is straight out of a 90s game

they have no standards

>1700 sample size in a multi-million player game

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>DO shen support they said
>You'd be a bro they said
>E adc, and my bitchass adc misclicks or get's morgana Q'd
>We both die

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is for cumming inside!

>tfw hardly any good Quinn art

hey cut it out

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Fuck fizz

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>be me
>play 1 game a day to not get too rusty, s chests and fwotd
>usually done in 1 sometimes 2 games
>riot notices this behaviour and matches me unbalanced teams or afkers making me dodge or play out a loss
>had to play 4 games htis week every day just for first win
>just now had a veigar that didnt realize veigars ult doesnt scale with enemy ap anymore

jesus fuck riot
1 game a day is my new rule, loss or win

That actually is a big enough sample size. It's how all surveys work. The only caveat is that it represents reddit, not all players in the world. But reddit seems like a close enough approximation of the state of lol in the west, and nobody cares about china when they say league is dying or not

>the absolute state of assassins
I love this meta.

So what exactly is the canon Yordle lore right now? Because I seem to remember Riot saying the stuff about Yordles appearing human isn't canon after the shitstorm it caused, but I might be imagining that.

If it is still canon, what the fuck is Poppy even?

Also I want to give her a full body massage and lick her abs.

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How do I beat Darius as Camille? Ninja Tabi first into Phage, or Sheen and try for shorter fights?

>play top
>mindlessly wack minions because both laners know they cant kill eachother
>hope bot doesnt feed
>win game solely on who has the better bot lane

>play jungle
>can decide the outcome of the game within the first 10 minutes

gee riot really engaging gameplay youve created for all 10 players

im starting to believe any challenger top lane main is just a professional gambler

What a fucking faggot, i usually play atleast 25 games.

too much thinking
not enough fapping

every game is dying in NA buddy o mine look at PUBEG the game is alive and well in chink land as long as the game is alive in other region who give a fuck bout NA shrinking player

>Not an Ireliafag, but I think the reason for the fuss is because, since it was/is a meme skin, people repeatedly asked about it specifically, and Riot assured everyone it was going to be a better version of the old skin. What they get instead is a nerfed version of the ass the entire meme was based around, along with a bunch of strange thematic changes.
>fb irelia actually has a gigantic ass by normie standards
>rework irelia
>now normal irelia has gigantic thighs and fb irelia's ass is average sized

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>girl reveals herself
>have an autistic rage fit
the only proper responses to anyone saying or doing anything are
>mastery emote
>muting them

there's no canon league lore

don't feed him and you win automatically after 20 minutes

for first win?


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are sluts!

>see cannon minion at low health
>"oh boy i'm gonna get that gold and win the game!"
>walk up to it carefully
>meticulously time my right click
>animation plays
>sound of attack hitting plays
>cannon dies
>no gold

That was a short game.

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Nope, sometimes i don't even get first win, i play for fun, i'm not some loser virgin that spends all day trying to rank up and just ends up failing and crying himself to sleep.

>get carried most games
>duo to get carried harder
>post videos where you get carried by your jungler and support
>proclaim to be better
the state of qtpie

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>use my q as Jhin
>animation clearly plays and hits not only the first minion but the others too
>get no gold because my grenade bounced off of the corpse of the first minion somehow

well you had to learn your sluttiness from somewhere syndrafag...................


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Wait what the fuck is this image trying to convey?
is that Taliyah and Swain? i don't read lore.

skin when?

>Be Rakan main
>Always hover in draft
>Always get paired with shit Xayah

At this point, I just prefer to not have a Xayah. Might even just start banning it out, instead of letting my adc get it.

I get I didn't play well looking at my stats, but trying to save her each time from Brand/Ez was aids af. Getting so sick of useless adcs.

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shut up

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He's top priority for a VGU, so no skin for literal years

dumb dog

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Yeah. I don't think they're connected in the lore but there was a time when Taliyah was part of a Noxian army. They tried to make her use her powers to kill people and she was like "no fuck you" and they threw her off a ship

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Trust me you'd rather play a game with a small NA player base than a popular game with chinks

I'd prefer that to happen if it was real.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

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Is Swain supposed to get completely shit on by Morde?

you know exactly what im talking about

how do i get a girl to make this face for me???

>1 trick an adc
>when I don't get adc just go top and pick a braindead health-stacker
>get shitstomped every lane
>buy tabis
>enemy ad can never kill me
>win game
Top lane is so easy...

Hey that's pretty much my life

just pull her tail

oh yeah? can a dummy do this?

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>plays something that requires no skill
>"top lane has no skill at all"
I second his statement

>clear entire jungle
>ping for gank at mid
>let him go in solo and die
>question mark ping spam
>take all of his wave
>continue farming
>while pathing continue to farm mid cs
>say "gj" and questionmark ping everytime he dies
>he starts raging
>i continue to only say "gj" and questionmark ping
>report at end of game
>instant feedback within 5 minutes

hahaha when will these brainlets learn that i'm only baiting them into being toxic? man my high IQ is far superior to any league of legends player. im so good at this

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Who /afraidofwomensouseleaguegirlsassurrogate/ here?

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type properly

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>I didn't have to stutter step in between last hits

Can riven players type?

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I don't, just stop!
Oh no you don't.

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I want a gf so much

>afraid of women souse league girls as surrogate
>soak in or drench with liquid

can confirm this
but don't tell anyone I said that

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Oh yes I do.

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Go back to /trash/ where you can continue to talk about selling your waifu out to every man there syndrafag. Avatarfagging is still against the rules.

>pull a fox tail
this curses the man

MAN i literally rushed banner on karma mid because of this post and it didnt dissapoint.

At one point they send 4 people mid on me early game cause of cannon minion they even fucking used rift herald mid. I won the game and they never got mid tower

Evelynn doesn't really sleep with dudes. She gets her kicks the same way Thresh does.

>Six item Taric
I think I made a Zed main commit suicide tonight.

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Yet I'm the only one who annoys you.
well, hello.

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you just have to slap her on the ass at the same time and it negates it

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no avatarfag. all avatarfags get reported.

>"Of course I can fight, I grew up with four siblings"

That's cute and sad at the same time


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I fucking HATE Akali!


>tfw the Zed main probably didn't do the legendary Crit Zed

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